Friday, December 28, 2012

New Client is Available for Downloading!

Well the new Granado Espada is ready to be downloaded from T3Fun!

Download Link

I was surprised by how quick it downloaded for me, for it being such a large file.

A few things I noticed.

Yes there is only one server called: [US] Castillia, and below where it shows "Published" it only shows "Published by Redbana Corp."  Thought it would show T3Fun Corp, but from my knowledge, RedBana is the sister company of T3Fun, so technically it still is owned by T3Fun just published by their company, I believe :P.

For me, my download only took about 30 minutes or so.  However, many people are experiencing it taking it a bit longer, I wonder why lol...

I guess I got lucky~

Anyways, here is a screen shot of the log in screen, I love how they added the "Gaming for long periods without any breaks in between is detrimental to your health", its always nice to see those messages :P.

By the way, there is this event going on where once you got the game downloaded, post your experience and a screen shot here and you get the chance to obtain 3,000 T3Fun coins!

Download Event

Anyways, here is a screen shot of the log in screen!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Le' Last Maintenance

Well, as the years have gone by with GamersFirst, we are now coming to the very last weekly maintenance :P.  A lot of mix feelings are probably going through everyone's head, I can only imagine what each individuals opinion is towards GamersFirst.  Although, I try to look at all the positive times with GamersFirst and try to remember the good old memory's instead of the month long ordeal that we had experienced.

However, I want to thank Raiden and the other dedicated moderators who never gave up on the three servers of Sword :).

Anyways, maintenance will be down for an estimate of three hours, I wonder if the Christmas event is going bye bye?

Oh and I was tanking my 3rd ToC run today with some clannies and some randoms, we were wondering when maintenance would occur, and when we got the gold chest at the end (nothing good, I swear silver is better, its platinum!) our ToC was done at 10:21?  Then maintenance jumped up and came on around 10:23 xD.  Just our luck, and I mean that expression in a good way this time!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanuka and any other type of celebration you and your family care to do today! =).

I hope everyone has a great holiday, and a safe one at that.  Keep those who are not with us anymore or lost their life before they can celebrate this joyous day.

This will also be the last Christmas we will be spending with G1, many people I'm sure are excited about that =P.  But, in the end, I would rather not hold any animosity towards G1 even if they do deserve it.  Therefore, Merry Christmas G1 and thank you for the Christmas Box!.

From the VantzmartS family to yours, Happy Holidays!

(P.S. If you got a remote control plane, hopefully you do not crash it and break the win off in less than ten minutes like I did rofl; super glue ftw!)

Monday, December 24, 2012

One Event Ends....Another Begins! (Tip Inside)

Well we all know that collecting ABC boxes is no longer possible, but they have left the kiosk so people can still exchange their letters, and they should!

First off, lets start out with the new event.

Raiden has the event notes here: Christmas Event

I think its alright, I hear there are some nice CS prizes, and a few good costumes.  I currently only have 2 coins :P (Apparently you AFK for the coins just like the ABC boxes, yet another afk event? :P)

Hopefully people are able to stock up on some CS items, or use many alts to spam the instance that drops some nice (TRADEABLE) soul crystals and trump fillers!

So I wish everyone the best with that event, I won't post to much about it, since I am not really doing it.  However, if I find any little tricks that many people know about, you'll for sure know it will be posted here ;).

Secondly, for the kiosk event.

Do not forget to visit: Raiden - Kiosk Trick~

In order to always get your Raiden Angel box with each letter!  People might say its a bug, maybe it is, but it has been reported many times and with each maintenance, it remains the same.

However, instead of JUST collecting Raien boxes, I suggest also making room for those Elite Treasure Boxes, for the feso of course.  (Browse through my blog to find the importance of spending your feso now).

Although, collecting JUST Raiden boxes is nice, no lollipops or pesty Amritas, it does come to a cost.  Dragging each letter in, getting that pop up message, well that just creates another event in its own self now doesn't it :P.

Maybe this small tip will help, I give the credit to my clan mate exosia:

While your turning all your letters into the 8-10 different Raiden boxes that you have, and only into Raiden boxes, you'll keep getting "Inventory Is Full" blah blah...

Some people even have thousands of letters x.x so this can be pretty time consuming if you want each letter to be a nice Raiden Angel Box and / or Elite Treasure Box.

Therefore, while your turning them in, just simply hold DOWN your enter key button (ignore the chat box) and drag your invetory window really close to the KIOSK and just spam drag as much as you can.

So instead of hitting enter every time, you just hold it down :P, its a pretty simple idea, but can save an individual a lot of time!

Well hope this helps people, thank you again exosia, it really helped me to get rid of all my dam letters hahah, hopefully it helps the reader~

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Were Still Here!

So who would have ever guessed that the prediction, which never existed in the first place, would actually not come true? =O

Normally this is the point where I say that man kind has learned its lessons on trying to base the "End of the world" based on a rock (a rock calender), but were just as dumb as a rock :P.  I laughed, every time I watched the History Channel.  I am slowly losing respect for the history channel, they seemed to create all these predictions themselves.  The Mayan calender ended.  That was all, it just ended.  There was noting at the end of that Mayan calender that said major earth quakes would appear, polar shifts would switch, solar flares, super volcanoes, aliens, or even universal alignment creating a dysfunctional on Mother Earth so horrible that it would indeed, end the world.

Its as though people are presented with a breeze of a prediction from some sort of "genius" ancient culture or individual, and create the most, horrific scenarios, then they go ahead and just express freedom of press and create the most, radical delusions.  I can almost guarantee you, actually I can, Isabel Taylor, she hung herself due to this 12/21/12 theory.  I have heard story's of parents shooting their children and themselves based on the economy, don't you think people would be doing the same if this "12/21/12" theory got so much publicity?

The day before 12/21/12, which would be 12/20/12, the history channel premiered"2012 The World Ends Now!"  I guess it was one more last push to really try to sell this idea that the world would be ending in multiple scenarios, to X type planets, to the "Mayans" returning with aliens, but then again they never left, but the history channel knew that right?  The only reason the history channel but so much effort into this "theory" is because, do you think people will sit and watch a bunch of rainbows and lollipops?  No, people want to see action, death and destruction, the history channel was able to provide that easily, without understanding the consequences.  They even aired the Mayan End of the World shows during the same day the end of the world was suppose to occur.

At first, once I first very heard this, whole Mayan thing, I was actually a little worried.  That was during High School.  Ever since then I did my own little research.  First off, land can not sink into the ocean like in the movie 2012, its to buoyant, you would need a large amount of the water to rise up in order for it to be completely submerged.

Secondly, there is no such thing as "Nibiru", and if there was, wouldn't you think we would be able to see something in the sky?  Or does it just wait until 11:59 PM 12/20/12 to just speed right over here from Pluto to collide?  I don't think so.  Same thing for planet X.

Thirdly, the whole "polar shift", that's something that takes thousands of years to complete, its not like the next day, all of a sudden the entire earth just completely turns upside down...

Fourthly, the "super volcanoes", which would be Yellowstone, is still not due for a good ninety thousand years or so, and by than, if humans are still on Earth, I'm sure we will be smart enough to create some sort of vacuum to solve that issue :P.

Fifthly, even if Earth and the Sun lined up with the center of the universe or w/ solar system (which happens, but not DIRECTLY), and even if it did, its not as though anything horrible happens.  Any solar alinement has zero negative affects on the Earth what so ever, and it happens pretty frequently, ranging from alinements with our own planets to other stars.

Lastly, the Mayans never predicted the end, their calender ended.  How people can come up with all these horrendous beliefs based on a rock calender ending is beyond me.  Many people took these predictions serious, some spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on bunker type shelters, to flying to "safe zones" to even ending their own lives, all based on how TV and the media has projected the whole "End of the World".

Even Samuel L. Jackson had a show about it, I mean I guess the only way to get the History Channel any good ratings these days is to talk about anything ending life.  However, I have noticed near the end of these entire "Doomsday" shows, they always end with a "But it probably wont happen anyways", I'm telling you, they tend to say that ALL the time, watch for it :P.

So next time some one tries to tell you that the end is near, or to believe the next new prediction, which there will be many, find the facts, and create your own assessment.  It seems as though to many people are unable to do their own critical thinking, hell it does not even take critical thinking to understand the facts.  Even the people themselves whose calender ended, the Mayans, thought this was ridiculous.  Any who, I'm glad its all over, but sad to see it end due to watching a new one begin shortly I'm sure, anything that heavy commercial stations can get their hands on in order to throw a scare into the world to produce another dollar I suppose.

