Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Well this maintenance we were told that a "surprise" would event was mostly everyone's guess...and the occasion "ninja 10.v"?

However, even though its not 10.v this event I must say is a really impressive event, its different, its REWARDING for once.

Given getting some of these amazing rewards such as punisher, asoka , ATP etc will take some effort but it is possible...

Making it difficult to get still makes those types of items "valuable" which is why I really enjoy this event, its not "One token: Punisher manual" its probably 50 tokens or something.  Getting tokens I believe is not an easy task.

Well I shall post the patch notes Raiden posted.  I do tip my hat off to you.


The Seeker of Wisdom is waiting in Reboldeaux. He seeks 3 words and will reward handsomely for it.

Alphabet random boxes will be dropped by monsters all over the hunting grounds. These alphabets can be combined to make the words that the old man is looking for. Even if you are unable piece together all the alphabets, you can still receive rewards for the alphabets you have collected.

The event is simple...

Talk to this guy
Find the alphabets that make up the word(s) - these words will be changed frequently
Bring back the alphabets to him
Collect your reward

Points to remember:

Alphabets are non tradeable
Alphabet Random Boxes are tradeable

Reward category and list:

Each correct alphabet that you collect will receive a reward. You can choose when to turn in the alphabets (complete or incomplete) and select what you want in return based on the number of alphabets that are collected

The old man will always give a 5 letter word

2 correct alphabets:

- Ancient Area Pass
- 80% Combat Manual (1 day)
- Shiny Key
- Jade Lumin (15 days)
- Manzana Filler
- Water of Elemental AKA Stabiliser
- Siren's Scale
- Ancient Rune - Ti
- Ancient Rune - Te
- Crystal Wings (7 days)

3 correct alphabets:

- Training Potion
- Fluorite Lumin (15 days)
- Kunzite Lumin (15 days)
- Letizia Shiny Box
- Constellation Symbol Box
- Intensified Steroid Ampule
- Expert Enchantment Chip
- Melee Weapon Crystal - Lv 32
- Shoot Weapon Crystal - Lv 32
- Magic Weapon Crystal - Lv 32

4 correct alphabets:

- Multi Vitamin
- High Quality Spodumene
- High Quality Obsidian
- Symbol of Aries
- Dragon Heart
- Red Tiger Box
- Expert Explorer Pack (30 days)
- Recipe - Magic Earring

5 correct alphabets:

- Diamond Token
- Master Explorer Pack (30 days)
- Principal Ampule
- Rose Wing Coupon
- Pose Guide 11
- Sage Necklace (3 days)
- Capitaine Costume - Fighter

Token Rewards:

- Sage Necklace (3 days)
- Black Dragon Baby Pet Box
- Panfilo the Battlecook
- Adelina the Pirate
- Soho the Wind
- Emilia the Sage
- Battlesmith Idge
- Ralph
- Asoka
- Sword of Ex Machina (+10% dmg to creatures, non-creatures, demons, undead and human. +6 prcg, +5 blk)
- Jaspard's Rifling Revolver (+10% dmg to creat, non-creatures, demons, undead and human. +8 prcg, +7 fear)
- Miquelet Steam Bayonet (+10% dmg to creat, non-creatures, demons, undead and human. +5 prcg, +10 crit)
- Pyrite Bangle (33 AR, +6 Piercing, +15% SP)
- Punisher Manual

Additional / extra alphabets

Even if you do want to participate in the event / could not find the right alphabets, you can still turn in the incorrect alphabets / addition alphabets in exchange for the random rewards.

The Alphabet basket next to the old man - which has been named out of time as "Alphabet Kiosk" - will give the following items as reward (Randomly) if you drag and drop the alphabets in it.

