Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Trick to the Alphabet Box Event!

I was debating to post this on my blog or not, but after some thinking, I thought well "Only about a month left, so why not?"  Not sure if anyone else has posted it on their blog, maybe they might believe its a bug or a glitch or something along those lines, but if something has been reported repeatedly and nothing is done, can we be safe to say that its neither of those things?

Most of the elites in this game and even non elites know about it and do it, and if they tell you otherwise, their most likely lying cause their afraid to receive the label as an "exploit user".

I really take pride in those who farm and work hard for where they are today, people who in the past have farmed for those runes in order for you to make your constellation weapons.  The individuals who farm to stock pile on chips in order to try to progress further in the game, while at the same time providing people the ability to prosper on their chipping addictions.  Its the back bone of this game that I think actually needs a break, regardless of how other people feel about it.  Some people who read this blog might have never even known this existed, most probably already do.

So really all I am going to show you how to do is something most people already know how to do and are doing it.

So let me begin:

The ABC event, the event in which everyone is farming for those ABC boxs and are making some good money by farming and selling.

Those UN-trade able letters, and the Kiosk in which you put those letters in order to try to get an Angel box, but a lot of times they go to waste through getting a lollipop, Amrita, Angler Spinelle and etc.

Here is the steps you need to take in order to always get a nice angel box(s)!

Step 1:
You first need at least 8 - 10 DIFFERENT Angel Boxes, in your inventory, does not matter how many, one of each will do, like below in the picture:

Step 2:
Put EVERYTHING that you get from the Kiosk (Next to the Seeker of Knowledge) into your Leo.
Which would be the following:
Warp Scrolls
AM Boost
Angler Spins

I think that's is it, if you know of any other items that you get from the Kiosk, put them ALL in your leo.  However, make sure ALL your Angel boxes in Step 1 is STILL in your inventory.

Step 3:
Make sure your inventory is full: 248/248.  Take some junk out of your leo if you need to fill it up, but MAKE SURE all of the items in Step 2 are IN your leo.

Step 4:
Gather a bunch of letters you do not plan to use or if you have an excessive amount of; any one would do, the more, the more boxes you get.

Step 5 (Preparations):
Go to the Kiosk, make sure you have only the Angel Boxes in your inventory and everything else you get from the Kiosk is in your leo.  Make sure your inventory is FULL.

Step 6 (The Final Step):
Now do what you normally would do, start dragging letters into the Kiosk, you do not need to type in "1" every time you put one in, just drag the amount you have, and simply hit Enter.

You WILL get a message that says "Your Inventory is Full blah blah"...ignore it.  Keep dragging any amount of letters into the Kiosk and keep hitting Enter.  The more different amount of boxes you have in your inventory, the easier this gets.  You will continue to get that same "Your Inventory Is Full" because its trying to put a lollipop or a warp scroll or any of those pointless items in your inventory.  If you do this correctly and you have 100 letters, you will get 100 angel box's.  The only thing this takes is some patience, just keep dragging in the letters, hit enter, and your stock pile of Angel Boxes shall build!

Many people know how to do this, this is exactly how people during the Halloween event last year was able to get 100s of vet chips, of course I never knew about it until then, and that "exploit" was taken pretty serious.  But this has been reported and nothing has been said or done about it, so might as well do it.  Why should those who know about it be the only ones to know about it? :P

Hopefully this helps some of you out and helps you not to waste your letters to anything other than a nice Angel Box!



  1. nice guide! +1
    oh and btw, instead of continuously hitting enter, just stack up some heavy coins and place above the enter key. works for me tho.

    thanks again!

  2. thx a lot +2
    I have thousands of letters, I already got 700 angel boxes but still have a lot more to exchange.


  3. Your welcome =).

    To the first comment, yeah I was doing that for a bit too xD.