Then again, if planet X did come yesterday, and there are suppose to be "Gods" on this planet, maybe it wouldn't have been so bad :P.  

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Stop Clock...

I was thinking of something while in Caebolan CA...and looking at my pass...

I wonder, why do we not have the ability to stop the timer on our passes / wings / anything timed?  I think it would be a lot more, beneficial for the player, if people could stop the time on their passes, when their not using them, and just simply re activate them once their going back to which ever area they were at.

Same with wings.  If I open up a 30 Day Rose wing, and I have to go away for a weekend or go away for a week, I wouldn't mind being able to stop the timer on that period that I wont be using the rose wings for.

I really see no con in this "timer stopper", its not like anyone can use this to forever have an undying pass or rose wings that never run out of time, unless a bug occurred when they implement the idea.

I might just post this idea under the suggestions thread on the T3Fun forums, would be nice if they already looked at our suggestions instead of using that specific area to just make the players feel as though they have a voice :P.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Rest In Peace...

So I was laying in my bed, thinking about some of the most meaningless things, had the TV off...just the normal type attitude I would be in before officially waking up...

Until my mother comes in and tells me about how a man went to an elementary school and shot up a bit of kids.

So I looked a bit more into it, seems 20 kids, between the ages of 5-10 died.  As well as 6 other individuals.

How can a monster, pack a gun and load it with bullets and walk into an elementary school and just lay down fire upon a group of innocent, little, adorable, beautiful souls...

I won't make this post long, cause, not much to say about this event...

All I can do is pray for those who have been affected by this deeply, and pray for those who got killed, especially those innocent children...

I will also pray that the man who did this, the man who forcefully removed twenty souls  from this earth, will burn in the deepest, darkest, most painful level of hell.

I really hope people take the time out of their daily sword lives to acknowledge this event and say a little something in their mind regardless if they believe in a higher being or not.

For any of those people out there who are trolls or wish to try to make this event some...laughable cause...or have zero respect for these children and their family's, then I'll loose all the ounce of respect I ever had for you.

Once again, rest in peace, a pretty...horrific day here in America but also in the world, any human being I know who does not feel sadden about a group of children getting murdered, then I truly question their humane side.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

If you have money...

If your one of the few with a nice chunk of change, or has the ability to obtain a reasonable amount of vis before the transfer, buy great stones.

I said this before, and I am not entirely sure if I can stress it enough, but buy great stones in order to stock up on lollipops.

If you have the ability to stock up on more than just 1k pink lollipops, do so.  Think big, think large scale, the amount of money you spend today, you could end up making double that, if not more, far down the road.  Lollipops are something that will be a "timed" investment.  Once we transfer, tons of people will still have thousands of lollipops.  But people will continue to use those lollipops every day.  Especially if the server is divided into two alliances with one pvp alliance; in a lollipop able zone, they'll be spamming pink / red / blue as if it was candy, just to try to over come their opponent on that specific raid; therefore, dimensioning the amount of lollipops in the server and slowly raising the demand - slowly.

People say well "There will be events for lollipops", that is true, yes, but I doubt these events will offer the ability to stock up on thousands of lollipops, probably only a couple hundred if that; as long as there are no bugs in being able to obtain 100% lollipops from these events.

So over time, lollipops will slowly disappear, it might take months, but the price for lollipops will rise.  It is all based on supply and demand; these lollipops are enormously valuable, that's why they were removed in the first place.  IMC created the lollipop and transformed it from a "need" to a "desire".  Lollipops in the end, can be pretty game breaking if you look at it.  It removes the need for speed, and speed is the need for dps, and dps is the need to win those high end raids (if you have the proper racial gear that is). 

Therefore, according from the information that I know of, my best advice is to just continue stocking up on lollipops.  In Orpesia, normal enchants in the market manager are now above 3.5m, yet great stones are still around 5-6m?  Better buy them now before its to late!

Just Kidding

Seems after the maintenance, people were still able to get boxes, which was not suppose to happen.

At first I thought maybe G1 was being nice or was having complications to separating the event itself, but in reality, they just forgot to remove it lmao...

You would think, since last week, after Raiden said that this week would be the last week for boxes to drop from mobs, that maybe, just maybe, the removal of the boxes would be on the top list of things to get rid of during the maintenance.

However, there is some positive side, the madness from this AFKing event is over.  Maybe before the end of G1 and Sword 2, people will try to put in some more ToC squads to crank out those Greek Cromas, or participate in Xworld in order to obtain just a little practice before the transfer.

So, where there is a con, there is always a pro, and this pro out weighs the con.

A good amount of players came back to this game, but eventually, just did exactly what they were doing when they weren't playing, which is to just afk and eventually flow off into the light of interactiveness as before; so really, nothing has changed during the event, actually made activeness and the ability to find random raids even harder.  But I would be lying if I were to say the loot and the rewards were well the effort. 

However, through this event, people were able to obtain goodies, so in the end, it has actually helped those to prepare for the 10.23 patch, as well as to bring back some remaining players for the end of G1, which will really help the opportunity for random raids to occur within the server until the beginning of T3Fun!~

All in all, I give the afking event : 8/10 - an A-!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Farm Farm Farm!

Well, according to Raiden, last week was suppose to be the last week to be able to farm boxes.  Then we would have one more week to turn in those letters into the kiosk (remember to follow my guide about the kiosk for Raiden boxes).

But it seems as though we get just one more week to farm more boxes.

I wonder, if we get one more week to farm boxes, will next week, be the week where we are able to turn in our letters?

Or is this week the last week to farm boxes PLUS to turn in letters?  I think that should be answered so that people do not assume they get an ADDITIONAL week to turn in letters, but come to find out, this week right now, was the last for boxes PLUS turning in all those extra letters into the kiosk.

I wonder why they gave us another week to farm boxes...

Maybe they wanted to remove the kiosk and boxes at the same time and realized they cannot just remove the boxes now and the kiosk next week.  Therefore, since they already told the public we get another week to turn in our letters, maybe they found complications with removing the event into two areas, so just kept it all for one more week, well the boxes that is.

Oh on another note, hopefully you stocked up on those master packs (30 days) because no one can get them no more from the event!

So just farm, farm, farm!!!!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Non-Posted Opinion - Quick Summary

So I am sitting here, 1:07 AM in the morning, I have finals tomorrow near at night, just got out of the shower, and I think to myself "Make a blog post about humanity and the major issues of cyber bullying"...

So I began to write an entire blog post about the internet and the major negative effects that it brings out within humans as well as the effects that other humans end up consuming due to others.

A little bit of my opinion behind it all, I am a man who loves to connect one idea to the next and then take that idea and connect it to something else then take that and etc etc...

For an example, I had an essay for my English class, nothing to fancy by any means, but basically the question was asked: Is intelligence or critical thinking a part of freedom?

My answer was simple: Critical thinking creates the ability to analyze, and through the analytical process, people can then understand, which is called intelligence.  Through understanding, people are able to create their own decisions, which creates their freedom.

Anyways, I started off with the post about feelings, and if, as humans, still feel, regardless of what kinda feelings they might be.  I even went as far as creating a car accident story, and asking my blog followers, how they might have felt about the certain incident.  I then linked it to feelings, which I then linked to the unawareness for others due to a computer screen.  People can say some horrific things over the internet; it indeed hurts me when I hear story's about 13 or 14 year old kids killing themselves due to internet abuse.

I have yet to post this "Lost Blog Entry", maybe if I ever do plan to post it, that just might be its title :P.

So anyways, I guess this is a blog entry for a blog entry that never was or might ever be posted?  I didn't post it because I'm not entirely sure if anyone would actually want to read it.

Although, I did want to share my partial opinion about the subject.

But as I got to thinking, something started to worry me a bit more...

We as people, adapt, and adjust.  For an example, when we had a gold rush boom in the USA over 150 years ago +/-, people moved West.  People moved West to strive to become something, to get rich quick, to have a new life that was different than the East type life style.  Some people threw it all in, and took that risk, and grasped that "opportunity" to jump out of their comfort zone.

That same mentality ended up getting passed from generation to generation, basically being imbedded into Californians DNA, which has and is still making California, the "Golden" state.  It might not be AS much, but, people s till have that same idealistic attitude, just as those people who first set out to go gold mining to California and step out of their comfort zone to take the risk.  I mean, when you think about it, it does make sense.  100s of years ago Asians were very "family orientated"(more so then others) and they still are, cause it got passed through generations n generation n generation, it got passed down so much that it was just becoming part of an individual as they pop out of their mothers whom.

