Saturday, September 1, 2012

The Individual

I wanna take this blog post to talk about how blinded, delusional, and egotistic a certain some one is in this game and how people can become this way through spamming gold / rmting and buying their way to the top.

Then again some people say I have bought my way to the top, which is untrue.  I am just very good with money / trades / deals and luck really, I cant say I never bought gold cause that would be a lie.  A big reason I cant just buy gold or buy from RMT sites is simple, I am a college student and I am broke :P.

Of course buying your way to the top is not necessarily a bad thing at all.  Gold users support the game and keep it alive.  G1 has to make a profit from somewhere.

The only issue I have is when people spam gold / vis from RMT sites and then create this "illusion character " to the rest of the world as if they are better then everyone else and that they can take on the entire server + some.

This "individual" I am talking about, I wont say her/his name, but has a strong idea as though he/she and that if he/shes clan/if they were in one can take on the entire world.  I am not saying he/she is in a clan or isn't, I wont name names cause it will only lead to issues.  But lets just say they are in one? :)

Let me just make this very clear, you cant take the server.  You give off this idea as though you and your entire clan can "cock block" the other clans from some heavy duty raids.  I laugh at this cause when your clan has been/ went to these raids, you might have just got assistance if not acceptability to join.

The individual who I am talking about believes he/she can make hell on earth for other type of individuals or clans.  The reason he / she believes this is simple, they have bought their way so far to the top that as they bought more, they got strong, but their ego only strengthened.

Your clan might be in a good position but it does not mean you get cocky and try to turn into a second Phalanx, not like most of your clannies would agree to such circumstances.  You honestly should really stop floating your "guns" or well your "muscles" around the server.  When I speak to you I feel as though you think your some God.  When in reality the only type of "God" you are is in supporting G1s cash shop numbers per month and purchasing that cheap vis / weapon from the good old RMT site.

Everyone knows buying vis through an RMT site is cheaper then buying gold to sell for vis, so the amount you spend on gold, imagine how much you make from buying it illegally and I'm pretty sure thats 99% of the reason you are where you are.

Where I am going with this is this.  People who buy their way to the top, nothing is wrong with that.  People who buy their way to the top and think their better then people who have worked their ass to the top, then I have a little bit of an issue with that.  You think you contain some magical power just because if we got the next patch, and people still need races sets, you can just buy yours ASAP with your illegal RMT money and support that high ego of yours.

Its honestly pathetic to really see how egotistic people can be in this game when really the only reason they are where they are is through illegal transactions.  You should watch where your ego takes you cause it can take you and your clan into dark waters that you really have no idea about.  But your head is so far up your own egotistic ass that your blinded by all that egotistic shit that at this time you still just do not understand how important agreements and peace are.

My advice, remove your head from your own egotistic ass.  Get off your high golden / RMTed throne and stop thinking your King Shit and the people you role with can take the other higher powers on the server and completely shut them out of raids.  People hate Phalanx for their pking and their ideas of trying to control the entire server through their clan, intimidation, and fear.  Therefore, when you start acting and talking in that type of "fashion" your words and ideology is really no better then Phalanxs actions.

Again, I said no names, I said no clan names, maybe he/she is in a clan, maybe their not.  I just went based on them actually being in a clan :P.

Personally Blue Moon...

This is just a small post of an actual thing I am working on in game =O.

My post lately since I started re blogging have really not been about me or my personal objectives in Sword 2.  What you will notice is about 70% of my blog post are really more about the server as a whole or just purely the community and about 30% of just a few side accomplishments / goals of my own.

Right now I am about two bayos from my complete punisher set, a few from my unlimited shot set, and then I wanna work on my wanted shot set :P.

I really do love shooters, I remember Vestal, he was my "Roley" in some peoples view xD.

My main goal is to do a US / Punisher / WS team!

Major DPS right there.