Thursday, August 30, 2012

Peacefully Ironic..

Funny how my previous post was all about "PEACE WE ARE AT PEACE!!!!!!!" lol...maybe not that dramatic but in that area hahah.

But it seems as though a few players are returning *I wont say names* are back to rain hell!  Or well that's how it seems as THIS point in time.  There is no more declaring war in this game but more of Dronarati VS Sahasrha.  A few clans switched to Dronarati with another "peace" meaning no pvp agreement, but it seems as though other members of the server might just be returning to fulfill what once was Phalanx.

When you transfer from neutral to one of these two sides it would be impossible to switch back to neutral unless you dis ban the clan.  *I also feel bad for those who need to do betrayal quest who were once Sah or Drona going from either or, that quest sucks badly =/*...

Anyways so far it seems as though there is an increase in the attacks to the afkers from the Sahasrha side.  So far this is the first time I have heard about it to day, and experienced it.

I am not making this post to rage nor bitch, just to inform.

My prediction is simple, maybe they are just back to do some pvp for a few days then poof to Tera *Seems as though they might be only selecting certain people, but they are even definitely hitting their old allies* or they are actually back to, like I said, fulfill what Phalanx use to do, just enjoy pvping a good deal of strong players on the servers and making it rain misery for those who need / want to afk!

So just watch out if you are Drona, these attacks might just be against certain people or people from old clans, they might only be just attacking one type of people.

Funny how fast I was able to get this up here when just today we found all of this out :P.

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