Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The ex Core Member Opinion on Core Today

First off before I start getting into my opinion on where my old clan Core is at let me state something very clear.  I am in no means trying to demoralize Core members in any way nor even the clan itself.  I believe for people who are just coming back to the game and need to get in the swing of things once more, Core is for them.  If you are hitting that fresh Master point, Core is for you.

That being said....

I had a very close connection with Core right to the "Core" of it :P.  Core members are some of the best members you will ever meet in the game, they actually genuinely care for each other and really look out for one n other.  From that I believe I have the right to voice my opinion on the clan in which I have done so to many people on many occasions but now I have the ability to freely write what I say *people can hold me against my own word as well :P* and express my feelings towards my once close clan.

Core is a laugh.  You might think other wise but from what I go based on is the facts, and the facts do not lie that Core can never, will never EVER....EVER....and I will bet my assets, get to the point where even ShakeTheHeavens was at, where "What" is at, and where my current clan "Shiv.." is at.  You might say well I am just being rude and judgmental, wrong.  Core is probably one of the oldest, thriving clans out there.  But what is a clans goal?  To form as a group and progress as a whole to reach each individuals very potential.  Core does not do that.

Core has always been one of those clans where they have always needed to piggy back from another more superior clan.  They did this with Amaillia (I cant spell other clan names :P), STH, and now with What.  You might say well Vantz at one point they controlled most of the map and still control a good portion.

Let me break that up.  Ama people shifted into STH, most STH people shifted into Core.  When Core controlled 90% of the map it was not because of how their current leader led them to victory, its that they obtained their "Core" alliance members; they transferred their entire alliance from Ama / STH / Core / Soniere into STH / Core / Soniere into Core / Soniere into eventually Core.

So in reality its not how Cores leader magically became this amazing leader and led this enormous military ATTACK against the entire server and conquered...all they really did was take in their major portion of their alliance, transferring the colony's from one clan to Core clan making them seem as though they were the new "Superior force".

Now yes Core at the time was the "Superior force" but the only reason they were at the point was just because of Mao / Day and their influence on the rest of their own personal members.

Eventually Core lost Mao / Day and the rest of that area and those people then created "What".  Now its my understanding that a big reason that occurred was just due to how Cores current leader led the clan.  A man who joins and has been in the clan for a few days, goes to a raid, and an Elite Le Noir drops, that man has the RIGHT then and there ability to obtain that item.  He just joined he should have to at least build up a good quantity of "Raid" points.

This is why day after day....month after month Core fails, there is no systems in place, its complete anarchy but at the same time its complete monarchy.  Funny how that works huh?

People can't say its because Core does not have power, Core had all the god dam power they could ever imagine, had all the opportunities bestowed upon them.  Look what happened, all the people who joined Core from the stronger portion of their alliance left and took some original Core.  Hell even people who did not go with "What" left and went other places knowing that Core is not a clan to go in if you truly want to progress towards the "Big Boy" raids.  The only reason Core gets where they are is because once again they piggy back.

Core gets full protection on their colonies by their leading alliance clan What.  If What wanted to they could easily just tell Core "Well you do really nothing, you have about 10 members who actually do colony war out of 70-90, we are tired of being your military defense."  Although I do like how What allowed ~ clan to take a colony and hold it without them inter fearing.

The current leader of Core believes if he bestows and allows the people to work with other people that the job will get done that the people will form together and simply organize everything.  I agree with this but to a point...obviously in Cores position - its just not working.  There needs to be SOME sort of leadership in that clan, you can not just believe your members will unit together to run some sort of raid if none of them know how to do the raid in the first place because they never had that leading experience from the leader who believed they should just unit.  See it just does not work.  Later down the road when more members understand and have been through it and have been leaded, then yes it does work but in the beginging it does not.

Core has been in the beginning for some time, yes they have Idk what it was nine colonies?  But what people need to understand is in reality those colonies are What / STH's, more towards What, STH is more of a free lance clan but basically Whats little brother.

This is nothing new, what I am saying right now everyone knows, a lot of people like myself HAVE been through Core as we leveled up, the system has been the same, Core will always be that middle clan.  Core will never get to the point to where their top alliance clan(s) are, if you have been doing the same thing for almost what is it...four years now?  I highly doubt in the next upcoming year much will change.

Really all of this goes down to leadership and organization.  I do not know if the current Core leader cares much or if he is just delusional.  I remember being in his clan and every word he spoke people treated it as if Zeus himself spoke with a pure gold breath of mist.

Core is spiraling down hill, getting invited and the amount of their members going to raids are getting less and less.  If the current leader of Core stays the current leader, this will never change, Core will be the middle man clan to help get you back on your feet cause god knows they'll take anyone with the right family level and semi-proper armors.  However, the good news is even though Core is spiraling down hill, eventually some how their population will rise back once patch comes.  If the current leader stays and continues to lead Core....Core will never dis ban mark my words.  Even in the harshest of times Core some how sticks it through in the end...maybe not being on top...maybe not in the direction their own alliance wants them to be....but they still stick it through and I personally do give the leader of Core props for it, it takes a lot to stick it out through some harsh times.

