Friday, August 31, 2012

Halcyon: The Growing Dragon

I'm sure from my title by now you will know what this post will be about, the clan Halcyon!  Now if you have read my previous post about peace on the server I have semi mentioned Halcyon, mainly just threw their name out there.  I have also did an over run of Core *big reason was due to the fact that I was just an old solid member with a strong factual opinion*.

But why am I doing a blog post on Halcyon?  Its simple, my perspective and opinion on Halcyon now and the foreseeable future.

I have stated in my post before that I will be an unbiased reviewer, the leader of Halcyon is actually a pretty good person, I wouldn't say we are close friends but we are indeed friends.  Just because I'm friends with the people or clan I am reviewing and giving my two cents on does not mean this is going to be all flowers and roses. (Then again flowers and roses are the same thing lol)

As you can tell my title of this blog post is "Halcyon: The Growing Dragon", I'm sure most individuals have heard about the old saying "The Sleeping Dragon" this is some what similar.  When it comes to say the "Sleeping Dragon" I would give that title to more of a clan that does not really do Colony War, does not really raid much, but some how has a great deal of strong players and if that strong amount of players in that clan was to unleash its fury and give a strong impact upon the rest of the server.  Halcyon is not this, just due to the reasons that they do in fact have a nice amount of strong people but not enough to the point where they can fully steal raids from the other top clans making them that "Sleeping Dragon".  No, no "The Growing Dragon" is a much more fit name for Halcyon, but why?  Halcyon is continuing to grow and mature a lot more then I think people give them credit for.  Their leader cares about where the clan and its direction is headed and tends to make those difficult decisions in order to lead Halcyon into the positive, growing and maturity growth.

Although there might be a few issues Halcyon is still facing today.  I am not here to compare Core and Halcyon but use Core more as a "This is what will happen if etc happens".  Halcyon really needs to watch its recruiting and activity rate.  From my own knowledge I know Halcyon has probably more members then it needs to.  Meaning there are people in the clan that maybe really do not play much, or do not contribute much or maybe even just stick to themselves and afk level most of the time.  I'm almost positive in Halcyon there is just that firm set of raiders who in reality keep the clans blood pushing, their the heart of Halcyon.  Numbers are always a great thing but only when those numbers are actually doing something to further the cause of the clan.  If you just have people who are not at the proper level for what the clan does then whats really being benefited for that individual and the clan itself?  Now I am not saying Halcyon recruits a bunch of Experts, but I have seen a few people go in there and join, keep to themselves, contribute much of nothing, and gives no effort in connecting with their clan mates.

In twined what I am really saying is Halcyon needs to just be cautious of their numbers.  They need to create more of that "Family feel" a more close connection, that's why a good deal of the top clans are so successful today.  Again I have never really been in Halcyon, its just things I have discovered and found out; all I really do know is the thinner the clan the stronger that family feel becomes.  I mean you do not want a bad ratio meaning 20-40 people are inactive, anti social, unworkable, and pure lazy.  Now do not get me wrong I am not calling the Halcyon people that, even the ones who are semi inactive or tend to not raid much but still try to connect with everyone,do not fall under that category.  Everything I just said was more of a warning.  Knowing the Halcyon leader I can give a good bet this is something she goes against, unlike other leaders out there where they believe that the more numbers they have the more balanced their clan will be and in the end better off.  I do not know about you guys but I would rather have quality then quantity.

100 people do not complete a raid, 100 WELL, organized, communicated, and willed people complete a raid.  Honestly, I can see Halcyon cleaning up more and more as they grow, getting rid of the unnecessary weeds and picking the diamonds out of the hay stack.  When I talk about slimming down their numbers I am not talking just purely based on an individuals armor / weapons etc.  I had a good friend of mine she was moderate at her armor / weapons but she put in effort, the will power to progress further in Halcyon and is actually in my eyes becoming a tremendous Sword 2 player through Halcyon.  A big reason why I am always against people just joining a clan for numbers is because do you honestly want to be one of those...clans where you have about 10-20 really dedicated individuals with about 30+ people who are the fat, the people who absorb the 10-20s hard work, I'm sure you know what clan I am thinking of :P.  If Halcyon can just control their recruitment as they have been and not be afraid to take wise moves to clean up a crowded "area" then as time goes by I can really see Halcyon getting smaller yet stronger.

