Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Farm Farm Farm!

Well, according to Raiden, last week was suppose to be the last week to be able to farm boxes.  Then we would have one more week to turn in those letters into the kiosk (remember to follow my guide about the kiosk for Raiden boxes).

But it seems as though we get just one more week to farm more boxes.

I wonder, if we get one more week to farm boxes, will next week, be the week where we are able to turn in our letters?

Or is this week the last week to farm boxes PLUS to turn in letters?  I think that should be answered so that people do not assume they get an ADDITIONAL week to turn in letters, but come to find out, this week right now, was the last for boxes PLUS turning in all those extra letters into the kiosk.

I wonder why they gave us another week to farm boxes...

Maybe they wanted to remove the kiosk and boxes at the same time and realized they cannot just remove the boxes now and the kiosk next week.  Therefore, since they already told the public we get another week to turn in our letters, maybe they found complications with removing the event into two areas, so just kept it all for one more week, well the boxes that is.

Oh on another note, hopefully you stocked up on those master packs (30 days) because no one can get them no more from the event!

So just farm, farm, farm!!!!