My point is this, as we live our lives, and we allow internet abuse to continue, as we careless for the other person on the other side of the screen, will we get to the point where even if we are face-to-face with some one else, we just will not care about their feelings?  Sound's a bit robotic lol...

I mean if our past generations pretty much shaped our mental attitude about most things, then who says our generation won't shape the futures generation mental mind set, and then the next generations and then the next and then the next etc...

Hell, in 200 years, if things progress with technology and little gadgets, this internet abuse issue might just be the abortion issue in today's terms.

So what is my point?  My point is like any other point that was been pointed lol...just try to understand that the people behind a computer screen is an actual human being.  A human being with feelings, with real issues, real problems and matters that you have no idea about.  Whatever happens through a video game, happens through the video game, same with sits like Facebook, myspace (who uses that anymore?), etc...  There is no reason to take things extreme to the point of making some one commit suicide, and that might sound ridiculous, but it has happened and is happening while you are reading this.

Just something to think about, I know I am.  From that mentality, I am creating more goals for myself to try to be a better individual to others, help others, and to stand up for others.

It's my human duty.

Friday, December 7, 2012

To Japan!

I wanna take a quick blog post and wish anyone in Japan who was just affected by the 7.3 magnitude earthquake, which occurred a few hours ago.

For those who remember, Japan was hit with a devastating earth quake not that long ago, killing thousands of people and putting a nuclear scare to the rest of the world.

So anyone living in Japan or anyone who might get affected by this 7.3 earth quake, I wish you the best and I shall pray for your safety tonight.

Sometimes, or well actually many times, I tend to think about the life of a human.  Imagine remembering as far as you can from your child hood up to now.  Your family, your memory's, your experiences, and your future, all of it can just be taken away from you in a heart beat...

It is indeed a scary matter to think of; although, there is hope, hope that allows us to enlighten ourselves and to someday embrace death as a positive manner.

Anyways, I'd rather not ramble about life n death, for this point in time, this very second, the "happening now" issue, those in Japan, just try to be safe, I wish you the best!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Master Card Idea!

I'm sure we are all familiar with the "T3Fun event" where any family lvl 5 can be transferred and will get three master cards.

Getting a family to level 5 is pretty easy actually, just either afk them, or take them to Caebolan and vesp the alt to family lvl 5, so you can transfer it and get those free master cards.

But what is o dandy about these master cards?

Well first off:
1) Takes a character from 0 - Master in each card; could be useful for certain characters you want at master asap, as long as you have a mercenary warrant.
2) People still buy characters, you can buy a gold code with vis, put it on the alt, get all three characters to lvl 3 10% (secret guard of course, will be done in no time) and then mercenary the cards and sell it for more vis.
3) Save the master cards, use them on all three characters on your alt account, and then go and level 4 more characters to veteran, then you have a family lvl 20.  The family lvl 20 is needed in order for a clan, that is either Saha or Drona, to level their clan level.  As their clan level goes up, their special buff goes up as well.
4) Family level, the more characters / higher they are, the higher your family level, the higher the family level, the better the family level buff!

People might say well "Can we still make G1 accounts?" the answer is yes, I have made a few already myself.

This is just one of those things that you just might be interested in looking into.  Getting 5 alt accounts to family lvl 5 and transferring them over to the new server would basically be 15 free masters, that's if you can either buy the gold for each account, or buy 5$ gold codes with vis.

Again, this is just another little idea that I'm sure is pretty obvious and people have thought about, but there are a few out there who just don't bother, but yet fail to see the profitability from it.

Expert Chips / Tokens

In a previous post I talked about investing into some chips, not entirely sure how the prices will be for them.  I expect two different type of views from the market.  Either we'll have an Orpesia type market where all the prices look reasonable to the Orpesian eye and look low to those not use to Vet chips being 4m.  Or, we would have an inflated type economy like Bristia / Illier.  Where, for an example, an enchant booster cost 4m, but your able to sell a vet chip for something along the lines as 6m.  Prices might look high, but everything should, hopefully, ratio out to some what of the similar ratios as in our current servers.

Anyways, expert chips, I suggest on trying to stock up on a few.  I know with the ABC event coming to an end soon and people are trying frantically to try to stock up on this and that, but as the time comes to a close, people should be wrapping up their final tokens.  I have said in my previous blog post about investing into HQ Jewels, Vet / 100 chips, lollipops, maybe a few items that we were only able to easily obtain through the event by afking, and etc.  Although, there is one investment people should also look at, which is expert chips.

People should be looking at in stocking up on a couple hundred expert chips if they can, more, or less, depending on the individual.  We have to start transferring our energy out from 100e / Constellation and push it into Constellation / Evil weapons (UN-trade able weapons, obtainable through doing instances).  From what I understand, enchant boosters get a small boost, and then we have those special enchant boosters from the bounty hunters.  From what I heard, from personal story's, the bounty hunter enchant boosters are neat, they basically give the ability to get a yellow mod (does not mean it will be high) at a rate of 1/5; I believe they cost 20 expert tokens each.

Keep your expert tokens as well as your vet tokens, the ones you get from bounty hunter, do not spend them anymore and try to keep doing bounty hunter if possible.  Not entirely sure if this is completely accurate since I have not done bounty in some time, but I keep hearing that it is bugging out here, there.  If I am correct, like before, when bounty gets bugged, you can spam it over n over w/o (without) having to do the previous bounty mission; great opportunity to stock up on a couple of tokens for those special enchant boosters!

As the event is coming to an end, hopefully people are getting that last weapon or character card, and can then invest their letters into stocking up on some HQ's, chips, a few master explorer packs, and maybe even a couple rose wing back costumes :P.  If some one is farming for a good amount of time, and maybe even running an extra account, it wouldn't be hard nor long from stocking up on a few of these items.

With expert chips, three letters = 3 expert chips, not a bad deal at all.  We have to remember that this type of event is an event to try to fully take advantage of while we have it, we shouldn't always get so wrapped up in the nice, neat, 33 AR weapons.  They are nice, yes, but, there are other things to invest in for the future to give you an advantage for your un tradeable evil weapons.

So once again, this is just my advice, even only 100-200 expert chips would do just fine, whichever makes you feel comfortable with the amount you have.  Remember, keep your vet tokens and your expert tokens, even the first tokens, I forgot their name.  I believe that we will be able to turn vet tokens into expert tokens, kinda like a 3:1 type thing.  The reason you want to keep and stock up on your tokens is because of those special type of enchant boosters for, I believe, 20 expert tokens, they can really come in handy for those who have minimal patience for chipping. 

*** NOTE *** Make sure you CHECK G1 Forums, this IS the last week where the boxs will drop, HOWEVER, there will be ONE more week so that everyone can turn in their extra letters / tokens ~ 

Tuesday, December 4, 2012


I have a friend of mine, she is making a pretty neat guide for basic raiding, which I look forward to seeing.  I am also thinking of creating a guide, a "QA" type guide for new levels, something that covers everything when you first start playing the game.  Maybe post it on the forums and give people the ability to contribute anything they want to as well...

This is something I am really contemplating, it would be a pretty nice, large guide, maybe even make it a PDF file for new users to download and keep on their desktop at all times...

Something I am really thinking of :P.

The guide will be detailed right to the very location of an NPC with pictures and screen shots.  Everything ranging from what quarter slots are to the idea of 1-100  - Vet - Expert - Master.  Explaining the benefits of more AR / DR / Stat points.  Even giving advice on things to do to help further their game play; so a bit of information compacted into a nice, little guide.

Any comments on the idea?

Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Trick to the Alphabet Box Event!

I was debating to post this on my blog or not, but after some thinking, I thought well "Only about a month left, so why not?"  Not sure if anyone else has posted it on their blog, maybe they might believe its a bug or a glitch or something along those lines, but if something has been reported repeatedly and nothing is done, can we be safe to say that its neither of those things?

Most of the elites in this game and even non elites know about it and do it, and if they tell you otherwise, their most likely lying cause their afraid to receive the label as an "exploit user".

