Sunday, September 9, 2012

Are you serious?

Today's blog post shall be less lengthy but still as effective.

Something I have noticed throughout the server and as everyone else that prices are not exactly what they use to be.  Symbols have dropped, chips (though vet chips seem to be pushing 5m again), Crystals, Weapons themselves, Different types of armors, and the random junk e.i Dragon Hearts, Recipes, Rings, Jewels etc...

We also know that not a lot of vis is being circulated through the server like before.  People are trying to save money for the patch, some people simply have no vis.  So I can some what understand the point that people start to believe that certain items have nearly lost more then double their value.  With every other individual talking about how bad the economy in the game is, it starts getting into peoples minds that EVERYTHING has at least dropped more then twice its original value a few months ago.

Some items have indeed dropped double value and even more, a lot of items are just simply easy to get like Dragon Hearts. 

This being said.  It pains me and even more so annoys me to see people devaluing some great, quality items.  I am talking more towards weapons and armor then anything.  Hell a great deal of people seem to believe just cause the economy sank everything is worth near to shit.  If the entire server had no money, are you telling me a 40 Attack / 30 Speed / +3 AR / 100% human weapon would be worthless?  Given no one would be able to really buy it, but it doesn't make that particular item worthless...

I understand the a big reason items have dropped is due to supply and demand, not a lot of demand but a hell of a lot of supply, which creates the battle zone of price dropping and therefore slowly make particular items (More so chips, certain CS items, and many different crafting items) prices drop.  Look at Flux, after a long period of time without any new boxs, nobody was opening any, which ended up making Fluxs go from 9-10m to 20m, for a short period of time.  With vet chips more people are buying them which is making their price 5m, when a week or two ago they were 3.5m, flooded in the market.

When some one tells you a constellation bayonet 38 attack 90 life is only worth 800m, it tends to tick you off, and all they can tell you is "Well no one has vis so its really worth nothing".  Or "Well I bought this weapon for only XXX amount".  Do not judge all prices through on lucky purchase.  Hell even though symbols have dropped it still cost me around 800m just to make the weapon:

160m - Crystals
200-250m - Ti or Te / An or Ar
25m - Amritas
600m - Symbol set +/-

Hell from all of that you are looking at an easily 900-1b.

So I suppose my final words are this: Even though a lot of items have went down in value, some more then others, does not mean everything has dropped to the extreme that certain items have.  Each item or material is different, some changed dramatically over the last few months and some not effected much.  Just because people cry that the server does not have as much vis as before, or if people are barley buying or selling, does not mean good chipped weapons / armors are worth less then they original cost to make in the first place lol.