A good amount of people all know that Halcyon is neutral.  However, they do raids, they do CW just like any other clan that is not neutral.  This is really where I actually give Halcyon two thumbs up.  They have been able to take and hold colonies *at times a little help from What but only due to another superior power attacking* and attend all the raids that the top few clans have been attending.  Now we all know Halcyon and What have agreements together for raids, that was in the past.  Basically they have been trying to as some one might say "Wing off" meaning break off from the assistance of What and just purely as a clan do Cortez / Wraiths / Minis themselves.  This is something I give them props for.  A clan like for an example, Core would just stay and piggy back and throw some highish players of their own to the raid and obtain the items when lets say What would do a good 80% of the work.  Halcyon could easily have taken that approach, but instead they have worked with What, observed What and the way to successfully complete these raids and are now attempting to try it on their own sol clan alone.  I do give them my thumbs up for that.  My other thumb will go to the fact that in reality Halcyon has a side.  They raid with What, What has helped them a few times in Colony War but you want to know the crazy thing, a good deal of people IN this server still see Halcyon as "neutral".  They have basically built this ability to get the raids they need to get done, work with a clan but never had to fully pick a side.  This is definitely a good thing cause it just shows that a clan can be neutral and not have to pick a side in order to work with people to complete raids or have a chance at the goodies that some of the other clans get.

However, if I am not mistaken Halcyon actions show as though they work more towards What then the other end of the stick.  If something got "real" with say What, I am not 100% sure if Halcyon would stick by their side.  Halcyon has always been the kinda clan that just would rather stay out of issues and drama and stick to the side lines by any means necessary.  What I mean is Halcyon has always had that "feel" that they just wanna kinda stay in the shadows and do what they can without any confrontation.  The big question is if anything were to happen with What, say they lose a good deal of players, would Halcyon help them raid rise, help them during CW, basically the other side of the fence.  That I can honestly say I am unsure of only due to the fact that Halcyon is just purley one of those clans where the clan comes first before any "alliance".  Of course that's not at all a bad thing, well not for the clan that is, for their "alliance" if they ever truly admitted to being in one, would be.  Backing away from your "alliance" *not saying they have one publicly* can lead to even more issues just due to the fact that they may just wanna go back into that hibernation mode.  Now saying they wouldn't help raid wise, I believe of course they would, but more means of issues, and clan to clan conflict which might put their clan in jeopardy of success.  Anything that might even breeze in the air of an issue with an ally, I can see them distancing themselves only if they believe it would cause a strong permanent harm against them, then again why shouldn't they?  Any sane leader would look out for the clan first before any alliance which then brings up the point. *but I have seen a good deal of clans do what was more best for the alliance then the clan itself*.  Knowing that you are in Halcyon and in an alliance with another clan but you still feel that the clan will always put your security first before any old alliance, is a good feeling.

Although I do not really see any issues or strong decision making between the agreements and the clan happening anytime soon.

My only biggest concern for Halcyon would simply be their members, their active rate and how desperate they might get for new members due to the lack of a patch and the disappearance of the population.  They MUST NOT get desperate for new fresh blood, I would always just love my own old reliable, loyal individuals then bring in fresh Masters.  The chances for those fresh masters to barley put any effort in or just fully disappear all together and not log in for months at a time is pretty high surprisingly.  With more issues to get vis and more issues to gear and grow, it means only more and more people will suddenly just poof cause people do get tired of it.  So once again I am not saying the people in Halcyon are sluggish and lazy, all I am saying is as long as Halcyon does not get desperate for fresh blood and continues to further trim its fat, it will only benefit each member in the clan and well the clan itself.

