Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Chipping and where I stand!

Chipping can be seen as a very negative, tedious, and expensive experience in Sword 2.  However, on the bright side, chipping can be seen as very spontaneous, exciting, and gratifying.

So where does Vantz stand on chipping? :P

Well if you know me then you will know that chipping has mostly, and note that keyword "mostly" have been on my side.  I love chipping, just in general, weapons, armors, accessory's etc.  More towards weapons then anything.

Now its not because I am rich, its not because I am a heavy gold retailer but for the sol reason of random.  The chances of getting anything on a weapon is an adventure as I would like to call it.  This is why I enjoy chipping weapons more then armor / accessories.  With weapons your limit is endless you could get amazing attack / race / race / ar... or maybe even ... attack / race / ar or just attack / race / race gets peoples blood boiling (good boil ofc as long as the stat on the weapon is not a troll :P).

Now what am I really getting at?  If you look at chipping as an evil sin to do in Sword 2 and have such a negative attitude towards it, then yeah, you will most likely get what you are expecting.  (Some of the most amazing mods you get you'll get without even paying attention).  When I chip I MUST be in a positive mood or its just a waste of my time, my money and my investments.  When I chip I look towards charms of some sorts, you might be laughing right now as you read that, but its true.  NOT ONE PERSON IS MORE LUCKY THEN ANOTHER! I hate when people say that, its how you perceive the situation or approach something is how the turn out will be.

Yes I understand this is a game, I understand chipping is random, I understanding being in a good mood or bad mood wont give you a boost on your Enchant Sedatives (Coming in next patch) :P.  But honestly I do not care, cause to me the charms or the lucky charms will you, that I have, do give me a comforting feeling that my hard work is not going to be wasted.  Now ofc I am not a God of chipping I have my bad days....hell just today I had a bad day of chipping.  Just my advice you can take it or leave it but do not chip the day maintenance will occur or the day before.

Why not chip the day before or the night of maintenance?  I have my reasons and beliefs about chipping later in the week, I wont get too much more into it.

Basically all in all try to look at chipping as an ART form.  Every time I chip something beautiful I plainly see it as a beautiful master piece.  ***I do not know why but Life / Golem / AR really likes me lol***

My final tips are just go into chipping with positive attitudes, use one character, attach yourself to a type of lucky material or even a spiritual if you will.

Hopefully peoples chipping experiences look up, then again with the patch coming with that little boost, I'm sure people will be more open minded when going to chip something!

P.S Upgrading can burn in hell.

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