Thursday, August 30, 2012

Peacefully Ironic..

Funny how my previous post was all about "PEACE WE ARE AT PEACE!!!!!!!" lol...maybe not that dramatic but in that area hahah.

But it seems as though a few players are returning *I wont say names* are back to rain hell!  Or well that's how it seems as THIS point in time.  There is no more declaring war in this game but more of Dronarati VS Sahasrha.  A few clans switched to Dronarati with another "peace" meaning no pvp agreement, but it seems as though other members of the server might just be returning to fulfill what once was Phalanx.

When you transfer from neutral to one of these two sides it would be impossible to switch back to neutral unless you dis ban the clan.  *I also feel bad for those who need to do betrayal quest who were once Sah or Drona going from either or, that quest sucks badly =/*...

Anyways so far it seems as though there is an increase in the attacks to the afkers from the Sahasrha side.  So far this is the first time I have heard about it to day, and experienced it.

I am not making this post to rage nor bitch, just to inform.

My prediction is simple, maybe they are just back to do some pvp for a few days then poof to Tera *Seems as though they might be only selecting certain people, but they are even definitely hitting their old allies* or they are actually back to, like I said, fulfill what Phalanx use to do, just enjoy pvping a good deal of strong players on the servers and making it rain misery for those who need / want to afk!

So just watch out if you are Drona, these attacks might just be against certain people or people from old clans, they might only be just attacking one type of people.

Funny how fast I was able to get this up here when just today we found all of this out :P.

The Cordial clans of Orpesia!

Do you ever just sit here and try to think of what the first sentence of a new topic or post should be about in a blog?  Idk maybe its just me, I suppose the thought of the first sentence or idea is this very own in which I am typing out...

Anyways that being said hahah.

I wanted to open up a little thought to everyone who reads this about how well the Orpesia server has grown through means of respect and some what of honor from clan to clan.

Mostly everyone who understands the division in the server will understand what I am about to type.  For a bit of time we had Schiavona / Phalanx against Ama (I will tend to shorten clan names throughout my entire blog), STH, Core, Soniere and a Galatica was in the swing of things for a bit.  When we got the new content of Lucifer and Wraiths...if I am correct not a lot of people paid a whole lot of attention to it, maybe its because not a lot of people knew how to do it or just could not organize the man power to complete it.   So those weekly raids were not fully getting complete, just sitting waiting for the next maintenance as it would demolish without the fear of getting hit by an organized group of Orpesia players :P.


The point I am trying to make is during the time a good deal of the server started to hate Phalanx for PKing them at KH / Medusa...Phalanx was working with Schiavona so that just grew the anger between a large portion of the servers clans.

Each side began to hate each other, more so on the side that was getting pked during raids ofc.

We have had our history where Aegis was once the great ruler, and people rebeled against them...wanted not just one sol clan to dominate...

History has definitely changed, it seems as though as time goes by more and more....the chances of a sol power one strong dominating raids is becoming more and more less likely, this is ofc good.

I think a good reason why there will never be that one dominating clan is even though clans are cordial, each side still has that ideology of that their side is right and the other is wrong.  That their people are not a bunch of egotistic punks, and that their side is full of the most wonderful and charming people you'll ever meet.  Each clan thinks this way and this is where the judgment of a clan title comes into play.  I have had a few friends who couldn't get in a certain clan just based by the title of their clan they were in.

Then people start stereotyping the stronger clans, believing that they are thriving and swimming in Gold / Vis / Full sets of race weapons, when in fact, that's pretty inaccurate.

Clans such as Halcyon, Schiavona, What, STH (Though there is not a lot of people in STH, the members that are in it left before the full activity of What, so basically the first people who got tired of Core decided to go back to STH) are simply just organizing, everyone has their job, even people with barley any good race weapons help tremendously by doing what job they must do and following orders.

So where is this post really going?  From everything I have said I am basically getting to the point that even though this server has had bad "beef" and bad history, people hate each other, pking while afking was going on, dirty deeds in the back etc etc...  Even though all of that has happened, we can still maturely come together and form agreements for certain raids.

Raids such as Cortez, Wraiths, and Minis (On Cortez Map) the clans able to do such raids have basically came together, talked and came to agreements on how each clan gets what and when type system.  I just think its fascinating that after all the bad actions, two sided back talk, and bad blood that as a server the majority of the upper clans can still come together and work out questioning situations.

From these CURRENT agreements it will only benefit a more peaceful server  to guide our way into agreements for say Garden and other types of upcoming raids.  This....peace...can only do good for the server, people leveling and looking for a clan can PEACEFULLY do a raid without any interference or worry that if they go to sleep and wake up after maintenance that for the rest of the week everything they were looking forward to was already killed previously due to an entire clan getting up at the crack of dawn to just solely beat the others to the punch and take it for themselves.

I mean this peace on the server at this very moment allows people to sleep in, to not have to worry, to have something to do and not worry about it getting stolen.  Having that mental ability to know that your clan has the same chances as the other clans that your working with to get just as what they are getting, indeed something I enjoy very much so.

People truly underestimate our server and our capabilities, in Bristia its all out war, hate, and just pure reckless fighting.  Whats the point?  To prove your bigger then your competition?  Then again Bristia is a pvp server so I suppose that's their mentality, I'm glad as a server, ours is changing.

When I do these blog post I try to be completely un biased, I try to speak the truth.  (That sounded pretty serious for just an online game).  What Phalanx did I believe was wrong, but at the same time sometimes wrong has to be the right in order to battle against forces you have next to zero to none at beating.  I am not on either side of what happened with Phalanx if it was right or if it was wrong, I see both sides and I agree with both sides.

So let me just close this blog post, by thanking the Orpesian clans of Halcyon, What, STH, and funny enough, even Core for working with Schiavona to build this land of peace (raid wise) that has been continually shown to be successful.  I hope in the future patches we can continue to uphold this matter of peace and not just have one entire clan hoarding raids.  Cause that's why we play right?  Build up, get stronger, move onto a more progressing clan in which they are doing the more "charity" raids.  Oh and ofc the peace helps those clans who are rising to the top to have the chance to jump in and give things ago themselves.