Halcyon is growing more popular server wide meaning more and more people are hearing about Halcyon and its growth.  Everyone wants to be in What, everyone wants to be in a clan that has that ability to go to a raid with just their clan and have that opportunity at a Greek Croma (33 DR armor) or lovely accessories or even just that full enjoyment of getting a raid down just with your clan mates, everyone wants that.  As I see people underestimate Halcyon and questioning them, I can only see them getting stronger if they do what is necessary and continue to be on that "progress" path.  As more people from other clans gear and level faster then their own clan mates *you see it all the time, some people in your clan progressing so fast its incredible and then eventually leave and move on, that's if the clan their in is not going at their needed pace* then when they think about the next step they want to go to it just wont be "What, Schia, STH" but I am seeing even more "Halcyon, Halcyon, What, Schia, STH" meaning I'm actually seeing a rise in people wanting to go to Halcyon more then any where else.

So my prediction for Halcyon is simple, it will continue to grow if it just trims the fat and does not consume more food and end up like a clan like Core.  Their breaching out and trying to do things on their own, away from their "associates" their jumping off that piggys back!  Although people cant really say Halcyon was "Piggy backing" they were more like  getting a "Lift" cause they have to get to Cortez / Wraiths some how, if What / Schia are constantly going, they had to get their foot in the door.  They indeed got their foot in the door and learned the ropes and are now adventuring onto their own.

Even after seeing them every week raiding with What, some how I still call Halcyon neutral, that's how well Halcyon can truly play its role, quite impressive if I might say so myself.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Peacefully Ironic..

Funny how my previous post was all about "PEACE WE ARE AT PEACE!!!!!!!" lol...maybe not that dramatic but in that area hahah.

But it seems as though a few players are returning *I wont say names* are back to rain hell!  Or well that's how it seems as THIS point in time.  There is no more declaring war in this game but more of Dronarati VS Sahasrha.  A few clans switched to Dronarati with another "peace" meaning no pvp agreement, but it seems as though other members of the server might just be returning to fulfill what once was Phalanx.

When you transfer from neutral to one of these two sides it would be impossible to switch back to neutral unless you dis ban the clan.  *I also feel bad for those who need to do betrayal quest who were once Sah or Drona going from either or, that quest sucks badly =/*...

Anyways so far it seems as though there is an increase in the attacks to the afkers from the Sahasrha side.  So far this is the first time I have heard about it to day, and experienced it.

I am not making this post to rage nor bitch, just to inform.

My prediction is simple, maybe they are just back to do some pvp for a few days then poof to Tera *Seems as though they might be only selecting certain people, but they are even definitely hitting their old allies* or they are actually back to, like I said, fulfill what Phalanx use to do, just enjoy pvping a good deal of strong players on the servers and making it rain misery for those who need / want to afk!

So just watch out if you are Drona, these attacks might just be against certain people or people from old clans, they might only be just attacking one type of people.

Funny how fast I was able to get this up here when just today we found all of this out :P.

The Cordial clans of Orpesia!

Do you ever just sit here and try to think of what the first sentence of a new topic or post should be about in a blog?  Idk maybe its just me, I suppose the thought of the first sentence or idea is this very own in which I am typing out...

Anyways that being said hahah.

I wanted to open up a little thought to everyone who reads this about how well the Orpesia server has grown through means of respect and some what of honor from clan to clan.

Mostly everyone who understands the division in the server will understand what I am about to type.  For a bit of time we had Schiavona / Phalanx against Ama (I will tend to shorten clan names throughout my entire blog), STH, Core, Soniere and a Galatica was in the swing of things for a bit.  When we got the new content of Lucifer and Wraiths...if I am correct not a lot of people paid a whole lot of attention to it, maybe its because not a lot of people knew how to do it or just could not organize the man power to complete it.   So those weekly raids were not fully getting complete, just sitting waiting for the next maintenance as it would demolish without the fear of getting hit by an organized group of Orpesia players :P.


The point I am trying to make is during the time a good deal of the server started to hate Phalanx for PKing them at KH / Medusa...Phalanx was working with Schiavona so that just grew the anger between a large portion of the servers clans.

