Friday, December 7, 2012

To Japan!

I wanna take a quick blog post and wish anyone in Japan who was just affected by the 7.3 magnitude earthquake, which occurred a few hours ago.

For those who remember, Japan was hit with a devastating earth quake not that long ago, killing thousands of people and putting a nuclear scare to the rest of the world.

So anyone living in Japan or anyone who might get affected by this 7.3 earth quake, I wish you the best and I shall pray for your safety tonight.

Sometimes, or well actually many times, I tend to think about the life of a human.  Imagine remembering as far as you can from your child hood up to now.  Your family, your memory's, your experiences, and your future, all of it can just be taken away from you in a heart beat...

It is indeed a scary matter to think of; although, there is hope, hope that allows us to enlighten ourselves and to someday embrace death as a positive manner.

Anyways, I'd rather not ramble about life n death, for this point in time, this very second, the "happening now" issue, those in Japan, just try to be safe, I wish you the best!


  1. This Nation sits on four moving tectonic plates, in the most violent areas of the Pacific ring of fire. Two(damaged units), of fifty Nuclear reactors, are located in this region, should this be worrisome concern for all of Us? I say yes,. due to the facts of the Japans location. Should two plates move in concessional shifts simultaneously, (a highly probable event of the future) This 'probability' would become a World catastrophic event that would remain uncontrollable.!! ("by the shear 'number percentage' of active reactors that presently remain online") All of these Nuclear plants could Face a potential & complete melt down of their inner cores. This would be akin to fifty Hydrogen bombs exploding @ the same time in the Pacific Ocean.

  2. Yup its a pretty serious situation, not just before...not just now...but the future. I also live on the "ring of fire" California is located on the San Andreas fault line, pretty crazy stuff.