Thursday, December 13, 2012

If you have money...

If your one of the few with a nice chunk of change, or has the ability to obtain a reasonable amount of vis before the transfer, buy great stones.

I said this before, and I am not entirely sure if I can stress it enough, but buy great stones in order to stock up on lollipops.

If you have the ability to stock up on more than just 1k pink lollipops, do so.  Think big, think large scale, the amount of money you spend today, you could end up making double that, if not more, far down the road.  Lollipops are something that will be a "timed" investment.  Once we transfer, tons of people will still have thousands of lollipops.  But people will continue to use those lollipops every day.  Especially if the server is divided into two alliances with one pvp alliance; in a lollipop able zone, they'll be spamming pink / red / blue as if it was candy, just to try to over come their opponent on that specific raid; therefore, dimensioning the amount of lollipops in the server and slowly raising the demand - slowly.

People say well "There will be events for lollipops", that is true, yes, but I doubt these events will offer the ability to stock up on thousands of lollipops, probably only a couple hundred if that; as long as there are no bugs in being able to obtain 100% lollipops from these events.

So over time, lollipops will slowly disappear, it might take months, but the price for lollipops will rise.  It is all based on supply and demand; these lollipops are enormously valuable, that's why they were removed in the first place.  IMC created the lollipop and transformed it from a "need" to a "desire".  Lollipops in the end, can be pretty game breaking if you look at it.  It removes the need for speed, and speed is the need for dps, and dps is the need to win those high end raids (if you have the proper racial gear that is). 

Therefore, according from the information that I know of, my best advice is to just continue stocking up on lollipops.  In Orpesia, normal enchants in the market manager are now above 3.5m, yet great stones are still around 5-6m?  Better buy them now before its to late!

Just Kidding

Seems after the maintenance, people were still able to get boxes, which was not suppose to happen.

At first I thought maybe G1 was being nice or was having complications to separating the event itself, but in reality, they just forgot to remove it lmao...

You would think, since last week, after Raiden said that this week would be the last week for boxes to drop from mobs, that maybe, just maybe, the removal of the boxes would be on the top list of things to get rid of during the maintenance.

However, there is some positive side, the madness from this AFKing event is over.  Maybe before the end of G1 and Sword 2, people will try to put in some more ToC squads to crank out those Greek Cromas, or participate in Xworld in order to obtain just a little practice before the transfer.

So, where there is a con, there is always a pro, and this pro out weighs the con.

A good amount of players came back to this game, but eventually, just did exactly what they were doing when they weren't playing, which is to just afk and eventually flow off into the light of interactiveness as before; so really, nothing has changed during the event, actually made activeness and the ability to find random raids even harder.  But I would be lying if I were to say the loot and the rewards were well the effort. 

However, through this event, people were able to obtain goodies, so in the end, it has actually helped those to prepare for the 10.23 patch, as well as to bring back some remaining players for the end of G1, which will really help the opportunity for random raids to occur within the server until the beginning of T3Fun!~

All in all, I give the afking event : 8/10 - an A-!