Monday, December 24, 2012

One Event Ends....Another Begins! (Tip Inside)

Well we all know that collecting ABC boxes is no longer possible, but they have left the kiosk so people can still exchange their letters, and they should!

First off, lets start out with the new event.

Raiden has the event notes here: Christmas Event

I think its alright, I hear there are some nice CS prizes, and a few good costumes.  I currently only have 2 coins :P (Apparently you AFK for the coins just like the ABC boxes, yet another afk event? :P)

Hopefully people are able to stock up on some CS items, or use many alts to spam the instance that drops some nice (TRADEABLE) soul crystals and trump fillers!

So I wish everyone the best with that event, I won't post to much about it, since I am not really doing it.  However, if I find any little tricks that many people know about, you'll for sure know it will be posted here ;).

Secondly, for the kiosk event.

Do not forget to visit: Raiden - Kiosk Trick~

In order to always get your Raiden Angel box with each letter!  People might say its a bug, maybe it is, but it has been reported many times and with each maintenance, it remains the same.

However, instead of JUST collecting Raien boxes, I suggest also making room for those Elite Treasure Boxes, for the feso of course.  (Browse through my blog to find the importance of spending your feso now).

Although, collecting JUST Raiden boxes is nice, no lollipops or pesty Amritas, it does come to a cost.  Dragging each letter in, getting that pop up message, well that just creates another event in its own self now doesn't it :P.

Maybe this small tip will help, I give the credit to my clan mate exosia:

While your turning all your letters into the 8-10 different Raiden boxes that you have, and only into Raiden boxes, you'll keep getting "Inventory Is Full" blah blah...

Some people even have thousands of letters x.x so this can be pretty time consuming if you want each letter to be a nice Raiden Angel Box and / or Elite Treasure Box.

Therefore, while your turning them in, just simply hold DOWN your enter key button (ignore the chat box) and drag your invetory window really close to the KIOSK and just spam drag as much as you can.

So instead of hitting enter every time, you just hold it down :P, its a pretty simple idea, but can save an individual a lot of time!

Well hope this helps people, thank you again exosia, it really helped me to get rid of all my dam letters hahah, hopefully it helps the reader~

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