Friday, December 28, 2012

New Client is Available for Downloading!

Well the new Granado Espada is ready to be downloaded from T3Fun!

Download Link

I was surprised by how quick it downloaded for me, for it being such a large file.

A few things I noticed.

Yes there is only one server called: [US] Castillia, and below where it shows "Published" it only shows "Published by Redbana Corp."  Thought it would show T3Fun Corp, but from my knowledge, RedBana is the sister company of T3Fun, so technically it still is owned by T3Fun just published by their company, I believe :P.

For me, my download only took about 30 minutes or so.  However, many people are experiencing it taking it a bit longer, I wonder why lol...

I guess I got lucky~

Anyways, here is a screen shot of the log in screen, I love how they added the "Gaming for long periods without any breaks in between is detrimental to your health", its always nice to see those messages :P.

By the way, there is this event going on where once you got the game downloaded, post your experience and a screen shot here and you get the chance to obtain 3,000 T3Fun coins!

Download Event

Anyways, here is a screen shot of the log in screen!