Saturday, February 20, 2010


The 3.4 test sever is here, and to give us more information is Raiden:

Evora is the new Test Server for Sword of the New World. This server has been updated till 3.4 and we are soon releasing the server for players to check out the updates prior to it's release.

Random 300 players (who purchased premium and gold during the month of January and February) have access to Evora as of this moment. Evora will be open for Beta until the official launch of 3.4 and as requirement arises, more and more accounts will be given access. Note: The list will be posted tomorrow.

We are only looking at 300 accounts initially because the server is new and we are taking small strides to perform stress test on the new hardware. While you are online, we will be collecting data and server statistics that would later be used to increase the number of players in the server and would be used when we plan to release it as a live server in the future.

While you are online, you will meet our QA testers. They may choose to ignore your questions or PMs. Do not go on asking them for items.

Admins and AMs will also come online during Beta and interact with the community. If they wish, they will hand out Vis and Feso's and other items in-game. However, do not harass or PM Admins and Staff for free items. Violation of this rule will result in removal of your account from the test server immediately.

Players who have access to the Beta content should expect bugs while logging in. Many of them are known issues. You can report any bugs that you find in a specific format in the Evora forum. QA team will be constantly checking this section for any new bugs that they might have missed.

Few points to keep in mind:

- Access to Evora is a privilege.
- Bugs WILL be there. You may report them in the forum. However, demanding a fix for it and ranting about not seeing a fix within a few days is a no no.
- It is a PK server. You WILL get PKed.
- It is a test server. We WILL spawn monsters on you or test our super weapons.
- Do NOT send a million PMs, asking for items.
- If you did not have the patience to read till here, you do NOT belong in Evora

You can reign freely on the server. Enter wars. Level up. Check out the new contents and updates. Do the quests. Drool at Ania. Mess around with the admins.

Mostly, have fun. If you do not, we will boot you out.


We have decided not to post the family names on the forum. Instead, the users who got chosen to the Closed Beta will receive an e-mail stating that you have access.

Click here for more info.

Aegis Empire Ended

In Orpesia the main clan that would beat the high raid bosses, have the most colonies, have the strongest of em all is now no more. 

Roley who was their leader which came from Citadel as much as the other members did, is quitting and only six members are still in Aegis.

Now..just because its the end of Aegis..does not mean the former members will be leaving too. 

From what I have heard and expected, they will be making a new clan.  My theory is if they let other clans FC for say LG or Griffon channel 1..than other clans may get better at pvp with better armors and there for those members wont get bored and can pvp people who actually earned their way there instead of fighting RMTs.

But we never know what will happen, I am also cerious on who will be their new leader and what the clans name shall be.

(From what I understand, Roley, Sojo have real life they must take care of and is the reason for all of this).

This is the old map, and the last time we will ever see it!

My First Constellation Weapon!

For a while now I was wondering on what kinda weapon to make, a serpent if I would be lucky, but I went further than that!

Took me a month or so and about 4-5.5Billion Vis but I made my very first Constellation Weapon!

People tell you its a waste and not to make one since the chipping is costly but I said screw it and went ahead and did it. ^^

I made a Bayonet, and I +7 it on the 2nd try and oh boy is it beautiful.

Of course I need to put 7% attack jewels. :)


I want to welcome who ever is reading my blog, and know that I am very interested in blogs/forums and I will update them 24/7 with the information for Sword of the New World and my progress in the New World!

I will provide screen shots and images with any post I made if the statements I say seem they should have a screen shot or two ^^.

So please enjoy my Blog and if you play in Sword of the New World Orpesia sever, my name is VantzmartS in there!