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Well this maintenance we were told that a "surprise" would event was mostly everyone's guess...and the occasion "ninja 10.v"?

However, even though its not 10.v this event I must say is a really impressive event, its different, its REWARDING for once.

Given getting some of these amazing rewards such as punisher, asoka , ATP etc will take some effort but it is possible...

Making it difficult to get still makes those types of items "valuable" which is why I really enjoy this event, its not "One token: Punisher manual" its probably 50 tokens or something.  Getting tokens I believe is not an easy task.

Well I shall post the patch notes Raiden posted.  I do tip my hat off to you.


The Seeker of Wisdom is waiting in Reboldeaux. He seeks 3 words and will reward handsomely for it.

Alphabet random boxes will be dropped by monsters all over the hunting grounds. These alphabets can be combined to make the words that the old man is looking for. Even if you are unable piece together all the alphabets, you can still receive rewards for the alphabets you have collected.

The event is simple...

Talk to this guy
Find the alphabets that make up the word(s) - these words will be changed frequently
Bring back the alphabets to him
Collect your reward

Points to remember:

Alphabets are non tradeable
Alphabet Random Boxes are tradeable

Reward category and list:

Each correct alphabet that you collect will receive a reward. You can choose when to turn in the alphabets (complete or incomplete) and select what you want in return based on the number of alphabets that are collected

The old man will always give a 5 letter word

2 correct alphabets:

- Ancient Area Pass
- 80% Combat Manual (1 day)
- Shiny Key
- Jade Lumin (15 days)
- Manzana Filler
- Water of Elemental AKA Stabiliser
- Siren's Scale
- Ancient Rune - Ti
- Ancient Rune - Te
- Crystal Wings (7 days)

3 correct alphabets:

- Training Potion
- Fluorite Lumin (15 days)
- Kunzite Lumin (15 days)
- Letizia Shiny Box
- Constellation Symbol Box
- Intensified Steroid Ampule
- Expert Enchantment Chip
- Melee Weapon Crystal - Lv 32
- Shoot Weapon Crystal - Lv 32
- Magic Weapon Crystal - Lv 32

4 correct alphabets:

- Multi Vitamin
- High Quality Spodumene
- High Quality Obsidian
- Symbol of Aries
- Dragon Heart
- Red Tiger Box
- Expert Explorer Pack (30 days)
- Recipe - Magic Earring

5 correct alphabets:

- Diamond Token
- Master Explorer Pack (30 days)
- Principal Ampule
- Rose Wing Coupon
- Pose Guide 11
- Sage Necklace (3 days)
- Capitaine Costume - Fighter

Token Rewards:

- Sage Necklace (3 days)
- Black Dragon Baby Pet Box
- Panfilo the Battlecook
- Adelina the Pirate
- Soho the Wind
- Emilia the Sage
- Battlesmith Idge
- Ralph
- Asoka
- Sword of Ex Machina (+10% dmg to creatures, non-creatures, demons, undead and human. +6 prcg, +5 blk)
- Jaspard's Rifling Revolver (+10% dmg to creat, non-creatures, demons, undead and human. +8 prcg, +7 fear)
- Miquelet Steam Bayonet (+10% dmg to creat, non-creatures, demons, undead and human. +5 prcg, +10 crit)
- Pyrite Bangle (33 AR, +6 Piercing, +15% SP)
- Punisher Manual

Additional / extra alphabets

Even if you do want to participate in the event / could not find the right alphabets, you can still turn in the incorrect alphabets / addition alphabets in exchange for the random rewards.

The Alphabet basket next to the old man - which has been named out of time as "Alphabet Kiosk" - will give the following items as reward (Randomly) if you drag and drop the alphabets in it.

- Elite Treasure Box
- Swampangler Spinel
- Amrita
- AM's Boost
- Teleport Scrolls
- Snow Spray
- Pet Food
- Red Lollipop
- Pink Lollipop
- Blue Lollipop
- Black Lollipop
- Rainbow Lollipop

Additional Info on the event:

Token System:

- The Token Window can be accessed by talking to the Seeker of Knowledge.
- From this window, rare, valuable and/or unreleased items can be obtained
- Diamond Tokens can only be obtained by returning 1 complete word (5 alphabets)
- The token window is one more way to obtain the rare items such a punisher manual

Known issues:

- Certain item names have minor text errors
- The lumins cannot be applied to costumes. IMC is working on fixing it. So please skip this item or wait one more week before choosing it as a reward

General Info:

- An event of this magnitude has not been attempted in any version before
- The event system and mechanics may evolve or be changed without prior notice
- There will be additional ways to obtain the Alphabet Random boxes (not included in this patch)
- The Alphabets are not tradeable. Once obtained from the Alphabet Random Box, they will have to be exchanged or destroyed
- Diamond Tokens cannot be traded
- Monsters will drop Alphabet Random Boxes all over the hunting area - which are tradeable
- Every alphabet will consume an inventory space, but the alphabets of the similar kind are stackable.
- Combination of correct alphabets should be from the same word
- The words will change frequently
- The reward list may be revised without prior notice 

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