Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Master Card Idea!

I'm sure we are all familiar with the "T3Fun event" where any family lvl 5 can be transferred and will get three master cards.

Getting a family to level 5 is pretty easy actually, just either afk them, or take them to Caebolan and vesp the alt to family lvl 5, so you can transfer it and get those free master cards.

But what is o dandy about these master cards?

Well first off:
1) Takes a character from 0 - Master in each card; could be useful for certain characters you want at master asap, as long as you have a mercenary warrant.
2) People still buy characters, you can buy a gold code with vis, put it on the alt, get all three characters to lvl 3 10% (secret guard of course, will be done in no time) and then mercenary the cards and sell it for more vis.
3) Save the master cards, use them on all three characters on your alt account, and then go and level 4 more characters to veteran, then you have a family lvl 20.  The family lvl 20 is needed in order for a clan, that is either Saha or Drona, to level their clan level.  As their clan level goes up, their special buff goes up as well.
4) Family level, the more characters / higher they are, the higher your family level, the higher the family level, the better the family level buff!

People might say well "Can we still make G1 accounts?" the answer is yes, I have made a few already myself.

This is just one of those things that you just might be interested in looking into.  Getting 5 alt accounts to family lvl 5 and transferring them over to the new server would basically be 15 free masters, that's if you can either buy the gold for each account, or buy 5$ gold codes with vis.

Again, this is just another little idea that I'm sure is pretty obvious and people have thought about, but there are a few out there who just don't bother, but yet fail to see the profitability from it.

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