Tuesday, December 4, 2012


I have a friend of mine, she is making a pretty neat guide for basic raiding, which I look forward to seeing.  I am also thinking of creating a guide, a "QA" type guide for new levels, something that covers everything when you first start playing the game.  Maybe post it on the forums and give people the ability to contribute anything they want to as well...

This is something I am really contemplating, it would be a pretty nice, large guide, maybe even make it a PDF file for new users to download and keep on their desktop at all times...

Something I am really thinking of :P.

The guide will be detailed right to the very location of an NPC with pictures and screen shots.  Everything ranging from what quarter slots are to the idea of 1-100  - Vet - Expert - Master.  Explaining the benefits of more AR / DR / Stat points.  Even giving advice on things to do to help further their game play; so a bit of information compacted into a nice, little guide.

Any comments on the idea?


  1. Could always put it on a wiki.

  2. Well if I did that, then I wouldn't give people a reason to view my blog xD! jk :P

  3. i think its great idea, if t3f markets sword better well have lots of new players, this could really be beneficial

  4. As mentioned, great idea Vantz! But don't take it too far, everything about Viron for example shouldn't be in it, by then they should be smart enough to do most things on their own :D Anyways, that's my idea on it.

  5. Yeah I do not plan to add in viron :)...Viron is something they'll see down the road, this is just for the general basics.