Monday, August 27, 2012

Why do Sword 2 Quest suck so bad?

I don't know maybe its just me...but... wow quest in Sword 2 suck lol.

They suck so badly I barley even follow them; I hear people talking about Montoro?  First off I dont even know what a "Montoro" is I dont even know what the fuck a Montoro does lol.

A big reason I dis like all these quest is basically the dialogue is over paper...I wanna hear the characters talking to each other, see them interacting instead of an action pose that is suppose to stimulate something exciting.

I mean hell once the conversation goes through *I hate reading the little white blocks with the little black letters in them that is suppose to contain the quest dialogue* there is an action scene where basically either you or another individual *NPC* kills the other NPC.

I mean hell its so easy to kill the characters / people in a quest its not even funny, its like two shots and your dead...its as though these IMC people think its a tough thing to do, its not as though we are living in the 84e armor era anymore.

But I mean given there are a few hard ones such as Val, reckless, but can you name anymore?

Do not get me wrong if you follow with all the quest in Sword 2 and is one of those people who is always looking forward to new quest with new characters, all God speed to you!

But this is a big reason why I have not gotten a lot of quest done and when I tell people they seem very chocked, Lucifer Castle quest, Lionel etc...however I have been needing to get these quest done just because I do not want to pay 10m and I ow some one a Lionel card; I did get ravens card the other day though!

I mean when I talk to NPCs and such what all I do is spam "Enter" key cause I can careless what bull shit or meaningless thing they are telling me, give me the card and let me be on my way please, thanks, good bye :P.

A friend showed me a few quest lines from Tera, and it had cut scenes and actual talking *subtitles too* and actual character movement, if we had that my attention would be ten folds in!

Well I am done ranting about the quest in Sword 2 :P...all in all we must get them done in order to progress into the next up coming raids, so I advise you all to get your quest done and do not be lazy nor picky like me! 


  1. I like to follow the quests but I can't read all the text because the font is too large. The Holy Water Chamber quest is still too tough for me so I'm not progressing in the main questline beyond that.

  2. Yeah I have noticed a lot of text is messed up in a lot of different quest =/...

    This is why speech quest and actually having the characters talking and moving, subtitles, would just make everything easier!