Saturday, February 20, 2010

Aegis Empire Ended

In Orpesia the main clan that would beat the high raid bosses, have the most colonies, have the strongest of em all is now no more. 

Roley who was their leader which came from Citadel as much as the other members did, is quitting and only six members are still in Aegis.

Now..just because its the end of Aegis..does not mean the former members will be leaving too. 

From what I have heard and expected, they will be making a new clan.  My theory is if they let other clans FC for say LG or Griffon channel 1..than other clans may get better at pvp with better armors and there for those members wont get bored and can pvp people who actually earned their way there instead of fighting RMTs.

But we never know what will happen, I am also cerious on who will be their new leader and what the clans name shall be.

(From what I understand, Roley, Sojo have real life they must take care of and is the reason for all of this).

This is the old map, and the last time we will ever see it!

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