Monday, December 10, 2012

Non-Posted Opinion - Quick Summary

So I am sitting here, 1:07 AM in the morning, I have finals tomorrow near at night, just got out of the shower, and I think to myself "Make a blog post about humanity and the major issues of cyber bullying"...

So I began to write an entire blog post about the internet and the major negative effects that it brings out within humans as well as the effects that other humans end up consuming due to others.

A little bit of my opinion behind it all, I am a man who loves to connect one idea to the next and then take that idea and connect it to something else then take that and etc etc...

For an example, I had an essay for my English class, nothing to fancy by any means, but basically the question was asked: Is intelligence or critical thinking a part of freedom?

My answer was simple: Critical thinking creates the ability to analyze, and through the analytical process, people can then understand, which is called intelligence.  Through understanding, people are able to create their own decisions, which creates their freedom.

Anyways, I started off with the post about feelings, and if, as humans, still feel, regardless of what kinda feelings they might be.  I even went as far as creating a car accident story, and asking my blog followers, how they might have felt about the certain incident.  I then linked it to feelings, which I then linked to the unawareness for others due to a computer screen.  People can say some horrific things over the internet; it indeed hurts me when I hear story's about 13 or 14 year old kids killing themselves due to internet abuse.

I have yet to post this "Lost Blog Entry", maybe if I ever do plan to post it, that just might be its title :P.

So anyways, I guess this is a blog entry for a blog entry that never was or might ever be posted?  I didn't post it because I'm not entirely sure if anyone would actually want to read it.

Although, I did want to share my partial opinion about the subject.

But as I got to thinking, something started to worry me a bit more...

We as people, adapt, and adjust.  For an example, when we had a gold rush boom in the USA over 150 years ago +/-, people moved West.  People moved West to strive to become something, to get rich quick, to have a new life that was different than the East type life style.  Some people threw it all in, and took that risk, and grasped that "opportunity" to jump out of their comfort zone.

That same mentality ended up getting passed from generation to generation, basically being imbedded into Californians DNA, which has and is still making California, the "Golden" state.  It might not be AS much, but, people s till have that same idealistic attitude, just as those people who first set out to go gold mining to California and step out of their comfort zone to take the risk.  I mean, when you think about it, it does make sense.  100s of years ago Asians were very "family orientated"(more so then others) and they still are, cause it got passed through generations n generation n generation, it got passed down so much that it was just becoming part of an individual as they pop out of their mothers whom.

My point is this, as we live our lives, and we allow internet abuse to continue, as we careless for the other person on the other side of the screen, will we get to the point where even if we are face-to-face with some one else, we just will not care about their feelings?  Sound's a bit robotic lol...

I mean if our past generations pretty much shaped our mental attitude about most things, then who says our generation won't shape the futures generation mental mind set, and then the next generations and then the next and then the next etc...

Hell, in 200 years, if things progress with technology and little gadgets, this internet abuse issue might just be the abortion issue in today's terms.

So what is my point?  My point is like any other point that was been pointed lol...just try to understand that the people behind a computer screen is an actual human being.  A human being with feelings, with real issues, real problems and matters that you have no idea about.  Whatever happens through a video game, happens through the video game, same with sits like Facebook, myspace (who uses that anymore?), etc...  There is no reason to take things extreme to the point of making some one commit suicide, and that might sound ridiculous, but it has happened and is happening while you are reading this.

Just something to think about, I know I am.  From that mentality, I am creating more goals for myself to try to be a better individual to others, help others, and to stand up for others.

It's my human duty.