Saturday, March 9, 2013

The Final End~


Lets just begin with the fact that if you were to read what was posted on the forums under the 'Thank you~' thread, in which got deleted, you will understand I did in fact get hacked, and T3Fun failed to do what I thought they would do.

I am done fighting the battle with them, did they win?  Probably so, my biggest thing was letting them know that I did in fact share an account with my girl toy :P, one of my best friends and my future wife haha.  I tried to throw their own policy at them and boy did they use it, since I did technically SHARE my account with some one else, there was no way they could help me any farther.  I am a man of rules and law, a liberal I suppose, so I am accepting the fact that I will not get anything back more from my entire account due to the whole 'account sharing'.  If I had to go back and do something over again, would I?  No, I would have still shared my account with her :P.

How did this all begin?

Well it was simple, I was planning on taking a 'break' from sword, I logged in and gave a friend of mine, Raionel, my Greek Croma Fighter, the 14 def +3 DR one, and a few other items.  I log in a few days later, and my acount was compeltely gone.  I worked with T3Fun for three weeks, thinking I may just get my entire account restored.

I logged in to find all my 80 masters gone, my quest reseted, my leo gone.  Let me make this clear, the ONLY items I got back, was the items that the hacker had stolen.  Anything else, was lost.  The items that I DID get back that the hacker DID steal, lost their stats once more, and went from +7 to +0.  There is no way I can recover from this, so I am forever and ever :P Quitting Granado Espada.

The rest of my items are going to some of my closest friends, which will be:

LaFolle - She is an amazing person, but very shy, she truly does complete me as an individual :).

Alzeda (Alzeda your just purely intelligent and awesome!).

P.Luchon (Great guy and even more a great friend, some one who I would fight to the end of the world with).

Raionel (Rai is like my Brazilian brother, a man who is as loyal as an eagle haha).

People in this game, and on the forums made it seem as if the girl I shared my account with, gave out my information.  I can tell you this, she did not, I just know her, no one else knows her as I do (Not even you Arevir).  We live in such a technological world, people make it seem as if its impossible that a 'hacking' could take place.  Individuals are to comfortable with the way they live, they sometimes forget that bad things CAN and DO happen to good people, that's just pure reality.  What happened to me, might happen to you, and if it does, here's some advice: IF! you do share an account with a spouse, DO NOT tell T3Fun or anyone else :P  No one but you will truly understand the individual you trust to share an account and it will only come to bite you on the ass.  The individual who hacked my account was banned, my lover girl, she is not banned, hmm...that must really say something? :P  Maybe...oh I know...I was ACTUALLY hacked =O!! haha.

In the end, I see them telling me 'You shared an account, we cant help you no more sorry!' as an excuses.  They didn't know about the 'sharing' before hand, if they did they wouldn't have gotten back my 'hacked' items now would they?  This really a piece of work, and even though my 'Check your policy' came back to bite me on the ass, in the end, G1 would have been able to do a lot better in this situation than they would have.  G1 did not patch, but we would not be losing our stats over n over.  Hell, even the stats I had when I got my hacked items back were gone, if you lose an item, just accept the fact that you MIGHT get an item back, but it will be blank.

For the community, I thought it was a bit worse than expected.  I had people who were behind me and felt sorry for what happened to my account, and I thank you for your support.  People who may not really like me, and vis versa, even stood up for me against T3Fun, and I thank you!

Even though I lost....2 years worth of work ... 5k$ in Surveys from G1... I made many friends that I will always have for the rest of my life... I learned a lot through an online game :P  Made mistakes, learned from them, met some crazy ass people and met some of the nicest individuals I still know to this day.

My biggest thing I will get back from getting my 'torn' up account back is my name, sounds corny but it is true!

The only thing I ask from everyone is to share with what happened to me with your friends.  It IS possible to get hacked, not everything is a conspiracy theory.  People DO get hacked, that is the real world, that is the world we live in.  People do get screwed by the company they play under, that is just reality.  In the end it is just a game and I will always remember that; the game itself did its duty for me and I am very thankful for that.  Hopefully, if you are reading this, you will keep an eye out, maybe change your password, your emails password, warn a friend, and just prepare yourself for the worse case scenario.  In my case, it was the worse case scenario, I lost 90% of my mods on my stuff when we merged, I lost the rest of the 10% when I got my 'hacked' items back.  It can happen to anyone, and the more people jump out of this delusional world that their entire account is safe, the better people will be off.

So thank you all for a great Sword experience, what made my sword experience (Granado Espada) was the people itself, not the game play, but the people.

