Saturday, December 22, 2012

Were Still Here!

So who would have ever guessed that the prediction, which never existed in the first place, would actually not come true? =O

Normally this is the point where I say that man kind has learned its lessons on trying to base the "End of the world" based on a rock (a rock calender), but were just as dumb as a rock :P.  I laughed, every time I watched the History Channel.  I am slowly losing respect for the history channel, they seemed to create all these predictions themselves.  The Mayan calender ended.  That was all, it just ended.  There was noting at the end of that Mayan calender that said major earth quakes would appear, polar shifts would switch, solar flares, super volcanoes, aliens, or even universal alignment creating a dysfunctional on Mother Earth so horrible that it would indeed, end the world.

Its as though people are presented with a breeze of a prediction from some sort of "genius" ancient culture or individual, and create the most, horrific scenarios, then they go ahead and just express freedom of press and create the most, radical delusions.  I can almost guarantee you, actually I can, Isabel Taylor, she hung herself due to this 12/21/12 theory.  I have heard story's of parents shooting their children and themselves based on the economy, don't you think people would be doing the same if this "12/21/12" theory got so much publicity?

The day before 12/21/12, which would be 12/20/12, the history channel premiered"2012 The World Ends Now!"  I guess it was one more last push to really try to sell this idea that the world would be ending in multiple scenarios, to X type planets, to the "Mayans" returning with aliens, but then again they never left, but the history channel knew that right?  The only reason the history channel but so much effort into this "theory" is because, do you think people will sit and watch a bunch of rainbows and lollipops?  No, people want to see action, death and destruction, the history channel was able to provide that easily, without understanding the consequences.  They even aired the Mayan End of the World shows during the same day the end of the world was suppose to occur.

At first, once I first very heard this, whole Mayan thing, I was actually a little worried.  That was during High School.  Ever since then I did my own little research.  First off, land can not sink into the ocean like in the movie 2012, its to buoyant, you would need a large amount of the water to rise up in order for it to be completely submerged.

Secondly, there is no such thing as "Nibiru", and if there was, wouldn't you think we would be able to see something in the sky?  Or does it just wait until 11:59 PM 12/20/12 to just speed right over here from Pluto to collide?  I don't think so.  Same thing for planet X.

Thirdly, the whole "polar shift", that's something that takes thousands of years to complete, its not like the next day, all of a sudden the entire earth just completely turns upside down...

Fourthly, the "super volcanoes", which would be Yellowstone, is still not due for a good ninety thousand years or so, and by than, if humans are still on Earth, I'm sure we will be smart enough to create some sort of vacuum to solve that issue :P.

Fifthly, even if Earth and the Sun lined up with the center of the universe or w/ solar system (which happens, but not DIRECTLY), and even if it did, its not as though anything horrible happens.  Any solar alinement has zero negative affects on the Earth what so ever, and it happens pretty frequently, ranging from alinements with our own planets to other stars.

Lastly, the Mayans never predicted the end, their calender ended.  How people can come up with all these horrendous beliefs based on a rock calender ending is beyond me.  Many people took these predictions serious, some spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on bunker type shelters, to flying to "safe zones" to even ending their own lives, all based on how TV and the media has projected the whole "End of the World".

Even Samuel L. Jackson had a show about it, I mean I guess the only way to get the History Channel any good ratings these days is to talk about anything ending life.  However, I have noticed near the end of these entire "Doomsday" shows, they always end with a "But it probably wont happen anyways", I'm telling you, they tend to say that ALL the time, watch for it :P.

So next time some one tries to tell you that the end is near, or to believe the next new prediction, which there will be many, find the facts, and create your own assessment.  It seems as though to many people are unable to do their own critical thinking, hell it does not even take critical thinking to understand the facts.  Even the people themselves whose calender ended, the Mayans, thought this was ridiculous.  Any who, I'm glad its all over, but sad to see it end due to watching a new one begin shortly I'm sure, anything that heavy commercial stations can get their hands on in order to throw a scare into the world to produce another dollar I suppose.

Then again, if planet X did come yesterday, and there are suppose to be "Gods" on this planet, maybe it wouldn't have been so bad :P.  

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