Core is Whats retarded sibling. (Due to how they are led)

Maybe that is why Core is so bad, it has spent its entire time sticking times out through the bad that it never tried to live through the good even at its best.  I suppose its a mental thing, if your mentality is just keeping your 90/100 clan member quota up and to gradually kick the inactives and allow new members in; then where is the room to actually progress for THAT 90 members that are in THAT clan right now.

My advice to Core is this, tighten your member list up a bit more, there is no need to have 80 + members, sure you are trying to give everyone a good clan to join but in all honesty all you are hurting is that individual and the clan itself.  Look at most great clans, a great deal of them are not that big at all.  Organize more raids together, have the leader actually get involved more.  Interact with your clan as if you are not just a member or a dictator but as if you are a friend of theirs.  Actually care about the direction; if you honestly want to stay  that "middle going no where" clan then sure keep up with the path that you are going, if that is the leader of Cores goal then I think he should at least tell his members the path that he has choosen so some of them have a heads up of what to do in the future instead of leaving them left to dry and getting no where raid wise.  Have a raiding policy, do not just give out armors to those who just joined the first week and will most likely get recruited by a different clan in your own alliance.

I mean hell is that really why What is keeping Core around?  To let them fatten up the pig just so they can cook it lol.  When I said "tighten your member list" I mean you have 80+ people Id imagine, 30-40 probably are in active or barley play, focus on your loyal members the ones who work hard for the clan the ones who actually TRY to organize raids, show your gratitude.

This was a large amount of text to read I know :P.  Everything I have said is true and sadly....Core has not gotten far in this game and the only reach they are where they are is due to mostly piggy backing and some of their very loyal members, but even the most loyalist will get tired of it and leave.  If you are so blind that you can not see your members are un happy and a good deal of them leave over time and their spots get replaced with some returning or fresh Master *process just repeats itself* then I do feel sorry for you.  Cause then you are not truly connected with your members and the clan itself as a clan leader should be.

So I suppose my ending statement is simple.  If the leader of Core stays the leader, two years from now Core will still be that middle, piggy back clan; unless he changes his ways and tries to actually leader instead of leading this delusional world of his :P.  This blog post was not to demoralize anyone, its just the truth, the truth is hard and I'm sure a good deal of people will fully dis agree with me but I just go based on the facts and my knowledge.

P.S I know I have grammar errors :P.

Chipping and where I stand!

Chipping can be seen as a very negative, tedious, and expensive experience in Sword 2.  However, on the bright side, chipping can be seen as very spontaneous, exciting, and gratifying.

So where does Vantz stand on chipping? :P

Well if you know me then you will know that chipping has mostly, and note that keyword "mostly" have been on my side.  I love chipping, just in general, weapons, armors, accessory's etc.  More towards weapons then anything.

Now its not because I am rich, its not because I am a heavy gold retailer but for the sol reason of random.  The chances of getting anything on a weapon is an adventure as I would like to call it.  This is why I enjoy chipping weapons more then armor / accessories.  With weapons your limit is endless you could get amazing attack / race / race / ar... or maybe even ... attack / race / ar or just attack / race / race gets peoples blood boiling (good boil ofc as long as the stat on the weapon is not a troll :P).

Now what am I really getting at?  If you look at chipping as an evil sin to do in Sword 2 and have such a negative attitude towards it, then yeah, you will most likely get what you are expecting.  (Some of the most amazing mods you get you'll get without even paying attention).  When I chip I MUST be in a positive mood or its just a waste of my time, my money and my investments.  When I chip I look towards charms of some sorts, you might be laughing right now as you read that, but its true.  NOT ONE PERSON IS MORE LUCKY THEN ANOTHER! I hate when people say that, its how you perceive the situation or approach something is how the turn out will be.

Yes I understand this is a game, I understand chipping is random, I understanding being in a good mood or bad mood wont give you a boost on your Enchant Sedatives (Coming in next patch) :P.  But honestly I do not care, cause to me the charms or the lucky charms will you, that I have, do give me a comforting feeling that my hard work is not going to be wasted.  Now ofc I am not a God of chipping I have my bad days....hell just today I had a bad day of chipping.  Just my advice you can take it or leave it but do not chip the day maintenance will occur or the day before.

Why not chip the day before or the night of maintenance?  I have my reasons and beliefs about chipping later in the week, I wont get too much more into it.

Basically all in all try to look at chipping as an ART form.  Every time I chip something beautiful I plainly see it as a beautiful master piece.  ***I do not know why but Life / Golem / AR really likes me lol***

My final tips are just go into chipping with positive attitudes, use one character, attach yourself to a type of lucky material or even a spiritual if you will.

Hopefully peoples chipping experiences look up, then again with the patch coming with that little boost, I'm sure people will be more open minded when going to chip something!

P.S Upgrading can burn in hell.