I really take pride in those who farm and work hard for where they are today, people who in the past have farmed for those runes in order for you to make your constellation weapons.  The individuals who farm to stock pile on chips in order to try to progress further in the game, while at the same time providing people the ability to prosper on their chipping addictions.  Its the back bone of this game that I think actually needs a break, regardless of how other people feel about it.  Some people who read this blog might have never even known this existed, most probably already do.

So really all I am going to show you how to do is something most people already know how to do and are doing it.

So let me begin:

The ABC event, the event in which everyone is farming for those ABC boxs and are making some good money by farming and selling.

Those UN-trade able letters, and the Kiosk in which you put those letters in order to try to get an Angel box, but a lot of times they go to waste through getting a lollipop, Amrita, Angler Spinelle and etc.

Here is the steps you need to take in order to always get a nice angel box(s)!

Step 1:
You first need at least 8 - 10 DIFFERENT Angel Boxes, in your inventory, does not matter how many, one of each will do, like below in the picture:

Step 2:
Put EVERYTHING that you get from the Kiosk (Next to the Seeker of Knowledge) into your Leo.
Which would be the following:
Warp Scrolls
AM Boost
Angler Spins

I think that's is it, if you know of any other items that you get from the Kiosk, put them ALL in your leo.  However, make sure ALL your Angel boxes in Step 1 is STILL in your inventory.

Step 3:
Make sure your inventory is full: 248/248.  Take some junk out of your leo if you need to fill it up, but MAKE SURE all of the items in Step 2 are IN your leo.

Step 4:
Gather a bunch of letters you do not plan to use or if you have an excessive amount of; any one would do, the more, the more boxes you get.

Step 5 (Preparations):
Go to the Kiosk, make sure you have only the Angel Boxes in your inventory and everything else you get from the Kiosk is in your leo.  Make sure your inventory is FULL.

Step 6 (The Final Step):
Now do what you normally would do, start dragging letters into the Kiosk, you do not need to type in "1" every time you put one in, just drag the amount you have, and simply hit Enter.

You WILL get a message that says "Your Inventory is Full blah blah"...ignore it.  Keep dragging any amount of letters into the Kiosk and keep hitting Enter.  The more different amount of boxes you have in your inventory, the easier this gets.  You will continue to get that same "Your Inventory Is Full" because its trying to put a lollipop or a warp scroll or any of those pointless items in your inventory.  If you do this correctly and you have 100 letters, you will get 100 angel box's.  The only thing this takes is some patience, just keep dragging in the letters, hit enter, and your stock pile of Angel Boxes shall build!

Many people know how to do this, this is exactly how people during the Halloween event last year was able to get 100s of vet chips, of course I never knew about it until then, and that "exploit" was taken pretty serious.  But this has been reported and nothing has been said or done about it, so might as well do it.  Why should those who know about it be the only ones to know about it? :P

Hopefully this helps some of you out and helps you not to waste your letters to anything other than a nice Angel Box!


Saturday, December 1, 2012

Interesting Idea - Orpesians

So....I was thinking...

Since Orpesia has the lowest cash shop items such as Enchant Boosters and Upgrade Accelerators, and Bristias prices are a bit higher then ours and we are merging into one server....

If Orpeisa Enchant Boosters are around 2.1m
If Bristia Enchant Boosters are around 3.8m

That is about a 1.7m difference.

So my idea is this: If you buy gold / can get gold through vis (codes), maybe make a SEPARATE account (not one connected to your main account - yes you can still make G1 accounts) and instead of selling gold items in Orpesia, sell it in Bristia or Illier, but Bristia looks more promising.

The benefit of being Orpesia is that we have always been so use to 2mish Enchant Boosters, so if were able to make a 1.5x profit, I think its a wise decisions to take into account.

So...make a separate account (Different user name / password then your current one), get it to level five family lvl, which is pretty simple, still got some time.  OR I believe if there is CS items below family lvl 5, it can still transfer, but I am not entirely sure on that one.

Ok so lets say you buy 19.5k worth of gold, which is around 1040 Enchant Boosters.

If you were to sell them in Orpesia you would get around 2.2Billion vis
If you were to sell them in Bristia you would get around 3.6 Billion vis

Thats about a 1.4 Billion vis difference.

So lets just say you sell a bunch of CS items on these OP servers, when we merge into one server, you can just simple get it from that separate account alt that you created and get the vis off it once the server merges :P

So it might be something to look into.

I have personally never been with a game that was going through a transferring processes, but if you trust the system enough to where you get your alt in, lets say, Bristia, to level 5 and you feel as though the system will actually work and that everything will go smoothly during the transferring process, then really, I am not entirely sure why not more people are doing this.

Since the server is coming to an end, we really need to look at every single opportunity of a way to make a nice chunk of money and to invest into the future!

A wise investment today is a benefited investment tomorrow!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Make those Investments!

As the doomsday gets closer and closer to the old switch ah roo to the new publisher, I think it's important for me to suggest a few things.

Invest...Invest...and Invest.

First off, let me start off by telling you to make sure you do your research when it comes to investments.  Sometimes they can go tremendously profiting and sometimes they can turn into a complete titanic of money.

I have had about only two major bad investments.  My first one happened with the Silver Rosario era.  Actually it was one of my better investments and one of my worse lol...normally I never get into detail when it comes to my investments nor my marketing :P, so count this as a little treat.

Ive always been a kinda man who would take something from rumble and create gold, sounds a bit egotistic I suppose, but it sure does have a Rockefeller attitude into it :P.  Basically there was a point in time where you could craft a Silver Rosario for around 200mil and sell it on the market manager for an easy 500-600ish mil leaving you with around a 300-400mil profit margin.  Then you would just simple invest that 300-400mil profit margin back into more Silver Rosario's; I of coursed farm my own pure otite.  Most of the money I would say went back into investing into jewel powder, which was obtainable from those mission lobbies and other type of places, but I believe mostly from those Trinities (This was before they were in alchemy).  So you can imagine my money was building quick, I had money to easily make future investments.  Before the patch, when jewel powder was goign to be easily obtainable through alchemy, I decded to invest around 1 bill vis into jewel powder.

This is when you wanna make sure you know things in the patch, I didn't expect them to be in the alchemy, I made a pretty bad investment lol...Though its not all negative, the only sad thing is that I spent 1Bill on Jewel Powder, next day, I was only able to re sell em all for around 400-500m.  I suppose you can say it wasn't that bad of an investment (then again you wouldn't like to hear the numbers when it comes to chipping :P).

This next investment was an investment that most people were actually doing.  Everyone was under the impression that shiny keys would be going from, I believe 300 feso to 10k feso.  So you could see the large gap, and since punisher was a hot stance book and people were buying shiny boxes and farming them, it seemed like an appropriate investment.  But this is G1 we are talking about, their always full of surprises lol..

They only ended up making them go from 300 feso to 1k feso, this was after people stocked up on them, then again that was their mistake.  Some people bought around 5k , 10k , 20k etc...I bought 150k lol...I was crunching out vis in order to buy the feso and to stock up on the keys, I lost about...2-3 Bill of vis, unless some how shiny keys go up in the new server, but that would be long down the road, plus tons of other people did what I did, maybe more or less the amount I have.

The current investments I am making myself is lollipops, HQ Spo / Obs, rough stones, symbols, Raiden Angel boxes from the ABC event, maybe a punisher manual, and serpent armors (31 DR).

Lollipops - At the moment it seems as though its the best investment to make.  The later versions took them out and they appear in events here, there.  A friend told me in kGE a lollipop is around 5 mil, ofc they are a bit farther than us and have a complete different type of economy, and if it is true, it does shine some light on what would happen to the prices of lollipops over time.  So investments mainly in pink lollipops and some red / blue, I think would be wise, very wise.  We have to think long term now.

HQ Spo / Obs - Everyone will always need these.  For armor / weapons you need 3x, if you wish to complete your weapon / armor.  Before the event they were around 100m, now their a bit cheaper, but I invested some just for a personal use, I suggest you to do the same.  Spend some letters from the event to pack up on some!  This investment is a bit more personal then profit, well basically you'll save money in the future.

Rough Stones - Again, their a bit cheaper right now due to the amount of people farming for this ABC event, its also good to stock up on them and turn them into HQs down the road and either sell or use those HQs.

Symbols - This investment is nothing major that I am doing nor suggest, but with new stances comes new need for symbols, I have no idea how difficult it will be to get symbols in the new server merge but I suggest investing into a nice amount of symbols just to be safe, get the ones you need for stances + some.

