Saturday, November 10, 2012

What happened to the active blog?!

I'm not sure how many people actually read or actually keep track of my blog post.  Hell I am not even sure if people even care what I say or believe half the things I even do say [not saying I am creating lies or anything like that].

But the last time I made a post about my blog was about near the time we got this pretty nice token / alphabet box event.

But why did I simply stop?

I was not...intending to stop, I just simply had to save my time for real life and other type of things :P.

I tend to put a lot of time into my post and as you can tell, a bit of words.  I enjoy putting my heart into my post and my blog; so when I saw that I would be limiting the amount of how much I put into my blog post, I simply just stopped posting all together.

Now some people might see me as something of a gossiping / stir drama individual - that's completely false.  Many people I know and have met have the same views as I do, they just simply do not state them.

So from this point on, I plan to bring back that "Daily VantzmartS" view of Sword 2 [Which will be changed soon] :P if you wanna call it that.

I try to make my blog post not about me but a lot more on others lol.  Why?  Because other peoples accomplishments and fails are a lot more interesting then my own haha..

PLUS! I like to try to give people the other side of the fence from my blog...I might have been a bit biased in some post but I try to keep to the truth, and I plan to bring more of that here.

So I thank you, who ever is reading my post or checks my blog daily, for actually reading what I post and checking up on what I will post :P.


  1. I shall continue to stalk you, as always. :3

  2. Im likeing it so far. :)

  3. Where has your daily been for the last 10 days?? ö