Tuesday, September 18, 2012

57mintue ToC!

I'm sure people have done fast ToCs in other servers, probably even in this server :P.

But Schia made a squad and filled its empty spots with Halcyon.  Halcyon has been inviting a bit of Schia when they have open spots so it was only fair to invite them back, its actually pretty awesome.

Anyways, good job to those who did great tanking / wcing / and the amazing dps.  I think the 3rd form we had some of the best dps on feast; 3rd form took about literally 3 minutes lol.

The entire ToC took no less then 57min, a near hour for ToC?  I will take it!

GANGNAM STYLE! < Random lol, just what I am listening to while posting this haha.

Again, great job all!  Lets keep these diverse squads going :).