Raiden Angel Boxes - Well, I think the reason I am investing in a few of these boxs is probably for the items inside but more for the name.  We will never, ever see Raiden be our "boss" again, unless T3Fun hires him or we get sold back to G1, whats the chance of that actually happening though?  Just think about in two years, and you have the ability to link it in  broads :P  Who knows, maybe something inside would be extremely rare or just valuable!

Punisher Manual - Before this ABC event, I invested or traded a few nice items worth, well lets say 5 bill +.  Was I upset it was in the token shop and some one can easily farm and obtain it?  Hell no, this is a F2P game, everyone should have the ability to enjoy something as fun as punisher.  However, it is 50 tokens, its a lot of tokens for sure, but think about one server, people returning, new players coming etc.  New players who can spend loads of cash in this game, people who do not have punisher, people who are willing to dish out as much as they can for punisher.  Cause the only way to get punisher will be the last few levels in CT or back to the shiny boxes, people have to remember this ABC event will not be in the new server, so a lot of prices that are pretty low due to it now, might not be at all that in the new server.

Serpent Armors (31 DR) - These armors are used for people who make Greek Croma, they want them for crystals.  No one wants to +7 an Elite Le Blanc or Le Scares (I probably spelled that wrong).  The amount of Greeks that will be created will be at an ultimate high, people will want Greeks, and people will want serpent armors to create those Greeks, I am not entirely sure how the serpent armors will be played through in the new server and what that new publisher will do.

Chips - Level 100 chips / Vet chips will be needed to craft Elite Le Noir recipes.  Unless you farm, I would suggest buying a bundle for the future, Elite Le Noir will still be a hott item, and there will be recipes that will be needed crafting.  The recipes get tweaked to where you need XX amount of chips to craft the recipe, I forgot the exact number but its a bit of chips, so be ware of that if your still wanting or getting into Elite Le Noir armors.

So those are just a few investments I suggest people to look further into / start buying.  I myself plan to invest heavily in the things I know will be a major success (hopefully :P).  So take whatever I have said into consideration and go from there, its important to invest in the shut down of G1, you never know how much it'll help you in the opening of T3Fun!

Rare, yet publishing accomplishment!

Normally I do not make my blog out to be about me :P, but as I said in the past, if I am pretty happy about something, I will post it here, there :D!

So I decided to re chip my Greek Croma (ELE) which was about +10 mental +3 DR.

So around after Colony War time, a few hours actually, I decided to turn in some letters and obtain a bit of angel boxes in order to obtain vet chips! (I was poor and had no vis for them, imagine that lol).

When I started chipping, I noticed some good defense / speed / HP mods, and I knew...I just...knew something good would come out of all this!

Indeed it did :).

Friday, November 23, 2012

Good Bye G1, Hello T3Fun

So right now, basically everyone who plays Sword 2 on a general bases, knows that Sword 2 will once again, obtain the name of Granado Espada.

The past months in Sword 2 could be described with one word: rough.  The whole issue is no where really near Raidens fault since he is obliged not to release anything GamersFirst wants him to, so for the past months he really has had to handle a raging community through beating issues around the bush, and we really started to understand why as time was unfolding.

I think its very interesting that the title of G1 is GamersFirst, cause really, they did not put us, the gamer, first.  From what I understand, and it seems pretty clear to be true, they took funds that should have been invested into Sword 2 (a game they do not fully own or can do their own tweaks to such as games like APB) from my point of view, they misused funds and failed to keep up quotes when it came to Sword 2.  Through this lack of ability to fulfill criteria that IMC had placed upon them, the true people that G1 wrote a check to every month, IMC, was very displeased and saw no future for the contract between G1 and themselves for Sword 2.  Given that G1 wanted to completely be able to control Sword 2, like they can with APB, they still probably did not want to end up losing the contract.

Therefore, a new publisher had to fill the shoes that G1 left.  They have to please a community that has been through a bit of a rough road the past few months.  Lack of any information of any kind, no sign of any advancement of a patch and the inability for G1 to actually communicate with their players.  People started getting fed up with Raiden being the only individual who seemed to bridge that gap between player and G1.  People were more pissed that Raiden was unable to release any type of information regarding the future of Sword 2 / G1.  Its funny, those rumors that the "end of Sword 2" is actually true, given its not necessarily the END but its definitely a transformation.

As time went by, talks in other countries, mainly Korea, were spreading like wild fire.  From my "Intel", there was talks of a representative flying out to where IMC was to sign some papers.  Some people question if that really happened, well apparently if G1 is losing rights to Sword 2, then apparently it did.  The word of Sword 2 / G1 closing down and Orpesia , Bristia, Illier getting transferred to a new publisher, was on the rise.

A day or so later, Raiden made a post about how it was a great journey and the journey is now coming to an end and Sword 2 will then be transferred to T3Fun.

I will not get into how to transfer or my opinion on T3Fun, cause I have yet to form then cause I have never played under their banner.

That being said, no one is really that surprised, in a game type world, the past few months have been hell.  The downfall of G1 with Sword 2 probably happened a lot earlier then anyone can actually say, but knowing G1, they made sure nothing was to leak out to soon.  I laugh at how some games can treat their information as if its some "Area 51" type security.

In the end, its time to say good bye to G1, I try to just think of the good times before this dark doom occurred months ago.  I wish the new publisher, T3Fun, the best of luck in trying to recover whatever is left of the trust in the player base.  If I were to sit down with T3Fun and give them advice on the things that mean the most to individuals, it would be the following:

1. Communicate with your players, do not neglect them, bad news is better than no news.

2. Interact with the player base, bring back fun events, get AM / GMs whatever you wanna call them, bring them back into the game, run random events, and make it easier for this game to be F2P and not P2P.

3. Create a strong bridge between the players and the publisher; do not have only one forum admin to keep the entire population of Sword 2 acknowledged, treat us as if we are a genuine money supplier, which we are.

4. The player base is not stupid, make sure you know that because covering up bad information with a bunch of gold events, people tend to catch on, be up front with us, do not leave us out to dry, I think for those who pay (Gold) to play and for those who in general play the game and buy things FROM people who P2P, deserve a bit of respect and divinity.

5. Take into account of what the players want, not what you want.  A publisher just publishes a game, given they know more things that work and do not work then most players do, but that does not mean there are players out there with great ideas.  If the majority of individuals do not like something (one server merge) then take that into highly account and come back and present the public with valuable information on why we can not have multiple servers and what you plan to do to deal with the negative things that a one server can bring.

Those are just a few, main things that I would really wanna ask or basically suggest to our new, hopeful, publisher.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

What happened to the active blog?!

I'm not sure how many people actually read or actually keep track of my blog post.  Hell I am not even sure if people even care what I say or believe half the things I even do say [not saying I am creating lies or anything like that].

But the last time I made a post about my blog was about near the time we got this pretty nice token / alphabet box event.

But why did I simply stop?

I was not...intending to stop, I just simply had to save my time for real life and other type of things :P.

I tend to put a lot of time into my post and as you can tell, a bit of words.  I enjoy putting my heart into my post and my blog; so when I saw that I would be limiting the amount of how much I put into my blog post, I simply just stopped posting all together.

Now some people might see me as something of a gossiping / stir drama individual - that's completely false.  Many people I know and have met have the same views as I do, they just simply do not state them.

So from this point on, I plan to bring back that "Daily VantzmartS" view of Sword 2 [Which will be changed soon] :P if you wanna call it that.

I try to make my blog post not about me but a lot more on others lol.  Why?  Because other peoples accomplishments and fails are a lot more interesting then my own haha..

PLUS! I like to try to give people the other side of the fence from my blog...I might have been a bit biased in some post but I try to keep to the truth, and I plan to bring more of that here.

So I thank you, who ever is reading my post or checks my blog daily, for actually reading what I post and checking up on what I will post :P.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Well this maintenance we were told that a "surprise" would event was mostly everyone's guess...and the occasion "ninja 10.v"?

However, even though its not 10.v this event I must say is a really impressive event, its different, its REWARDING for once.

Given getting some of these amazing rewards such as punisher, asoka , ATP etc will take some effort but it is possible...

Making it difficult to get still makes those types of items "valuable" which is why I really enjoy this event, its not "One token: Punisher manual" its probably 50 tokens or something.  Getting tokens I believe is not an easy task.

Well I shall post the patch notes Raiden posted.  I do tip my hat off to you.


The Seeker of Wisdom is waiting in Reboldeaux. He seeks 3 words and will reward handsomely for it.

