Saturday, September 1, 2012

Personally Blue Moon...

This is just a small post of an actual thing I am working on in game =O.

My post lately since I started re blogging have really not been about me or my personal objectives in Sword 2.  What you will notice is about 70% of my blog post are really more about the server as a whole or just purely the community and about 30% of just a few side accomplishments / goals of my own.

Right now I am about two bayos from my complete punisher set, a few from my unlimited shot set, and then I wanna work on my wanted shot set :P.

I really do love shooters, I remember Vestal, he was my "Roley" in some peoples view xD.

My main goal is to do a US / Punisher / WS team!

Major DPS right there.

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