Thursday, December 27, 2012

Le' Last Maintenance

Well, as the years have gone by with GamersFirst, we are now coming to the very last weekly maintenance :P.  A lot of mix feelings are probably going through everyone's head, I can only imagine what each individuals opinion is towards GamersFirst.  Although, I try to look at all the positive times with GamersFirst and try to remember the good old memory's instead of the month long ordeal that we had experienced.

However, I want to thank Raiden and the other dedicated moderators who never gave up on the three servers of Sword :).

Anyways, maintenance will be down for an estimate of three hours, I wonder if the Christmas event is going bye bye?

Oh and I was tanking my 3rd ToC run today with some clannies and some randoms, we were wondering when maintenance would occur, and when we got the gold chest at the end (nothing good, I swear silver is better, its platinum!) our ToC was done at 10:21?  Then maintenance jumped up and came on around 10:23 xD.  Just our luck, and I mean that expression in a good way this time!