- Elite Treasure Box
- Swampangler Spinel
- Amrita
- AM's Boost
- Teleport Scrolls
- Snow Spray
- Pet Food
- Red Lollipop
- Pink Lollipop
- Blue Lollipop
- Black Lollipop
- Rainbow Lollipop

Additional Info on the event:

Token System:

- The Token Window can be accessed by talking to the Seeker of Knowledge.
- From this window, rare, valuable and/or unreleased items can be obtained
- Diamond Tokens can only be obtained by returning 1 complete word (5 alphabets)
- The token window is one more way to obtain the rare items such a punisher manual

Known issues:

- Certain item names have minor text errors
- The lumins cannot be applied to costumes. IMC is working on fixing it. So please skip this item or wait one more week before choosing it as a reward

General Info:

- An event of this magnitude has not been attempted in any version before
- The event system and mechanics may evolve or be changed without prior notice
- There will be additional ways to obtain the Alphabet Random boxes (not included in this patch)
- The Alphabets are not tradeable. Once obtained from the Alphabet Random Box, they will have to be exchanged or destroyed
- Diamond Tokens cannot be traded
- Monsters will drop Alphabet Random Boxes all over the hunting area - which are tradeable
- Every alphabet will consume an inventory space, but the alphabets of the similar kind are stackable.
- Combination of correct alphabets should be from the same word
- The words will change frequently
- The reward list may be revised without prior notice 

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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

57mintue ToC!

I'm sure people have done fast ToCs in other servers, probably even in this server :P.

But Schia made a squad and filled its empty spots with Halcyon.  Halcyon has been inviting a bit of Schia when they have open spots so it was only fair to invite them back, its actually pretty awesome.

Anyways, good job to those who did great tanking / wcing / and the amazing dps.  I think the 3rd form we had some of the best dps on feast; 3rd form took about literally 3 minutes lol.

The entire ToC took no less then 57min, a near hour for ToC?  I will take it!

GANGNAM STYLE! < Random lol, just what I am listening to while posting this haha.

Again, great job all!  Lets keep these diverse squads going :).

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

~Happy Birthday Alzeda~

I would like to give a quick shout out to my great and dear friend Alzeda!

Today is her 40th birthday =) jk lol, I honestly forgot how old she is now...maybe 25? 24? dunno haha.

Anyways Alzeda, your a crazy hard worker in Sword.  I mean it guys this girl is dying just to kite something or to try something new, shes the girl who loves the jobs no one else does.  Her optimistic bounds have no limits!

She is a person you can really easily click with and does a lot for her friends so I would like to just give this little shout out to you Alzeda!

(= Happy Birthday =)
*I was still 3rd! muweha*

I come back from school...

and this is what I see.

First before I show the picture I was simply doing a heart with a "TOC" message with my pretty little EMI :P.

I come back and its as though the rest of Opresia server is standing next to me with their Christmas costumes doing the same pose as I am :P.

I believe Loyo put the little thing together as he probably slowly broaded to bring individuals to Auch Channel 1 Leo and this is what I came back to...

It was pretty nice, even though its not for me, but why would it be? lol...just was funny, I go to school with single EMI, I come back with a party.

Sign of Life...?

Well I was standing in town with Alzeda and then randomly....

A G1-Fy. appears!

My guess and which was he came in to check how the offline servers were.

Kinda nice to see some sort of life out there in the G1 company world lol...even though if it was just as little as to check the life of the server.  I thought at this point the entire company was burning their financial papers and all the CEOs etc were getting tickets to some random Asian country and then bankrupt the company and take all our gold money with em haha...

Anyways, his strata stuff was indeed pretty =O.

ToC Random Runs!~ Successful?

Hell mother fuckin yeah their successful, with the right people of course.  Everyone knows that the servers are in no health conditions.  People have taken a break / quit do to doing a good deal of things over n over.  A domino effect, as people leave others get the idea to leave and some actually do leave.


The past few days here, there (Just when I went) I have been going / creating random ToC squads with a good deal of Halcyon and other random people, and a few Shia.

I might say I am very impressed with the ability to work with each other.  A friend said on Sat's. we kill each other but on Mondays we raid with each other.  Hopefully as time goes by more and more people take colony war a lot less personal and reaches out to work with others to be able to get things done daily.

The last two runs in a row Halcyon was able to get a Greek Croma recipe, scout and a fighter.  So even though your clan might be a bit dry does not mean the server itself is still unable to come together and form to create a great ToC squad.

This is something I want to try to pull off daily between 12:00 - 14:00 SST you will most likely (depending what I am doing) seeing me broad.  What I am looking for is people who have pretty decent DPS, no outrage or melee characters or nothing like that.  People who can tank, whole cancel, and support, all of it helps.  If your area is not so strong in DPS but you have support then its best if you were to be support.