Sincerely yours,


P.S - It makes me laugh... that people try to blame or say the girl I shared my account with, screwed me over or that she is lying etc.  I didn't know when I helped her gear and given her more than people actually know, that she felt the need to screw me :P.  Nor did I think that people who DO screw you, offer their entire account TO you because they felt so sorry for you.  Just a funny thought...

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year & More

First off I want to wish everyone a safe and fruitful new years.  With an old year ending a new one beginning, we are beginning with a fresh, new, adventure that is being presented by us.  Many things are going to be changing, they already are, no more GamersFirst, but more T3Fun :P.  Old challenges have died and even more up-rise.

The entire player base will be in one server, all the Bristians, Orpesians, and Illierans will be combined to become Castillans!

Excited? Worried? Happy? Thrilled? Sad? It really does not matter, the entire merging will bring upon great emotions, regardless of them being good or not.  In the end I think its something to be optimistic about, one my biggest goals is to friend as many people as I can and help as many people as I can.

Maybe you should start figuring out what your goals will become through this new transformation, because once January 2nd comes and the server goes live on January 9th, nothing, and I mean nothing, will be the same; I don't think it has hit everyone fully.

This, like many of my blogger friends, will become my last post regarding GamersFirst and Sword 2.  But there is no end without a beginning.  This might be the end of Sword 2 but it is only the beginning of Granado Espada.

Am I ready for the new server? No.

Do I wish I was? No, I'd rather keep it interesting and put myself against the wall, I do my best work when I'm against a wall, just drives me more to create more than if I were ready to go; however, I do wish I was a bit more caught up on my quest, word of advice, keep up with your quest lol.

A few things I have done though (No I didn't create any new weapons for any new UPCs):
- I bought the amount of lollipops I needed.
- I stocked up on costumes for the new costume exchanger.
- I still have my ridiculous amount of shiny keys.
- I leveled an impressive amount of alts in order to help with my clans level and for my own personal use, family level wise and more importantly, vis wise. (Hopefully they all transfer through).
- I plan to take screen shots of all my gear in case something bad happens when we merge.

Now its really nothing crazy like some people have done, but these are just a couple of things I have done that will hopefully, benefit me once we transfer.  All the advice I have given to everyone through my blog, I have done, so I am not just giving people meaningless advice, because I as well, am doing it :P.

When the server transfer, and people need masters, I will be ready to take orders :).

In the end, I am excited to close this chapter and open a new one, I am more excited of the new people I plan to meet.  I am also a business man, I do plan to grasp Castillas economic situation and create a sustainable income for myself.

My biggest project at the moment is over, which is a little secret of mine, a few people know if it, hopefully it pays off!  My next big project is to start and create my "Newbie" guide for new players, a Q&A type guide.

Well anyways, ill end this post with a bunch of screen shots of my adventures through GamersFirst in Sword 2, a bit of random little events throughout my Sword 2 life, I'll put little captions at the bottom of each picture =).


^ Just doing some random poses with my lover girl, LaFolle~
 ^ Some GM with an amazing staff / rod.~
 ^ Haha, just a random screen shot of something +Seraphim+ said, I do miss him.~
 ^ Funny, yet pretty immature player, I laugh at that screen shot now.~
 ^ I always use to love the idea of Reckless Emilia, named her Bellatrix after the dark wizard in the Harry Potter series.~
^ An old picture of my old clan when I came back, Eryxias, the death of it was quick, and the picture represents the old members in it.~
 ^ Just a random picture of my old clan Eryxias being full of alts at capacity :P.~
 ^ For a while I really loved farming for those egg shells and getting constellation boxes when they were still valuable.~

 ^ Just in the UPC raid, the blueish type skill coming off my hellena is pretty crazy looking haha, its like a flame thrower.~
^ Soloing the last boss of Castilla Ruins; gotta overcome new challenges!~
 ^ Some type of raid in Lucifer Castle, loved all the lionels lined up :P~
 ^ Saying goodbye to my dear friend and business partner, +Seraphim+.~
 ^ An uber picture of a freiend of mine, Belletrix, tanking queen in second form!~
 ^ An uber picture of a friend tanking queen in 3rd form, raise that staff Queenie!~
 ^ Haha, I went to class solo with my Christmas Emilia, came back to this, was quit the surprise, and I did enjoy it very much.~
 ^ I really like this picture, of course it is Belletirx, the tank, with the crazy ass NPC shooters shooting at the Queen in her 2nd form while she lifts her sword as the tank, well, tanks!~
 ^ Just a picture of my elementalist, my favorite costume for her actually.~
 ^ Took this not to long ago while vesping, and found Fynlo with his uberness just standing there lol, and no, he never replied :P.~
 ^ My last Christmas picture in Sword 2.~
 ^ My last IG (Novia) in Sword 2.~
 ^ My last Neph. in Sword 2.(I think she dropped a farewell Greek Croma Recipe :P).~
 ^ My last Cortez in Sword 2.~
^ My last daily bounty in Sword 2, I really like how the picture captures the blue death rare going off from my hellena to the boss haha, and my lionel just standing there.~

^ I will end with this picture of me, in Land of the Dead.  For a while I farmed that place like no other man, I farmed so many thousands of pure otite, it funded 1/3 of my Sword 2 life style, one of my best investments of all time, I love that place, and I will visit it time from time in Castilla!~

Hopefully you all enjoyed some of my Sword 2 screen shots :).