Each side began to hate each other, more so on the side that was getting pked during raids ofc.

We have had our history where Aegis was once the great ruler, and people rebeled against them...wanted not just one sol clan to dominate...

History has definitely changed, it seems as though as time goes by more and more....the chances of a sol power one strong dominating raids is becoming more and more less likely, this is ofc good.

I think a good reason why there will never be that one dominating clan is even though clans are cordial, each side still has that ideology of that their side is right and the other is wrong.  That their people are not a bunch of egotistic punks, and that their side is full of the most wonderful and charming people you'll ever meet.  Each clan thinks this way and this is where the judgment of a clan title comes into play.  I have had a few friends who couldn't get in a certain clan just based by the title of their clan they were in.

Then people start stereotyping the stronger clans, believing that they are thriving and swimming in Gold / Vis / Full sets of race weapons, when in fact, that's pretty inaccurate.

Clans such as Halcyon, Schiavona, What, STH (Though there is not a lot of people in STH, the members that are in it left before the full activity of What, so basically the first people who got tired of Core decided to go back to STH) are simply just organizing, everyone has their job, even people with barley any good race weapons help tremendously by doing what job they must do and following orders.

So where is this post really going?  From everything I have said I am basically getting to the point that even though this server has had bad "beef" and bad history, people hate each other, pking while afking was going on, dirty deeds in the back etc etc...  Even though all of that has happened, we can still maturely come together and form agreements for certain raids.

Raids such as Cortez, Wraiths, and Minis (On Cortez Map) the clans able to do such raids have basically came together, talked and came to agreements on how each clan gets what and when type system.  I just think its fascinating that after all the bad actions, two sided back talk, and bad blood that as a server the majority of the upper clans can still come together and work out questioning situations.

From these CURRENT agreements it will only benefit a more peaceful server  to guide our way into agreements for say Garden and other types of upcoming raids.  This....peace...can only do good for the server, people leveling and looking for a clan can PEACEFULLY do a raid without any interference or worry that if they go to sleep and wake up after maintenance that for the rest of the week everything they were looking forward to was already killed previously due to an entire clan getting up at the crack of dawn to just solely beat the others to the punch and take it for themselves.

I mean this peace on the server at this very moment allows people to sleep in, to not have to worry, to have something to do and not worry about it getting stolen.  Having that mental ability to know that your clan has the same chances as the other clans that your working with to get just as what they are getting, indeed something I enjoy very much so.

People truly underestimate our server and our capabilities, in Bristia its all out war, hate, and just pure reckless fighting.  Whats the point?  To prove your bigger then your competition?  Then again Bristia is a pvp server so I suppose that's their mentality, I'm glad as a server, ours is changing.

When I do these blog post I try to be completely un biased, I try to speak the truth.  (That sounded pretty serious for just an online game).  What Phalanx did I believe was wrong, but at the same time sometimes wrong has to be the right in order to battle against forces you have next to zero to none at beating.  I am not on either side of what happened with Phalanx if it was right or if it was wrong, I see both sides and I agree with both sides.

So let me just close this blog post, by thanking the Orpesian clans of Halcyon, What, STH, and funny enough, even Core for working with Schiavona to build this land of peace (raid wise) that has been continually shown to be successful.  I hope in the future patches we can continue to uphold this matter of peace and not just have one entire clan hoarding raids.  Cause that's why we play right?  Build up, get stronger, move onto a more progressing clan in which they are doing the more "charity" raids.  Oh and ofc the peace helps those clans who are rising to the top to have the chance to jump in and give things ago themselves.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The ex Core Member Opinion on Core Today

First off before I start getting into my opinion on where my old clan Core is at let me state something very clear.  I am in no means trying to demoralize Core members in any way nor even the clan itself.  I believe for people who are just coming back to the game and need to get in the swing of things once more, Core is for them.  If you are hitting that fresh Master point, Core is for you.

That being said....