Alphabet random boxes will be dropped by monsters all over the hunting grounds. These alphabets can be combined to make the words that the old man is looking for. Even if you are unable piece together all the alphabets, you can still receive rewards for the alphabets you have collected.

The event is simple...

Talk to this guy
Find the alphabets that make up the word(s) - these words will be changed frequently
Bring back the alphabets to him
Collect your reward

Points to remember:

Alphabets are non tradeable
Alphabet Random Boxes are tradeable

Reward category and list:

Each correct alphabet that you collect will receive a reward. You can choose when to turn in the alphabets (complete or incomplete) and select what you want in return based on the number of alphabets that are collected

The old man will always give a 5 letter word

2 correct alphabets:

- Ancient Area Pass
- 80% Combat Manual (1 day)
- Shiny Key
- Jade Lumin (15 days)
- Manzana Filler
- Water of Elemental AKA Stabiliser
- Siren's Scale
- Ancient Rune - Ti
- Ancient Rune - Te
- Crystal Wings (7 days)

3 correct alphabets:

- Training Potion
- Fluorite Lumin (15 days)
- Kunzite Lumin (15 days)
- Letizia Shiny Box
- Constellation Symbol Box
- Intensified Steroid Ampule
- Expert Enchantment Chip
- Melee Weapon Crystal - Lv 32
- Shoot Weapon Crystal - Lv 32
- Magic Weapon Crystal - Lv 32

4 correct alphabets:

- Multi Vitamin
- High Quality Spodumene
- High Quality Obsidian
- Symbol of Aries
- Dragon Heart
- Red Tiger Box
- Expert Explorer Pack (30 days)
- Recipe - Magic Earring

5 correct alphabets:

- Diamond Token
- Master Explorer Pack (30 days)
- Principal Ampule
- Rose Wing Coupon
- Pose Guide 11
- Sage Necklace (3 days)
- Capitaine Costume - Fighter

Token Rewards:

- Sage Necklace (3 days)
- Black Dragon Baby Pet Box
- Panfilo the Battlecook
- Adelina the Pirate
- Soho the Wind
- Emilia the Sage
- Battlesmith Idge
- Ralph
- Asoka
- Sword of Ex Machina (+10% dmg to creatures, non-creatures, demons, undead and human. +6 prcg, +5 blk)
- Jaspard's Rifling Revolver (+10% dmg to creat, non-creatures, demons, undead and human. +8 prcg, +7 fear)
- Miquelet Steam Bayonet (+10% dmg to creat, non-creatures, demons, undead and human. +5 prcg, +10 crit)
- Pyrite Bangle (33 AR, +6 Piercing, +15% SP)
- Punisher Manual

Additional / extra alphabets

Even if you do want to participate in the event / could not find the right alphabets, you can still turn in the incorrect alphabets / addition alphabets in exchange for the random rewards.

The Alphabet basket next to the old man - which has been named out of time as "Alphabet Kiosk" - will give the following items as reward (Randomly) if you drag and drop the alphabets in it.

- Elite Treasure Box
- Swampangler Spinel
- Amrita
- AM's Boost
- Teleport Scrolls
- Snow Spray
- Pet Food
- Red Lollipop
- Pink Lollipop
- Blue Lollipop
- Black Lollipop
- Rainbow Lollipop

Additional Info on the event:

Token System:

- The Token Window can be accessed by talking to the Seeker of Knowledge.
- From this window, rare, valuable and/or unreleased items can be obtained
- Diamond Tokens can only be obtained by returning 1 complete word (5 alphabets)
- The token window is one more way to obtain the rare items such a punisher manual

Known issues:

- Certain item names have minor text errors
- The lumins cannot be applied to costumes. IMC is working on fixing it. So please skip this item or wait one more week before choosing it as a reward

General Info:

- An event of this magnitude has not been attempted in any version before
- The event system and mechanics may evolve or be changed without prior notice
- There will be additional ways to obtain the Alphabet Random boxes (not included in this patch)
- The Alphabets are not tradeable. Once obtained from the Alphabet Random Box, they will have to be exchanged or destroyed
- Diamond Tokens cannot be traded
- Monsters will drop Alphabet Random Boxes all over the hunting area - which are tradeable
- Every alphabet will consume an inventory space, but the alphabets of the similar kind are stackable.
- Combination of correct alphabets should be from the same word
- The words will change frequently
- The reward list may be revised without prior notice 

 Posted Image

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

57mintue ToC!

I'm sure people have done fast ToCs in other servers, probably even in this server :P.

But Schia made a squad and filled its empty spots with Halcyon.  Halcyon has been inviting a bit of Schia when they have open spots so it was only fair to invite them back, its actually pretty awesome.

Anyways, good job to those who did great tanking / wcing / and the amazing dps.  I think the 3rd form we had some of the best dps on feast; 3rd form took about literally 3 minutes lol.

The entire ToC took no less then 57min, a near hour for ToC?  I will take it!

GANGNAM STYLE! < Random lol, just what I am listening to while posting this haha.

Again, great job all!  Lets keep these diverse squads going :).

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

~Happy Birthday Alzeda~

I would like to give a quick shout out to my great and dear friend Alzeda!

Today is her 40th birthday =) jk lol, I honestly forgot how old she is now...maybe 25? 24? dunno haha.

Anyways Alzeda, your a crazy hard worker in Sword.  I mean it guys this girl is dying just to kite something or to try something new, shes the girl who loves the jobs no one else does.  Her optimistic bounds have no limits!

She is a person you can really easily click with and does a lot for her friends so I would like to just give this little shout out to you Alzeda!

(= Happy Birthday =)
*I was still 3rd! muweha*

I come back from school...

and this is what I see.

First before I show the picture I was simply doing a heart with a "TOC" message with my pretty little EMI :P.

I come back and its as though the rest of Opresia server is standing next to me with their Christmas costumes doing the same pose as I am :P.

I believe Loyo put the little thing together as he probably slowly broaded to bring individuals to Auch Channel 1 Leo and this is what I came back to...

It was pretty nice, even though its not for me, but why would it be? lol...just was funny, I go to school with single EMI, I come back with a party.

Sign of Life...?

Well I was standing in town with Alzeda and then randomly....

A G1-Fy. appears!

My guess and which was he came in to check how the offline servers were.

Kinda nice to see some sort of life out there in the G1 company world lol...even though if it was just as little as to check the life of the server.  I thought at this point the entire company was burning their financial papers and all the CEOs etc were getting tickets to some random Asian country and then bankrupt the company and take all our gold money with em haha...

Anyways, his strata stuff was indeed pretty =O.

ToC Random Runs!~ Successful?

Hell mother fuckin yeah their successful, with the right people of course.  Everyone knows that the servers are in no health conditions.  People have taken a break / quit do to doing a good deal of things over n over.  A domino effect, as people leave others get the idea to leave and some actually do leave.


The past few days here, there (Just when I went) I have been going / creating random ToC squads with a good deal of Halcyon and other random people, and a few Shia.

I might say I am very impressed with the ability to work with each other.  A friend said on Sat's. we kill each other but on Mondays we raid with each other.  Hopefully as time goes by more and more people take colony war a lot less personal and reaches out to work with others to be able to get things done daily.

The last two runs in a row Halcyon was able to get a Greek Croma recipe, scout and a fighter.  So even though your clan might be a bit dry does not mean the server itself is still unable to come together and form to create a great ToC squad.

This is something I want to try to pull off daily between 12:00 - 14:00 SST you will most likely (depending what I am doing) seeing me broad.  What I am looking for is people who have pretty decent DPS, no outrage or melee characters or nothing like that.  People who can tank, whole cancel, and support, all of it helps.  If your area is not so strong in DPS but you have support then its best if you were to be support.

Anyways, thank you Orpesia server for running with ToC with me and to continue to do so.  Its nice to see that even though people have dis agreements we can still raid as a server and instead of being divided we can be united.

Congratulations! to those who got some nice goodies =).  Last run there was 2 silver 2 gold? =O I think..

Here our some ACTUAL pictures to my blog for once haha.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Are you serious?

Today's blog post shall be less lengthy but still as effective.

Something I have noticed throughout the server and as everyone else that prices are not exactly what they use to be.  Symbols have dropped, chips (though vet chips seem to be pushing 5m again), Crystals, Weapons themselves, Different types of armors, and the random junk e.i Dragon Hearts, Recipes, Rings, Jewels etc...

