Saturday, December 1, 2012

Interesting Idea - Orpesians

So....I was thinking...

Since Orpesia has the lowest cash shop items such as Enchant Boosters and Upgrade Accelerators, and Bristias prices are a bit higher then ours and we are merging into one server....

If Orpeisa Enchant Boosters are around 2.1m
If Bristia Enchant Boosters are around 3.8m

That is about a 1.7m difference.

So my idea is this: If you buy gold / can get gold through vis (codes), maybe make a SEPARATE account (not one connected to your main account - yes you can still make G1 accounts) and instead of selling gold items in Orpesia, sell it in Bristia or Illier, but Bristia looks more promising.

The benefit of being Orpesia is that we have always been so use to 2mish Enchant Boosters, so if were able to make a 1.5x profit, I think its a wise decisions to take into account.

So...make a separate account (Different user name / password then your current one), get it to level five family lvl, which is pretty simple, still got some time.  OR I believe if there is CS items below family lvl 5, it can still transfer, but I am not entirely sure on that one.

Ok so lets say you buy 19.5k worth of gold, which is around 1040 Enchant Boosters.

If you were to sell them in Orpesia you would get around 2.2Billion vis
If you were to sell them in Bristia you would get around 3.6 Billion vis

Thats about a 1.4 Billion vis difference.

So lets just say you sell a bunch of CS items on these OP servers, when we merge into one server, you can just simple get it from that separate account alt that you created and get the vis off it once the server merges :P

So it might be something to look into.

I have personally never been with a game that was going through a transferring processes, but if you trust the system enough to where you get your alt in, lets say, Bristia, to level 5 and you feel as though the system will actually work and that everything will go smoothly during the transferring process, then really, I am not entirely sure why not more people are doing this.

Since the server is coming to an end, we really need to look at every single opportunity of a way to make a nice chunk of money and to invest into the future!

A wise investment today is a benefited investment tomorrow!