I had a very close connection with Core right to the "Core" of it :P.  Core members are some of the best members you will ever meet in the game, they actually genuinely care for each other and really look out for one n other.  From that I believe I have the right to voice my opinion on the clan in which I have done so to many people on many occasions but now I have the ability to freely write what I say *people can hold me against my own word as well :P* and express my feelings towards my once close clan.

Core is a laugh.  You might think other wise but from what I go based on is the facts, and the facts do not lie that Core can never, will never EVER....EVER....and I will bet my assets, get to the point where even ShakeTheHeavens was at, where "What" is at, and where my current clan "Shiv.." is at.  You might say well I am just being rude and judgmental, wrong.  Core is probably one of the oldest, thriving clans out there.  But what is a clans goal?  To form as a group and progress as a whole to reach each individuals very potential.  Core does not do that.

Core has always been one of those clans where they have always needed to piggy back from another more superior clan.  They did this with Amaillia (I cant spell other clan names :P), STH, and now with What.  You might say well Vantz at one point they controlled most of the map and still control a good portion.

Let me break that up.  Ama people shifted into STH, most STH people shifted into Core.  When Core controlled 90% of the map it was not because of how their current leader led them to victory, its that they obtained their "Core" alliance members; they transferred their entire alliance from Ama / STH / Core / Soniere into STH / Core / Soniere into Core / Soniere into eventually Core.

So in reality its not how Cores leader magically became this amazing leader and led this enormous military ATTACK against the entire server and conquered...all they really did was take in their major portion of their alliance, transferring the colony's from one clan to Core clan making them seem as though they were the new "Superior force".

Now yes Core at the time was the "Superior force" but the only reason they were at the point was just because of Mao / Day and their influence on the rest of their own personal members.

Eventually Core lost Mao / Day and the rest of that area and those people then created "What".  Now its my understanding that a big reason that occurred was just due to how Cores current leader led the clan.  A man who joins and has been in the clan for a few days, goes to a raid, and an Elite Le Noir drops, that man has the RIGHT then and there ability to obtain that item.  He just joined he should have to at least build up a good quantity of "Raid" points.

This is why day after day....month after month Core fails, there is no systems in place, its complete anarchy but at the same time its complete monarchy.  Funny how that works huh?

People can't say its because Core does not have power, Core had all the god dam power they could ever imagine, had all the opportunities bestowed upon them.  Look what happened, all the people who joined Core from the stronger portion of their alliance left and took some original Core.  Hell even people who did not go with "What" left and went other places knowing that Core is not a clan to go in if you truly want to progress towards the "Big Boy" raids.  The only reason Core gets where they are is because once again they piggy back.

Core gets full protection on their colonies by their leading alliance clan What.  If What wanted to they could easily just tell Core "Well you do really nothing, you have about 10 members who actually do colony war out of 70-90, we are tired of being your military defense."  Although I do like how What allowed ~ clan to take a colony and hold it without them inter fearing.

The current leader of Core believes if he bestows and allows the people to work with other people that the job will get done that the people will form together and simply organize everything.  I agree with this but to a point...obviously in Cores position - its just not working.  There needs to be SOME sort of leadership in that clan, you can not just believe your members will unit together to run some sort of raid if none of them know how to do the raid in the first place because they never had that leading experience from the leader who believed they should just unit.  See it just does not work.  Later down the road when more members understand and have been through it and have been leaded, then yes it does work but in the beginging it does not.

Core has been in the beginning for some time, yes they have Idk what it was nine colonies?  But what people need to understand is in reality those colonies are What / STH's, more towards What, STH is more of a free lance clan but basically Whats little brother.

This is nothing new, what I am saying right now everyone knows, a lot of people like myself HAVE been through Core as we leveled up, the system has been the same, Core will always be that middle clan.  Core will never get to the point to where their top alliance clan(s) are, if you have been doing the same thing for almost what is it...four years now?  I highly doubt in the next upcoming year much will change.

