Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Expert Chips / Tokens

In a previous post I talked about investing into some chips, not entirely sure how the prices will be for them.  I expect two different type of views from the market.  Either we'll have an Orpesia type market where all the prices look reasonable to the Orpesian eye and look low to those not use to Vet chips being 4m.  Or, we would have an inflated type economy like Bristia / Illier.  Where, for an example, an enchant booster cost 4m, but your able to sell a vet chip for something along the lines as 6m.  Prices might look high, but everything should, hopefully, ratio out to some what of the similar ratios as in our current servers.

Anyways, expert chips, I suggest on trying to stock up on a few.  I know with the ABC event coming to an end soon and people are trying frantically to try to stock up on this and that, but as the time comes to a close, people should be wrapping up their final tokens.  I have said in my previous blog post about investing into HQ Jewels, Vet / 100 chips, lollipops, maybe a few items that we were only able to easily obtain through the event by afking, and etc.  Although, there is one investment people should also look at, which is expert chips.

People should be looking at in stocking up on a couple hundred expert chips if they can, more, or less, depending on the individual.  We have to start transferring our energy out from 100e / Constellation and push it into Constellation / Evil weapons (UN-trade able weapons, obtainable through doing instances).  From what I understand, enchant boosters get a small boost, and then we have those special enchant boosters from the bounty hunters.  From what I heard, from personal story's, the bounty hunter enchant boosters are neat, they basically give the ability to get a yellow mod (does not mean it will be high) at a rate of 1/5; I believe they cost 20 expert tokens each.

Keep your expert tokens as well as your vet tokens, the ones you get from bounty hunter, do not spend them anymore and try to keep doing bounty hunter if possible.  Not entirely sure if this is completely accurate since I have not done bounty in some time, but I keep hearing that it is bugging out here, there.  If I am correct, like before, when bounty gets bugged, you can spam it over n over w/o (without) having to do the previous bounty mission; great opportunity to stock up on a couple of tokens for those special enchant boosters!

As the event is coming to an end, hopefully people are getting that last weapon or character card, and can then invest their letters into stocking up on some HQ's, chips, a few master explorer packs, and maybe even a couple rose wing back costumes :P.  If some one is farming for a good amount of time, and maybe even running an extra account, it wouldn't be hard nor long from stocking up on a few of these items.

With expert chips, three letters = 3 expert chips, not a bad deal at all.  We have to remember that this type of event is an event to try to fully take advantage of while we have it, we shouldn't always get so wrapped up in the nice, neat, 33 AR weapons.  They are nice, yes, but, there are other things to invest in for the future to give you an advantage for your un tradeable evil weapons.

So once again, this is just my advice, even only 100-200 expert chips would do just fine, whichever makes you feel comfortable with the amount you have.  Remember, keep your vet tokens and your expert tokens, even the first tokens, I forgot their name.  I believe that we will be able to turn vet tokens into expert tokens, kinda like a 3:1 type thing.  The reason you want to keep and stock up on your tokens is because of those special type of enchant boosters for, I believe, 20 expert tokens, they can really come in handy for those who have minimal patience for chipping. 

*** NOTE *** Make sure you CHECK G1 Forums, this IS the last week where the boxs will drop, HOWEVER, there will be ONE more week so that everyone can turn in their extra letters / tokens ~ 

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