Good bye to you GamersFirst and Sword 2, its been lively!

Friday, December 28, 2012

New Client is Available for Downloading!

Well the new Granado Espada is ready to be downloaded from T3Fun!

Download Link

I was surprised by how quick it downloaded for me, for it being such a large file.

A few things I noticed.

Yes there is only one server called: [US] Castillia, and below where it shows "Published" it only shows "Published by Redbana Corp."  Thought it would show T3Fun Corp, but from my knowledge, RedBana is the sister company of T3Fun, so technically it still is owned by T3Fun just published by their company, I believe :P.

For me, my download only took about 30 minutes or so.  However, many people are experiencing it taking it a bit longer, I wonder why lol...

I guess I got lucky~

Anyways, here is a screen shot of the log in screen, I love how they added the "Gaming for long periods without any breaks in between is detrimental to your health", its always nice to see those messages :P.

By the way, there is this event going on where once you got the game downloaded, post your experience and a screen shot here and you get the chance to obtain 3,000 T3Fun coins!

Download Event

Anyways, here is a screen shot of the log in screen!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Le' Last Maintenance

Well, as the years have gone by with GamersFirst, we are now coming to the very last weekly maintenance :P.  A lot of mix feelings are probably going through everyone's head, I can only imagine what each individuals opinion is towards GamersFirst.  Although, I try to look at all the positive times with GamersFirst and try to remember the good old memory's instead of the month long ordeal that we had experienced.

However, I want to thank Raiden and the other dedicated moderators who never gave up on the three servers of Sword :).

Anyways, maintenance will be down for an estimate of three hours, I wonder if the Christmas event is going bye bye?

Oh and I was tanking my 3rd ToC run today with some clannies and some randoms, we were wondering when maintenance would occur, and when we got the gold chest at the end (nothing good, I swear silver is better, its platinum!) our ToC was done at 10:21?  Then maintenance jumped up and came on around 10:23 xD.  Just our luck, and I mean that expression in a good way this time!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanuka and any other type of celebration you and your family care to do today! =).

I hope everyone has a great holiday, and a safe one at that.  Keep those who are not with us anymore or lost their life before they can celebrate this joyous day.

This will also be the last Christmas we will be spending with G1, many people I'm sure are excited about that =P.  But, in the end, I would rather not hold any animosity towards G1 even if they do deserve it.  Therefore, Merry Christmas G1 and thank you for the Christmas Box!.

From the VantzmartS family to yours, Happy Holidays!

(P.S. If you got a remote control plane, hopefully you do not crash it and break the win off in less than ten minutes like I did rofl; super glue ftw!)

Monday, December 24, 2012

One Event Ends....Another Begins! (Tip Inside)

Well we all know that collecting ABC boxes is no longer possible, but they have left the kiosk so people can still exchange their letters, and they should!

First off, lets start out with the new event.

Raiden has the event notes here: Christmas Event

I think its alright, I hear there are some nice CS prizes, and a few good costumes.  I currently only have 2 coins :P (Apparently you AFK for the coins just like the ABC boxes, yet another afk event? :P)

Hopefully people are able to stock up on some CS items, or use many alts to spam the instance that drops some nice (TRADEABLE) soul crystals and trump fillers!

So I wish everyone the best with that event, I won't post to much about it, since I am not really doing it.  However, if I find any little tricks that many people know about, you'll for sure know it will be posted here ;).

Secondly, for the kiosk event.

Do not forget to visit: Raiden - Kiosk Trick~

In order to always get your Raiden Angel box with each letter!  People might say its a bug, maybe it is, but it has been reported many times and with each maintenance, it remains the same.

However, instead of JUST collecting Raien boxes, I suggest also making room for those Elite Treasure Boxes, for the feso of course.  (Browse through my blog to find the importance of spending your feso now).

Although, collecting JUST Raiden boxes is nice, no lollipops or pesty Amritas, it does come to a cost.  Dragging each letter in, getting that pop up message, well that just creates another event in its own self now doesn't it :P.

Maybe this small tip will help, I give the credit to my clan mate exosia:

While your turning all your letters into the 8-10 different Raiden boxes that you have, and only into Raiden boxes, you'll keep getting "Inventory Is Full" blah blah...