We also know that not a lot of vis is being circulated through the server like before.  People are trying to save money for the patch, some people simply have no vis.  So I can some what understand the point that people start to believe that certain items have nearly lost more then double their value.  With every other individual talking about how bad the economy in the game is, it starts getting into peoples minds that EVERYTHING has at least dropped more then twice its original value a few months ago.

Some items have indeed dropped double value and even more, a lot of items are just simply easy to get like Dragon Hearts. 

This being said.  It pains me and even more so annoys me to see people devaluing some great, quality items.  I am talking more towards weapons and armor then anything.  Hell a great deal of people seem to believe just cause the economy sank everything is worth near to shit.  If the entire server had no money, are you telling me a 40 Attack / 30 Speed / +3 AR / 100% human weapon would be worthless?  Given no one would be able to really buy it, but it doesn't make that particular item worthless...

I understand the a big reason items have dropped is due to supply and demand, not a lot of demand but a hell of a lot of supply, which creates the battle zone of price dropping and therefore slowly make particular items (More so chips, certain CS items, and many different crafting items) prices drop.  Look at Flux, after a long period of time without any new boxs, nobody was opening any, which ended up making Fluxs go from 9-10m to 20m, for a short period of time.  With vet chips more people are buying them which is making their price 5m, when a week or two ago they were 3.5m, flooded in the market.

When some one tells you a constellation bayonet 38 attack 90 life is only worth 800m, it tends to tick you off, and all they can tell you is "Well no one has vis so its really worth nothing".  Or "Well I bought this weapon for only XXX amount".  Do not judge all prices through on lucky purchase.  Hell even though symbols have dropped it still cost me around 800m just to make the weapon:

160m - Crystals
200-250m - Ti or Te / An or Ar
25m - Amritas
600m - Symbol set +/-

Hell from all of that you are looking at an easily 900-1b.

So I suppose my final words are this: Even though a lot of items have went down in value, some more then others, does not mean everything has dropped to the extreme that certain items have.  Each item or material is different, some changed dramatically over the last few months and some not effected much.  Just because people cry that the server does not have as much vis as before, or if people are barley buying or selling, does not mean good chipped weapons / armors are worth less then they original cost to make in the first place lol.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

That Incredible Banner!

One of my closet individuals who I look highly upon this game with the up most respect, dignity, and humility, has done it once again.  Raionel (as most of you already know I rarely if ever mention names on my blog) created my banner in which individuals who come to read my grumble rebel will see it as though it was the first sunshine coming through the window.

Raionel (Rai) has done such an amazing job in personally make this banner for little old me and there is not a big enough thank you for putting your hard work and skills into making a banner that went beyond my expectations!

Rai is an amazing designer in general, a lot of things I have seen him create (not just my banner oh no) are pretty impressive might I say so myself.  He also created my card in which is my avatar on the forums!

Its nice to know that even through a pixel game some one will actually spend a little bit of time making something for you without expecting something in return.

I hope everyone enjoys my new blog look cause I sure do!  Rai made me realize how my ugly looking old brown raggedy blog  was doing no one any favors hahah.

I mean hell if I am typing some strong minded opinions it might as well be presented on something that looks more then half way decent (I think my blog now looks amazing cause of my new banner and template changes, compared to the old brown look).  Information is important but not if its prepared on a shit looking page hahah.  Now I can go back to posting things more towards the community and way of life while I continue my adventure in Sword 2 - Orpesia.

Thank you my hermano.

The New Market Update!

As I said before I normally never try to talk about my progress or what I am accomplishing.

But I am pretty proud of my new updated market thread.  I was trying to figure out how to make it a little bit different then anyone else.  (Even though no one is selling or buying anything lmao).

I went from organization, to pretty pictures to now something that I am indeed proud of.

VantzmartS Market!

So please check it out, I want to hear your all comments!

Hope you all enjoy!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

The Individual

I wanna take this blog post to talk about how blinded, delusional, and egotistic a certain some one is in this game and how people can become this way through spamming gold / rmting and buying their way to the top.

Then again some people say I have bought my way to the top, which is untrue.  I am just very good with money / trades / deals and luck really, I cant say I never bought gold cause that would be a lie.  A big reason I cant just buy gold or buy from RMT sites is simple, I am a college student and I am broke :P.

Of course buying your way to the top is not necessarily a bad thing at all.  Gold users support the game and keep it alive.  G1 has to make a profit from somewhere.

The only issue I have is when people spam gold / vis from RMT sites and then create this "illusion character " to the rest of the world as if they are better then everyone else and that they can take on the entire server + some.

This "individual" I am talking about, I wont say her/his name, but has a strong idea as though he/she and that if he/shes clan/if they were in one can take on the entire world.  I am not saying he/she is in a clan or isn't, I wont name names cause it will only lead to issues.  But lets just say they are in one? :)

Let me just make this very clear, you cant take the server.  You give off this idea as though you and your entire clan can "cock block" the other clans from some heavy duty raids.  I laugh at this cause when your clan has been/ went to these raids, you might have just got assistance if not acceptability to join.

The individual who I am talking about believes he/she can make hell on earth for other type of individuals or clans.  The reason he / she believes this is simple, they have bought their way so far to the top that as they bought more, they got strong, but their ego only strengthened.

Your clan might be in a good position but it does not mean you get cocky and try to turn into a second Phalanx, not like most of your clannies would agree to such circumstances.  You honestly should really stop floating your "guns" or well your "muscles" around the server.  When I speak to you I feel as though you think your some God.  When in reality the only type of "God" you are is in supporting G1s cash shop numbers per month and purchasing that cheap vis / weapon from the good old RMT site.

Everyone knows buying vis through an RMT site is cheaper then buying gold to sell for vis, so the amount you spend on gold, imagine how much you make from buying it illegally and I'm pretty sure thats 99% of the reason you are where you are.

Where I am going with this is this.  People who buy their way to the top, nothing is wrong with that.  People who buy their way to the top and think their better then people who have worked their ass to the top, then I have a little bit of an issue with that.  You think you contain some magical power just because if we got the next patch, and people still need races sets, you can just buy yours ASAP with your illegal RMT money and support that high ego of yours.

Its honestly pathetic to really see how egotistic people can be in this game when really the only reason they are where they are is through illegal transactions.  You should watch where your ego takes you cause it can take you and your clan into dark waters that you really have no idea about.  But your head is so far up your own egotistic ass that your blinded by all that egotistic shit that at this time you still just do not understand how important agreements and peace are.

My advice, remove your head from your own egotistic ass.  Get off your high golden / RMTed throne and stop thinking your King Shit and the people you role with can take the other higher powers on the server and completely shut them out of raids.  People hate Phalanx for their pking and their ideas of trying to control the entire server through their clan, intimidation, and fear.  Therefore, when you start acting and talking in that type of "fashion" your words and ideology is really no better then Phalanxs actions.

Again, I said no names, I said no clan names, maybe he/she is in a clan, maybe their not.  I just went based on them actually being in a clan :P.

Personally Blue Moon...

This is just a small post of an actual thing I am working on in game =O.

My post lately since I started re blogging have really not been about me or my personal objectives in Sword 2.  What you will notice is about 70% of my blog post are really more about the server as a whole or just purely the community and about 30% of just a few side accomplishments / goals of my own.

Right now I am about two bayos from my complete punisher set, a few from my unlimited shot set, and then I wanna work on my wanted shot set :P.

I really do love shooters, I remember Vestal, he was my "Roley" in some peoples view xD.

My main goal is to do a US / Punisher / WS team!

Major DPS right there.

Friday, August 31, 2012

Halcyon: The Growing Dragon

I'm sure from my title by now you will know what this post will be about, the clan Halcyon!  Now if you have read my previous post about peace on the server I have semi mentioned Halcyon, mainly just threw their name out there.  I have also did an over run of Core *big reason was due to the fact that I was just an old solid member with a strong factual opinion*.

But why am I doing a blog post on Halcyon?  Its simple, my perspective and opinion on Halcyon now and the foreseeable future.

