Tuesday, September 11, 2012

ToC Random Runs!~ Successful?

Hell mother fuckin yeah their successful, with the right people of course.  Everyone knows that the servers are in no health conditions.  People have taken a break / quit do to doing a good deal of things over n over.  A domino effect, as people leave others get the idea to leave and some actually do leave.


The past few days here, there (Just when I went) I have been going / creating random ToC squads with a good deal of Halcyon and other random people, and a few Shia.

I might say I am very impressed with the ability to work with each other.  A friend said on Sat's. we kill each other but on Mondays we raid with each other.  Hopefully as time goes by more and more people take colony war a lot less personal and reaches out to work with others to be able to get things done daily.

The last two runs in a row Halcyon was able to get a Greek Croma recipe, scout and a fighter.  So even though your clan might be a bit dry does not mean the server itself is still unable to come together and form to create a great ToC squad.

This is something I want to try to pull off daily between 12:00 - 14:00 SST you will most likely (depending what I am doing) seeing me broad.  What I am looking for is people who have pretty decent DPS, no outrage or melee characters or nothing like that.  People who can tank, whole cancel, and support, all of it helps.  If your area is not so strong in DPS but you have support then its best if you were to be support.

Anyways, thank you Orpesia server for running with ToC with me and to continue to do so.  Its nice to see that even though people have dis agreements we can still raid as a server and instead of being divided we can be united.

Congratulations! to those who got some nice goodies =).  Last run there was 2 silver 2 gold? =O I think..

Here our some ACTUAL pictures to my blog for once haha.

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