Sunday, November 25, 2012

Make those Investments!

As the doomsday gets closer and closer to the old switch ah roo to the new publisher, I think it's important for me to suggest a few things.

Invest...Invest...and Invest.

First off, let me start off by telling you to make sure you do your research when it comes to investments.  Sometimes they can go tremendously profiting and sometimes they can turn into a complete titanic of money.

I have had about only two major bad investments.  My first one happened with the Silver Rosario era.  Actually it was one of my better investments and one of my worse lol...normally I never get into detail when it comes to my investments nor my marketing :P, so count this as a little treat.

Ive always been a kinda man who would take something from rumble and create gold, sounds a bit egotistic I suppose, but it sure does have a Rockefeller attitude into it :P.  Basically there was a point in time where you could craft a Silver Rosario for around 200mil and sell it on the market manager for an easy 500-600ish mil leaving you with around a 300-400mil profit margin.  Then you would just simple invest that 300-400mil profit margin back into more Silver Rosario's; I of coursed farm my own pure otite.  Most of the money I would say went back into investing into jewel powder, which was obtainable from those mission lobbies and other type of places, but I believe mostly from those Trinities (This was before they were in alchemy).  So you can imagine my money was building quick, I had money to easily make future investments.  Before the patch, when jewel powder was goign to be easily obtainable through alchemy, I decded to invest around 1 bill vis into jewel powder.

This is when you wanna make sure you know things in the patch, I didn't expect them to be in the alchemy, I made a pretty bad investment lol...Though its not all negative, the only sad thing is that I spent 1Bill on Jewel Powder, next day, I was only able to re sell em all for around 400-500m.  I suppose you can say it wasn't that bad of an investment (then again you wouldn't like to hear the numbers when it comes to chipping :P).

This next investment was an investment that most people were actually doing.  Everyone was under the impression that shiny keys would be going from, I believe 300 feso to 10k feso.  So you could see the large gap, and since punisher was a hot stance book and people were buying shiny boxes and farming them, it seemed like an appropriate investment.  But this is G1 we are talking about, their always full of surprises lol..

They only ended up making them go from 300 feso to 1k feso, this was after people stocked up on them, then again that was their mistake.  Some people bought around 5k , 10k , 20k etc...I bought 150k lol...I was crunching out vis in order to buy the feso and to stock up on the keys, I lost about...2-3 Bill of vis, unless some how shiny keys go up in the new server, but that would be long down the road, plus tons of other people did what I did, maybe more or less the amount I have.

The current investments I am making myself is lollipops, HQ Spo / Obs, rough stones, symbols, Raiden Angel boxes from the ABC event, maybe a punisher manual, and serpent armors (31 DR).

Lollipops - At the moment it seems as though its the best investment to make.  The later versions took them out and they appear in events here, there.  A friend told me in kGE a lollipop is around 5 mil, ofc they are a bit farther than us and have a complete different type of economy, and if it is true, it does shine some light on what would happen to the prices of lollipops over time.  So investments mainly in pink lollipops and some red / blue, I think would be wise, very wise.  We have to think long term now.

HQ Spo / Obs - Everyone will always need these.  For armor / weapons you need 3x, if you wish to complete your weapon / armor.  Before the event they were around 100m, now their a bit cheaper, but I invested some just for a personal use, I suggest you to do the same.  Spend some letters from the event to pack up on some!  This investment is a bit more personal then profit, well basically you'll save money in the future.

Rough Stones - Again, their a bit cheaper right now due to the amount of people farming for this ABC event, its also good to stock up on them and turn them into HQs down the road and either sell or use those HQs.

Symbols - This investment is nothing major that I am doing nor suggest, but with new stances comes new need for symbols, I have no idea how difficult it will be to get symbols in the new server merge but I suggest investing into a nice amount of symbols just to be safe, get the ones you need for stances + some.

Raiden Angel Boxes - Well, I think the reason I am investing in a few of these boxs is probably for the items inside but more for the name.  We will never, ever see Raiden be our "boss" again, unless T3Fun hires him or we get sold back to G1, whats the chance of that actually happening though?  Just think about in two years, and you have the ability to link it in  broads :P  Who knows, maybe something inside would be extremely rare or just valuable!

Punisher Manual - Before this ABC event, I invested or traded a few nice items worth, well lets say 5 bill +.  Was I upset it was in the token shop and some one can easily farm and obtain it?  Hell no, this is a F2P game, everyone should have the ability to enjoy something as fun as punisher.  However, it is 50 tokens, its a lot of tokens for sure, but think about one server, people returning, new players coming etc.  New players who can spend loads of cash in this game, people who do not have punisher, people who are willing to dish out as much as they can for punisher.  Cause the only way to get punisher will be the last few levels in CT or back to the shiny boxes, people have to remember this ABC event will not be in the new server, so a lot of prices that are pretty low due to it now, might not be at all that in the new server.

Serpent Armors (31 DR) - These armors are used for people who make Greek Croma, they want them for crystals.  No one wants to +7 an Elite Le Blanc or Le Scares (I probably spelled that wrong).  The amount of Greeks that will be created will be at an ultimate high, people will want Greeks, and people will want serpent armors to create those Greeks, I am not entirely sure how the serpent armors will be played through in the new server and what that new publisher will do.

Chips - Level 100 chips / Vet chips will be needed to craft Elite Le Noir recipes.  Unless you farm, I would suggest buying a bundle for the future, Elite Le Noir will still be a hott item, and there will be recipes that will be needed crafting.  The recipes get tweaked to where you need XX amount of chips to craft the recipe, I forgot the exact number but its a bit of chips, so be ware of that if your still wanting or getting into Elite Le Noir armors.

So those are just a few investments I suggest people to look further into / start buying.  I myself plan to invest heavily in the things I know will be a major success (hopefully :P).  So take whatever I have said into consideration and go from there, its important to invest in the shut down of G1, you never know how much it'll help you in the opening of T3Fun!

Rare, yet publishing accomplishment!

Normally I do not make my blog out to be about me :P, but as I said in the past, if I am pretty happy about something, I will post it here, there :D!

So I decided to re chip my Greek Croma (ELE) which was about +10 mental +3 DR.

So around after Colony War time, a few hours actually, I decided to turn in some letters and obtain a bit of angel boxes in order to obtain vet chips! (I was poor and had no vis for them, imagine that lol).

When I started chipping, I noticed some good defense / speed / HP mods, and I knew...I just...knew something good would come out of all this!

Indeed it did :).