Saturday, March 9, 2013

The Final End~


Lets just begin with the fact that if you were to read what was posted on the forums under the 'Thank you~' thread, in which got deleted, you will understand I did in fact get hacked, and T3Fun failed to do what I thought they would do.

I am done fighting the battle with them, did they win?  Probably so, my biggest thing was letting them know that I did in fact share an account with my girl toy :P, one of my best friends and my future wife haha.  I tried to throw their own policy at them and boy did they use it, since I did technically SHARE my account with some one else, there was no way they could help me any farther.  I am a man of rules and law, a liberal I suppose, so I am accepting the fact that I will not get anything back more from my entire account due to the whole 'account sharing'.  If I had to go back and do something over again, would I?  No, I would have still shared my account with her :P.

How did this all begin?

Well it was simple, I was planning on taking a 'break' from sword, I logged in and gave a friend of mine, Raionel, my Greek Croma Fighter, the 14 def +3 DR one, and a few other items.  I log in a few days later, and my acount was compeltely gone.  I worked with T3Fun for three weeks, thinking I may just get my entire account restored.

I logged in to find all my 80 masters gone, my quest reseted, my leo gone.  Let me make this clear, the ONLY items I got back, was the items that the hacker had stolen.  Anything else, was lost.  The items that I DID get back that the hacker DID steal, lost their stats once more, and went from +7 to +0.  There is no way I can recover from this, so I am forever and ever :P Quitting Granado Espada.

The rest of my items are going to some of my closest friends, which will be:

LaFolle - She is an amazing person, but very shy, she truly does complete me as an individual :).

Alzeda (Alzeda your just purely intelligent and awesome!).

P.Luchon (Great guy and even more a great friend, some one who I would fight to the end of the world with).

Raionel (Rai is like my Brazilian brother, a man who is as loyal as an eagle haha).

People in this game, and on the forums made it seem as if the girl I shared my account with, gave out my information.  I can tell you this, she did not, I just know her, no one else knows her as I do (Not even you Arevir).  We live in such a technological world, people make it seem as if its impossible that a 'hacking' could take place.  Individuals are to comfortable with the way they live, they sometimes forget that bad things CAN and DO happen to good people, that's just pure reality.  What happened to me, might happen to you, and if it does, here's some advice: IF! you do share an account with a spouse, DO NOT tell T3Fun or anyone else :P  No one but you will truly understand the individual you trust to share an account and it will only come to bite you on the ass.  The individual who hacked my account was banned, my lover girl, she is not banned, hmm...that must really say something? :P  Maybe...oh I know...I was ACTUALLY hacked =O!! haha.

In the end, I see them telling me 'You shared an account, we cant help you no more sorry!' as an excuses.  They didn't know about the 'sharing' before hand, if they did they wouldn't have gotten back my 'hacked' items now would they?  This really a piece of work, and even though my 'Check your policy' came back to bite me on the ass, in the end, G1 would have been able to do a lot better in this situation than they would have.  G1 did not patch, but we would not be losing our stats over n over.  Hell, even the stats I had when I got my hacked items back were gone, if you lose an item, just accept the fact that you MIGHT get an item back, but it will be blank.

For the community, I thought it was a bit worse than expected.  I had people who were behind me and felt sorry for what happened to my account, and I thank you for your support.  People who may not really like me, and vis versa, even stood up for me against T3Fun, and I thank you!

Even though I lost....2 years worth of work ... 5k$ in Surveys from G1... I made many friends that I will always have for the rest of my life... I learned a lot through an online game :P  Made mistakes, learned from them, met some crazy ass people and met some of the nicest individuals I still know to this day.

My biggest thing I will get back from getting my 'torn' up account back is my name, sounds corny but it is true!

The only thing I ask from everyone is to share with what happened to me with your friends.  It IS possible to get hacked, not everything is a conspiracy theory.  People DO get hacked, that is the real world, that is the world we live in.  People do get screwed by the company they play under, that is just reality.  In the end it is just a game and I will always remember that; the game itself did its duty for me and I am very thankful for that.  Hopefully, if you are reading this, you will keep an eye out, maybe change your password, your emails password, warn a friend, and just prepare yourself for the worse case scenario.  In my case, it was the worse case scenario, I lost 90% of my mods on my stuff when we merged, I lost the rest of the 10% when I got my 'hacked' items back.  It can happen to anyone, and the more people jump out of this delusional world that their entire account is safe, the better people will be off.

So thank you all for a great Sword experience, what made my sword experience (Granado Espada) was the people itself, not the game play, but the people.

Sincerely yours,


P.S - It makes me laugh... that people try to blame or say the girl I shared my account with, screwed me over or that she is lying etc.  I didn't know when I helped her gear and given her more than people actually know, that she felt the need to screw me :P.  Nor did I think that people who DO screw you, offer their entire account TO you because they felt so sorry for you.  Just a funny thought...