Some people even have thousands of letters x.x so this can be pretty time consuming if you want each letter to be a nice Raiden Angel Box and / or Elite Treasure Box.

Therefore, while your turning them in, just simply hold DOWN your enter key button (ignore the chat box) and drag your invetory window really close to the KIOSK and just spam drag as much as you can.

So instead of hitting enter every time, you just hold it down :P, its a pretty simple idea, but can save an individual a lot of time!

Well hope this helps people, thank you again exosia, it really helped me to get rid of all my dam letters hahah, hopefully it helps the reader~

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Were Still Here!

So who would have ever guessed that the prediction, which never existed in the first place, would actually not come true? =O

Normally this is the point where I say that man kind has learned its lessons on trying to base the "End of the world" based on a rock (a rock calender), but were just as dumb as a rock :P.  I laughed, every time I watched the History Channel.  I am slowly losing respect for the history channel, they seemed to create all these predictions themselves.  The Mayan calender ended.  That was all, it just ended.  There was noting at the end of that Mayan calender that said major earth quakes would appear, polar shifts would switch, solar flares, super volcanoes, aliens, or even universal alignment creating a dysfunctional on Mother Earth so horrible that it would indeed, end the world.

Its as though people are presented with a breeze of a prediction from some sort of "genius" ancient culture or individual, and create the most, horrific scenarios, then they go ahead and just express freedom of press and create the most, radical delusions.  I can almost guarantee you, actually I can, Isabel Taylor, she hung herself due to this 12/21/12 theory.  I have heard story's of parents shooting their children and themselves based on the economy, don't you think people would be doing the same if this "12/21/12" theory got so much publicity?

The day before 12/21/12, which would be 12/20/12, the history channel premiered"2012 The World Ends Now!"  I guess it was one more last push to really try to sell this idea that the world would be ending in multiple scenarios, to X type planets, to the "Mayans" returning with aliens, but then again they never left, but the history channel knew that right?  The only reason the history channel but so much effort into this "theory" is because, do you think people will sit and watch a bunch of rainbows and lollipops?  No, people want to see action, death and destruction, the history channel was able to provide that easily, without understanding the consequences.  They even aired the Mayan End of the World shows during the same day the end of the world was suppose to occur.

At first, once I first very heard this, whole Mayan thing, I was actually a little worried.  That was during High School.  Ever since then I did my own little research.  First off, land can not sink into the ocean like in the movie 2012, its to buoyant, you would need a large amount of the water to rise up in order for it to be completely submerged.

Secondly, there is no such thing as "Nibiru", and if there was, wouldn't you think we would be able to see something in the sky?  Or does it just wait until 11:59 PM 12/20/12 to just speed right over here from Pluto to collide?  I don't think so.  Same thing for planet X.

Thirdly, the whole "polar shift", that's something that takes thousands of years to complete, its not like the next day, all of a sudden the entire earth just completely turns upside down...

Fourthly, the "super volcanoes", which would be Yellowstone, is still not due for a good ninety thousand years or so, and by than, if humans are still on Earth, I'm sure we will be smart enough to create some sort of vacuum to solve that issue :P.

Fifthly, even if Earth and the Sun lined up with the center of the universe or w/ solar system (which happens, but not DIRECTLY), and even if it did, its not as though anything horrible happens.  Any solar alinement has zero negative affects on the Earth what so ever, and it happens pretty frequently, ranging from alinements with our own planets to other stars.

Lastly, the Mayans never predicted the end, their calender ended.  How people can come up with all these horrendous beliefs based on a rock calender ending is beyond me.  Many people took these predictions serious, some spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on bunker type shelters, to flying to "safe zones" to even ending their own lives, all based on how TV and the media has projected the whole "End of the World".

Even Samuel L. Jackson had a show about it, I mean I guess the only way to get the History Channel any good ratings these days is to talk about anything ending life.  However, I have noticed near the end of these entire "Doomsday" shows, they always end with a "But it probably wont happen anyways", I'm telling you, they tend to say that ALL the time, watch for it :P.

So next time some one tries to tell you that the end is near, or to believe the next new prediction, which there will be many, find the facts, and create your own assessment.  It seems as though to many people are unable to do their own critical thinking, hell it does not even take critical thinking to understand the facts.  Even the people themselves whose calender ended, the Mayans, thought this was ridiculous.  Any who, I'm glad its all over, but sad to see it end due to watching a new one begin shortly I'm sure, anything that heavy commercial stations can get their hands on in order to throw a scare into the world to produce another dollar I suppose.

Then again, if planet X did come yesterday, and there are suppose to be "Gods" on this planet, maybe it wouldn't have been so bad :P.