Really all of this goes down to leadership and organization.  I do not know if the current Core leader cares much or if he is just delusional.  I remember being in his clan and every word he spoke people treated it as if Zeus himself spoke with a pure gold breath of mist.

Core is spiraling down hill, getting invited and the amount of their members going to raids are getting less and less.  If the current leader of Core stays the current leader, this will never change, Core will be the middle man clan to help get you back on your feet cause god knows they'll take anyone with the right family level and semi-proper armors.  However, the good news is even though Core is spiraling down hill, eventually some how their population will rise back once patch comes.  If the current leader stays and continues to lead Core....Core will never dis ban mark my words.  Even in the harshest of times Core some how sticks it through in the end...maybe not being on top...maybe not in the direction their own alliance wants them to be....but they still stick it through and I personally do give the leader of Core props for it, it takes a lot to stick it out through some harsh times.

Core is Whats retarded sibling. (Due to how they are led)

Maybe that is why Core is so bad, it has spent its entire time sticking times out through the bad that it never tried to live through the good even at its best.  I suppose its a mental thing, if your mentality is just keeping your 90/100 clan member quota up and to gradually kick the inactives and allow new members in; then where is the room to actually progress for THAT 90 members that are in THAT clan right now.

My advice to Core is this, tighten your member list up a bit more, there is no need to have 80 + members, sure you are trying to give everyone a good clan to join but in all honesty all you are hurting is that individual and the clan itself.  Look at most great clans, a great deal of them are not that big at all.  Organize more raids together, have the leader actually get involved more.  Interact with your clan as if you are not just a member or a dictator but as if you are a friend of theirs.  Actually care about the direction; if you honestly want to stay  that "middle going no where" clan then sure keep up with the path that you are going, if that is the leader of Cores goal then I think he should at least tell his members the path that he has choosen so some of them have a heads up of what to do in the future instead of leaving them left to dry and getting no where raid wise.  Have a raiding policy, do not just give out armors to those who just joined the first week and will most likely get recruited by a different clan in your own alliance.

I mean hell is that really why What is keeping Core around?  To let them fatten up the pig just so they can cook it lol.  When I said "tighten your member list" I mean you have 80+ people Id imagine, 30-40 probably are in active or barley play, focus on your loyal members the ones who work hard for the clan the ones who actually TRY to organize raids, show your gratitude.

This was a large amount of text to read I know :P.  Everything I have said is true and sadly....Core has not gotten far in this game and the only reach they are where they are is due to mostly piggy backing and some of their very loyal members, but even the most loyalist will get tired of it and leave.  If you are so blind that you can not see your members are un happy and a good deal of them leave over time and their spots get replaced with some returning or fresh Master *process just repeats itself* then I do feel sorry for you.  Cause then you are not truly connected with your members and the clan itself as a clan leader should be.

So I suppose my ending statement is simple.  If the leader of Core stays the leader, two years from now Core will still be that middle, piggy back clan; unless he changes his ways and tries to actually leader instead of leading this delusional world of his :P.  This blog post was not to demoralize anyone, its just the truth, the truth is hard and I'm sure a good deal of people will fully dis agree with me but I just go based on the facts and my knowledge.

P.S I know I have grammar errors :P.

Chipping and where I stand!

Chipping can be seen as a very negative, tedious, and expensive experience in Sword 2.  However, on the bright side, chipping can be seen as very spontaneous, exciting, and gratifying.

So where does Vantz stand on chipping? :P

Well if you know me then you will know that chipping has mostly, and note that keyword "mostly" have been on my side.  I love chipping, just in general, weapons, armors, accessory's etc.  More towards weapons then anything.

Now its not because I am rich, its not because I am a heavy gold retailer but for the sol reason of random.  The chances of getting anything on a weapon is an adventure as I would like to call it.  This is why I enjoy chipping weapons more then armor / accessories.  With weapons your limit is endless you could get amazing attack / race / race / ar... or maybe even ... attack / race / ar or just attack / race / race gets peoples blood boiling (good boil ofc as long as the stat on the weapon is not a troll :P).