Anyways, thank you Orpesia server for running with ToC with me and to continue to do so.  Its nice to see that even though people have dis agreements we can still raid as a server and instead of being divided we can be united.

Congratulations! to those who got some nice goodies =).  Last run there was 2 silver 2 gold? =O I think..

Here our some ACTUAL pictures to my blog for once haha.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Are you serious?

Today's blog post shall be less lengthy but still as effective.

Something I have noticed throughout the server and as everyone else that prices are not exactly what they use to be.  Symbols have dropped, chips (though vet chips seem to be pushing 5m again), Crystals, Weapons themselves, Different types of armors, and the random junk e.i Dragon Hearts, Recipes, Rings, Jewels etc...

We also know that not a lot of vis is being circulated through the server like before.  People are trying to save money for the patch, some people simply have no vis.  So I can some what understand the point that people start to believe that certain items have nearly lost more then double their value.  With every other individual talking about how bad the economy in the game is, it starts getting into peoples minds that EVERYTHING has at least dropped more then twice its original value a few months ago.

Some items have indeed dropped double value and even more, a lot of items are just simply easy to get like Dragon Hearts. 

This being said.  It pains me and even more so annoys me to see people devaluing some great, quality items.  I am talking more towards weapons and armor then anything.  Hell a great deal of people seem to believe just cause the economy sank everything is worth near to shit.  If the entire server had no money, are you telling me a 40 Attack / 30 Speed / +3 AR / 100% human weapon would be worthless?  Given no one would be able to really buy it, but it doesn't make that particular item worthless...

I understand the a big reason items have dropped is due to supply and demand, not a lot of demand but a hell of a lot of supply, which creates the battle zone of price dropping and therefore slowly make particular items (More so chips, certain CS items, and many different crafting items) prices drop.  Look at Flux, after a long period of time without any new boxs, nobody was opening any, which ended up making Fluxs go from 9-10m to 20m, for a short period of time.  With vet chips more people are buying them which is making their price 5m, when a week or two ago they were 3.5m, flooded in the market.

When some one tells you a constellation bayonet 38 attack 90 life is only worth 800m, it tends to tick you off, and all they can tell you is "Well no one has vis so its really worth nothing".  Or "Well I bought this weapon for only XXX amount".  Do not judge all prices through on lucky purchase.  Hell even though symbols have dropped it still cost me around 800m just to make the weapon:

160m - Crystals
200-250m - Ti or Te / An or Ar
25m - Amritas
600m - Symbol set +/-

Hell from all of that you are looking at an easily 900-1b.

So I suppose my final words are this: Even though a lot of items have went down in value, some more then others, does not mean everything has dropped to the extreme that certain items have.  Each item or material is different, some changed dramatically over the last few months and some not effected much.  Just because people cry that the server does not have as much vis as before, or if people are barley buying or selling, does not mean good chipped weapons / armors are worth less then they original cost to make in the first place lol.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

That Incredible Banner!

One of my closet individuals who I look highly upon this game with the up most respect, dignity, and humility, has done it once again.  Raionel (as most of you already know I rarely if ever mention names on my blog) created my banner in which individuals who come to read my grumble rebel will see it as though it was the first sunshine coming through the window.

Raionel (Rai) has done such an amazing job in personally make this banner for little old me and there is not a big enough thank you for putting your hard work and skills into making a banner that went beyond my expectations!

Rai is an amazing designer in general, a lot of things I have seen him create (not just my banner oh no) are pretty impressive might I say so myself.  He also created my card in which is my avatar on the forums!

Its nice to know that even through a pixel game some one will actually spend a little bit of time making something for you without expecting something in return.

I hope everyone enjoys my new blog look cause I sure do!  Rai made me realize how my ugly looking old brown raggedy blog  was doing no one any favors hahah.

I mean hell if I am typing some strong minded opinions it might as well be presented on something that looks more then half way decent (I think my blog now looks amazing cause of my new banner and template changes, compared to the old brown look).  Information is important but not if its prepared on a shit looking page hahah.  Now I can go back to posting things more towards the community and way of life while I continue my adventure in Sword 2 - Orpesia.

Thank you my hermano.

