Thursday, September 6, 2012

That Incredible Banner!

One of my closet individuals who I look highly upon this game with the up most respect, dignity, and humility, has done it once again.  Raionel (as most of you already know I rarely if ever mention names on my blog) created my banner in which individuals who come to read my grumble rebel will see it as though it was the first sunshine coming through the window.

Raionel (Rai) has done such an amazing job in personally make this banner for little old me and there is not a big enough thank you for putting your hard work and skills into making a banner that went beyond my expectations!

Rai is an amazing designer in general, a lot of things I have seen him create (not just my banner oh no) are pretty impressive might I say so myself.  He also created my card in which is my avatar on the forums!

Its nice to know that even through a pixel game some one will actually spend a little bit of time making something for you without expecting something in return.

I hope everyone enjoys my new blog look cause I sure do!  Rai made me realize how my ugly looking old brown raggedy blog  was doing no one any favors hahah.

I mean hell if I am typing some strong minded opinions it might as well be presented on something that looks more then half way decent (I think my blog now looks amazing cause of my new banner and template changes, compared to the old brown look).  Information is important but not if its prepared on a shit looking page hahah.  Now I can go back to posting things more towards the community and way of life while I continue my adventure in Sword 2 - Orpesia.

Thank you my hermano.

The New Market Update!

As I said before I normally never try to talk about my progress or what I am accomplishing.

But I am pretty proud of my new updated market thread.  I was trying to figure out how to make it a little bit different then anyone else.  (Even though no one is selling or buying anything lmao).

I went from organization, to pretty pictures to now something that I am indeed proud of.

VantzmartS Market!

So please check it out, I want to hear your all comments!

Hope you all enjoy!