I have stated in my post before that I will be an unbiased reviewer, the leader of Halcyon is actually a pretty good person, I wouldn't say we are close friends but we are indeed friends.  Just because I'm friends with the people or clan I am reviewing and giving my two cents on does not mean this is going to be all flowers and roses. (Then again flowers and roses are the same thing lol)

As you can tell my title of this blog post is "Halcyon: The Growing Dragon", I'm sure most individuals have heard about the old saying "The Sleeping Dragon" this is some what similar.  When it comes to say the "Sleeping Dragon" I would give that title to more of a clan that does not really do Colony War, does not really raid much, but some how has a great deal of strong players and if that strong amount of players in that clan was to unleash its fury and give a strong impact upon the rest of the server.  Halcyon is not this, just due to the reasons that they do in fact have a nice amount of strong people but not enough to the point where they can fully steal raids from the other top clans making them that "Sleeping Dragon".  No, no "The Growing Dragon" is a much more fit name for Halcyon, but why?  Halcyon is continuing to grow and mature a lot more then I think people give them credit for.  Their leader cares about where the clan and its direction is headed and tends to make those difficult decisions in order to lead Halcyon into the positive, growing and maturity growth.

Although there might be a few issues Halcyon is still facing today.  I am not here to compare Core and Halcyon but use Core more as a "This is what will happen if etc happens".  Halcyon really needs to watch its recruiting and activity rate.  From my own knowledge I know Halcyon has probably more members then it needs to.  Meaning there are people in the clan that maybe really do not play much, or do not contribute much or maybe even just stick to themselves and afk level most of the time.  I'm almost positive in Halcyon there is just that firm set of raiders who in reality keep the clans blood pushing, their the heart of Halcyon.  Numbers are always a great thing but only when those numbers are actually doing something to further the cause of the clan.  If you just have people who are not at the proper level for what the clan does then whats really being benefited for that individual and the clan itself?  Now I am not saying Halcyon recruits a bunch of Experts, but I have seen a few people go in there and join, keep to themselves, contribute much of nothing, and gives no effort in connecting with their clan mates.

In twined what I am really saying is Halcyon needs to just be cautious of their numbers.  They need to create more of that "Family feel" a more close connection, that's why a good deal of the top clans are so successful today.  Again I have never really been in Halcyon, its just things I have discovered and found out; all I really do know is the thinner the clan the stronger that family feel becomes.  I mean you do not want a bad ratio meaning 20-40 people are inactive, anti social, unworkable, and pure lazy.  Now do not get me wrong I am not calling the Halcyon people that, even the ones who are semi inactive or tend to not raid much but still try to connect with everyone,do not fall under that category.  Everything I just said was more of a warning.  Knowing the Halcyon leader I can give a good bet this is something she goes against, unlike other leaders out there where they believe that the more numbers they have the more balanced their clan will be and in the end better off.  I do not know about you guys but I would rather have quality then quantity.

100 people do not complete a raid, 100 WELL, organized, communicated, and willed people complete a raid.  Honestly, I can see Halcyon cleaning up more and more as they grow, getting rid of the unnecessary weeds and picking the diamonds out of the hay stack.  When I talk about slimming down their numbers I am not talking just purely based on an individuals armor / weapons etc.  I had a good friend of mine she was moderate at her armor / weapons but she put in effort, the will power to progress further in Halcyon and is actually in my eyes becoming a tremendous Sword 2 player through Halcyon.  A big reason why I am always against people just joining a clan for numbers is because do you honestly want to be one of those...clans where you have about 10-20 really dedicated individuals with about 30+ people who are the fat, the people who absorb the 10-20s hard work, I'm sure you know what clan I am thinking of :P.  If Halcyon can just control their recruitment as they have been and not be afraid to take wise moves to clean up a crowded "area" then as time goes by I can really see Halcyon getting smaller yet stronger.

A good amount of people all know that Halcyon is neutral.  However, they do raids, they do CW just like any other clan that is not neutral.  This is really where I actually give Halcyon two thumbs up.  They have been able to take and hold colonies *at times a little help from What but only due to another superior power attacking* and attend all the raids that the top few clans have been attending.  Now we all know Halcyon and What have agreements together for raids, that was in the past.  Basically they have been trying to as some one might say "Wing off" meaning break off from the assistance of What and just purely as a clan do Cortez / Wraiths / Minis themselves.  This is something I give them props for.  A clan like for an example, Core would just stay and piggy back and throw some highish players of their own to the raid and obtain the items when lets say What would do a good 80% of the work.  Halcyon could easily have taken that approach, but instead they have worked with What, observed What and the way to successfully complete these raids and are now attempting to try it on their own sol clan alone.  I do give them my thumbs up for that.  My other thumb will go to the fact that in reality Halcyon has a side.  They raid with What, What has helped them a few times in Colony War but you want to know the crazy thing, a good deal of people IN this server still see Halcyon as "neutral".  They have basically built this ability to get the raids they need to get done, work with a clan but never had to fully pick a side.  This is definitely a good thing cause it just shows that a clan can be neutral and not have to pick a side in order to work with people to complete raids or have a chance at the goodies that some of the other clans get.

However, if I am not mistaken Halcyon actions show as though they work more towards What then the other end of the stick.  If something got "real" with say What, I am not 100% sure if Halcyon would stick by their side.  Halcyon has always been the kinda clan that just would rather stay out of issues and drama and stick to the side lines by any means necessary.  What I mean is Halcyon has always had that "feel" that they just wanna kinda stay in the shadows and do what they can without any confrontation.  The big question is if anything were to happen with What, say they lose a good deal of players, would Halcyon help them raid rise, help them during CW, basically the other side of the fence.  That I can honestly say I am unsure of only due to the fact that Halcyon is just purley one of those clans where the clan comes first before any "alliance".  Of course that's not at all a bad thing, well not for the clan that is, for their "alliance" if they ever truly admitted to being in one, would be.  Backing away from your "alliance" *not saying they have one publicly* can lead to even more issues just due to the fact that they may just wanna go back into that hibernation mode.  Now saying they wouldn't help raid wise, I believe of course they would, but more means of issues, and clan to clan conflict which might put their clan in jeopardy of success.  Anything that might even breeze in the air of an issue with an ally, I can see them distancing themselves only if they believe it would cause a strong permanent harm against them, then again why shouldn't they?  Any sane leader would look out for the clan first before any alliance which then brings up the point. *but I have seen a good deal of clans do what was more best for the alliance then the clan itself*.  Knowing that you are in Halcyon and in an alliance with another clan but you still feel that the clan will always put your security first before any old alliance, is a good feeling.

Although I do not really see any issues or strong decision making between the agreements and the clan happening anytime soon.

My only biggest concern for Halcyon would simply be their members, their active rate and how desperate they might get for new members due to the lack of a patch and the disappearance of the population.  They MUST NOT get desperate for new fresh blood, I would always just love my own old reliable, loyal individuals then bring in fresh Masters.  The chances for those fresh masters to barley put any effort in or just fully disappear all together and not log in for months at a time is pretty high surprisingly.  With more issues to get vis and more issues to gear and grow, it means only more and more people will suddenly just poof cause people do get tired of it.  So once again I am not saying the people in Halcyon are sluggish and lazy, all I am saying is as long as Halcyon does not get desperate for fresh blood and continues to further trim its fat, it will only benefit each member in the clan and well the clan itself.

Halcyon is growing more popular server wide meaning more and more people are hearing about Halcyon and its growth.  Everyone wants to be in What, everyone wants to be in a clan that has that ability to go to a raid with just their clan and have that opportunity at a Greek Croma (33 DR armor) or lovely accessories or even just that full enjoyment of getting a raid down just with your clan mates, everyone wants that.  As I see people underestimate Halcyon and questioning them, I can only see them getting stronger if they do what is necessary and continue to be on that "progress" path.  As more people from other clans gear and level faster then their own clan mates *you see it all the time, some people in your clan progressing so fast its incredible and then eventually leave and move on, that's if the clan their in is not going at their needed pace* then when they think about the next step they want to go to it just wont be "What, Schia, STH" but I am seeing even more "Halcyon, Halcyon, What, Schia, STH" meaning I'm actually seeing a rise in people wanting to go to Halcyon more then any where else.

So my prediction for Halcyon is simple, it will continue to grow if it just trims the fat and does not consume more food and end up like a clan like Core.  Their breaching out and trying to do things on their own, away from their "associates" their jumping off that piggys back!  Although people cant really say Halcyon was "Piggy backing" they were more like  getting a "Lift" cause they have to get to Cortez / Wraiths some how, if What / Schia are constantly going, they had to get their foot in the door.  They indeed got their foot in the door and learned the ropes and are now adventuring onto their own.

Even after seeing them every week raiding with What, some how I still call Halcyon neutral, that's how well Halcyon can truly play its role, quite impressive if I might say so myself.