The New Market Update!

As I said before I normally never try to talk about my progress or what I am accomplishing.

But I am pretty proud of my new updated market thread.  I was trying to figure out how to make it a little bit different then anyone else.  (Even though no one is selling or buying anything lmao).

I went from organization, to pretty pictures to now something that I am indeed proud of.

VantzmartS Market!

So please check it out, I want to hear your all comments!

Hope you all enjoy!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

The Individual

I wanna take this blog post to talk about how blinded, delusional, and egotistic a certain some one is in this game and how people can become this way through spamming gold / rmting and buying their way to the top.

Then again some people say I have bought my way to the top, which is untrue.  I am just very good with money / trades / deals and luck really, I cant say I never bought gold cause that would be a lie.  A big reason I cant just buy gold or buy from RMT sites is simple, I am a college student and I am broke :P.

Of course buying your way to the top is not necessarily a bad thing at all.  Gold users support the game and keep it alive.  G1 has to make a profit from somewhere.

The only issue I have is when people spam gold / vis from RMT sites and then create this "illusion character " to the rest of the world as if they are better then everyone else and that they can take on the entire server + some.

This "individual" I am talking about, I wont say her/his name, but has a strong idea as though he/she and that if he/shes clan/if they were in one can take on the entire world.  I am not saying he/she is in a clan or isn't, I wont name names cause it will only lead to issues.  But lets just say they are in one? :)

Let me just make this very clear, you cant take the server.  You give off this idea as though you and your entire clan can "cock block" the other clans from some heavy duty raids.  I laugh at this cause when your clan has been/ went to these raids, you might have just got assistance if not acceptability to join.

The individual who I am talking about believes he/she can make hell on earth for other type of individuals or clans.  The reason he / she believes this is simple, they have bought their way so far to the top that as they bought more, they got strong, but their ego only strengthened.

Your clan might be in a good position but it does not mean you get cocky and try to turn into a second Phalanx, not like most of your clannies would agree to such circumstances.  You honestly should really stop floating your "guns" or well your "muscles" around the server.  When I speak to you I feel as though you think your some God.  When in reality the only type of "God" you are is in supporting G1s cash shop numbers per month and purchasing that cheap vis / weapon from the good old RMT site.

Everyone knows buying vis through an RMT site is cheaper then buying gold to sell for vis, so the amount you spend on gold, imagine how much you make from buying it illegally and I'm pretty sure thats 99% of the reason you are where you are.

Where I am going with this is this.  People who buy their way to the top, nothing is wrong with that.  People who buy their way to the top and think their better then people who have worked their ass to the top, then I have a little bit of an issue with that.  You think you contain some magical power just because if we got the next patch, and people still need races sets, you can just buy yours ASAP with your illegal RMT money and support that high ego of yours.

Its honestly pathetic to really see how egotistic people can be in this game when really the only reason they are where they are is through illegal transactions.  You should watch where your ego takes you cause it can take you and your clan into dark waters that you really have no idea about.  But your head is so far up your own egotistic ass that your blinded by all that egotistic shit that at this time you still just do not understand how important agreements and peace are.

My advice, remove your head from your own egotistic ass.  Get off your high golden / RMTed throne and stop thinking your King Shit and the people you role with can take the other higher powers on the server and completely shut them out of raids.  People hate Phalanx for their pking and their ideas of trying to control the entire server through their clan, intimidation, and fear.  Therefore, when you start acting and talking in that type of "fashion" your words and ideology is really no better then Phalanxs actions.

Again, I said no names, I said no clan names, maybe he/she is in a clan, maybe their not.  I just went based on them actually being in a clan :P.

Personally Blue Moon...

This is just a small post of an actual thing I am working on in game =O.

My post lately since I started re blogging have really not been about me or my personal objectives in Sword 2.  What you will notice is about 70% of my blog post are really more about the server as a whole or just purely the community and about 30% of just a few side accomplishments / goals of my own.

Right now I am about two bayos from my complete punisher set, a few from my unlimited shot set, and then I wanna work on my wanted shot set :P.

I really do love shooters, I remember Vestal, he was my "Roley" in some peoples view xD.

My main goal is to do a US / Punisher / WS team!

Major DPS right there.