Now what am I really getting at?  If you look at chipping as an evil sin to do in Sword 2 and have such a negative attitude towards it, then yeah, you will most likely get what you are expecting.  (Some of the most amazing mods you get you'll get without even paying attention).  When I chip I MUST be in a positive mood or its just a waste of my time, my money and my investments.  When I chip I look towards charms of some sorts, you might be laughing right now as you read that, but its true.  NOT ONE PERSON IS MORE LUCKY THEN ANOTHER! I hate when people say that, its how you perceive the situation or approach something is how the turn out will be.

Yes I understand this is a game, I understand chipping is random, I understanding being in a good mood or bad mood wont give you a boost on your Enchant Sedatives (Coming in next patch) :P.  But honestly I do not care, cause to me the charms or the lucky charms will you, that I have, do give me a comforting feeling that my hard work is not going to be wasted.  Now ofc I am not a God of chipping I have my bad days....hell just today I had a bad day of chipping.  Just my advice you can take it or leave it but do not chip the day maintenance will occur or the day before.

Why not chip the day before or the night of maintenance?  I have my reasons and beliefs about chipping later in the week, I wont get too much more into it.

Basically all in all try to look at chipping as an ART form.  Every time I chip something beautiful I plainly see it as a beautiful master piece.  ***I do not know why but Life / Golem / AR really likes me lol***

My final tips are just go into chipping with positive attitudes, use one character, attach yourself to a type of lucky material or even a spiritual if you will.

Hopefully peoples chipping experiences look up, then again with the patch coming with that little boost, I'm sure people will be more open minded when going to chip something!

P.S Upgrading can burn in hell.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Why do Sword 2 Quest suck so bad?

I don't know maybe its just me...but... wow quest in Sword 2 suck lol.

They suck so badly I barley even follow them; I hear people talking about Montoro?  First off I dont even know what a "Montoro" is I dont even know what the fuck a Montoro does lol.

A big reason I dis like all these quest is basically the dialogue is over paper...I wanna hear the characters talking to each other, see them interacting instead of an action pose that is suppose to stimulate something exciting.

I mean hell once the conversation goes through *I hate reading the little white blocks with the little black letters in them that is suppose to contain the quest dialogue* there is an action scene where basically either you or another individual *NPC* kills the other NPC.

I mean hell its so easy to kill the characters / people in a quest its not even funny, its like two shots and your dead...its as though these IMC people think its a tough thing to do, its not as though we are living in the 84e armor era anymore.

But I mean given there are a few hard ones such as Val, reckless, but can you name anymore?

Do not get me wrong if you follow with all the quest in Sword 2 and is one of those people who is always looking forward to new quest with new characters, all God speed to you!

But this is a big reason why I have not gotten a lot of quest done and when I tell people they seem very chocked, Lucifer Castle quest, Lionel etc...however I have been needing to get these quest done just because I do not want to pay 10m and I ow some one a Lionel card; I did get ravens card the other day though!

I mean when I talk to NPCs and such what all I do is spam "Enter" key cause I can careless what bull shit or meaningless thing they are telling me, give me the card and let me be on my way please, thanks, good bye :P.

A friend showed me a few quest lines from Tera, and it had cut scenes and actual talking *subtitles too* and actual character movement, if we had that my attention would be ten folds in!

Well I am done ranting about the quest in Sword 2 :P...all in all we must get them done in order to progress into the next up coming raids, so I advise you all to get your quest done and do not be lazy nor picky like me! 

The return to the BLOG!

Oh my how ever so long has it been since I have posted on this...small blog of mine :P.  I do not plan to get rid of my own post, I laugh at them well as them being a memory.

I will continue from this point forth to post in my blog about my Sword 2 triumphs and experiences, and hey I might post little games where you could win vis or items in game! =O hahah.

This return speech shall be short and simple cause at this momment I must flee back to Shogun 2 (A Total War game, probably some of the best strategy games out there) because I shall betray my allies before they betray me :P.

So just know up coming updates shall be arriving soon.