Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Stop Clock...

I was thinking of something while in Caebolan CA...and looking at my pass...

I wonder, why do we not have the ability to stop the timer on our passes / wings / anything timed?  I think it would be a lot more, beneficial for the player, if people could stop the time on their passes, when their not using them, and just simply re activate them once their going back to which ever area they were at.

Same with wings.  If I open up a 30 Day Rose wing, and I have to go away for a weekend or go away for a week, I wouldn't mind being able to stop the timer on that period that I wont be using the rose wings for.

I really see no con in this "timer stopper", its not like anyone can use this to forever have an undying pass or rose wings that never run out of time, unless a bug occurred when they implement the idea.

I might just post this idea under the suggestions thread on the T3Fun forums, would be nice if they already looked at our suggestions instead of using that specific area to just make the players feel as though they have a voice :P.